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What Do You Think About Pakistan

What do people think about Pakistan?

Depends on people.American people think we're a Middle Eastern terrorism stricken nation who is far removed from modern civilization and still watches news on CRT televisions.Some Indian people think we're all terrorists here trying to undo India through Dawood Ibrahim and ISI. Some Indian people think most Pakistanis are good people tired of hateful politics.Bangladeshi people think we did gross injustice to them in the 24 years they were a part of us. (They're right.)Afghan people think we betrayed them by joining hands with America post 9/11.British people think why in the world did we demand our own country from them when we were planning on starting colonies in their country.Saudi and UAE people think wallah cheap labor.Australian people think we're a nation that miraculously produced one of the finest cricketers ever who led his team to World Cup victory in their country.European people think we're a slightly different version of Indians who leave their own country to turn secular European countries into Islamic Shari'a states.Chinese people think we're their closest friends and allies. (Their government probably thinks $$$.)African people don't think about Pakistani nation.That leaves Pakistani people. They believe we're the greatest nation to ever live and we can thwart American, Indian and Israeli invasions. Simultaneously. We also think we're so great that every regional and global power is conspiring against us.I think we're a religious fundamentalism plagued nation that's still learning about political and social progressiveness and has a long way to go before we acquire political and social maturity that'll put us on the fast track to progress.

What do you think about Pakistan?

Pakistanis are very nice people.
Have never been to their country but have heard it has quite picturesque views. Would love to visit Kashmir and Peshawar one day inshaAllah