What Do You Think About People Who Get High On Pride And Drugs And Then Treat You Bad And Make You

Do people who are addicted to drugs hate themselves because of the addiction.......?

Every drug affects the body differently. For example, marijuana heightens paranoia in some people; statistics show that it heightens anxiety in women. Cocaine will cause a withdrawal from closeness. Pharmaceuticals such as oxycontin, adderol and hydrocodeine have their own unique plethora of random side effects.

Also, you have to look at other factors besides the drugs - how's your friend's home life? School life? Does he have any hobbies or sports that he enjoys, or does he just sit around and watch tv all day? Even spending excessive time on video games without any other activity to balance it will affect a person's psyche.

However, you do have a point about the drugs. Some people start doing drugs because they're curious, and then later regret it as they become more and more addicted to the substance. The thing about most drugs is they make you feel great for a little while, but then you come down and you're left wanting more and feeling horrible at the same time.

Anyway, that's my long and rambling take on it. If I were talking with you and your friend, the more I found out about the situation the more specific I would be able to become. After you close the question here, you might want to actually ask it of him, to see what his thoughts are on why he's addicted and how he thinks it might be affecting his mental and emotional stability.

People think I'm on drugs. What do I do?

Me too! I get friends and people who don t know me that well telling me I seem like I m high all the time. I think there are a few reasons for this, 1. I have a really short attention span, and I get really hyper in social situations (I have ADHD too). 2. I have like no balance or coordination kills and I often jut walk into a door or something for no reason whatsoever. 3. I can be quite ditzy, like I ll put something down and think, "i need to come back and get this once I finish with this other thing which will only take a few seconds"and then Ill completely forget where I put the first thing, or I will repeatedly forget important things like due dates and birthdays and names. Additionally I alo ay very silly, off topic thing when I have a conversation. I don t mean to, words just pop into my head, I say them, and then I realise just how idiotic it sounds. I promise I am not an idiot, I get reasonable grades in the science course that i m doing, and i pick up on concepts and ideas quite quickly, but for some reason, this is not reflected in the way other people see me. IDK, its annoying, and there isn t much I can do about it, except assure them that I am not, in fact, on drugs, it is just the way I am.

Is pride a good or a bad thing?

According to the Oxford Dictionary online,The word “Pride” has three meanings:1. A feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of one's close associates, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.2. Consciousness of one's own dignity.3. A group of lions forming a social unit.In my opinion, if you are referring to meaning #1, then yes, it is a positive thing. Without it, you will most probably be settling for a mediocre life. With a healthy amount of pride, it gives you purpose and drive to be the best at what you do. It also motivates you to become better everyday, as this sense of pride is what makes us want to thrive, as well as wanting others to do the same. However, too much of anything will set you off balance. If you become too prideful and end up being snobbish, you will most likely suffer negative consequences in the future.In terms of meaning #2, I know first hand of this kind of pride that is prevalent among Chinese men. They have this detrimental kind of pride that prevents them from listening to others who are more experienced. In order to protect their pride, they will do whatever it takes to ignore the truth, in most cases to their own detriment.For example, my father is a very proud man because he is a successful business owner. He is also a very good gardener and cook. He takes pride in his culinary creations during his leisure time. However, he always makes one fatal mistake: He fails to follow the recipe. He is so proud as to thinking he can modify the recipes even though he does not know any better. Thus, he always ends up with inconsistent results. His pride has made him become complacent of other people’s valuable experiences, and thus he suffers.Finally, if we are dealing with meaning #3, and if you are a lion, then it is good for you. It ensures that you have a full belly and a long life as a lion, living in the wilderness…

Why do people do drugs?

I guess people do drugs for the escape. I think they continue to do the drugs, (or alcohol) because they fool themselves into believing they can handle it, even when it has been long proven to everyone else around them that they can't.

As for the last part of your question "how do you talk to them about it?"
I am afraid that is the hardest part.
When I did my talking to an addict I knew, I made a point of not talking to her while she was on a high.
I saved my talks with her for times when she was off her high (which wasn't often), and what I didn't know at the time was that she was still very affected by her drug of choice even though it wasn't really apparent to me.
The thing to remember when talking with an addict is that it's not what you SAY that has any meaning for them as much as what you DO.
So when you do talk to your addict, make sure that you only talk about yourself, and how the addicts behaviour affects YOU, and how you feel when he/she is drugged up.
Then talk about what YOU are going to do FOR YOURSELF, if he/she continues doing drugs without getting some help to recover from their addiction(s).

Back to my example, I told my addict that our relationship was at an end if she didn't go get help, and I meant it.
She did get help BTW, & is now living sober.

So what I mean by what you DO is more important than what you say when talking to an addict, I mean if you put a consequence out on the table, such as "I will leave you if you don't get help" then you have to be ready to follow through with that threat, because to do otherwise will just tell the addict that as far as you are concerned, his bad behaviour is OK with you.

A good book for you to read is called "Co-Dependant No More" by Melodie Beatty

What do people think of subutex?

It has good and bad qualities. It can be a decent treatment if you can't take a month out of your life to do a cold turkey recovery. On the other hand, you're trading one addiction for another. Here's a couple more pros and cons.Pros:Stops withdrawal symptoms immediatelyReduces cravingsIs a pharmaceutical so you know what you are gettingin most cases is covered by health insuranceSome people get mild pain relief from itCons:You're still an opioid addictYou can experience precipitated withdrawals if you take it too soon after taking an opioidIt is hard to taper and get off of buprenorphine-based drugsYou have to always have some with you or you will go into withdrawalBuprenorphine itself has some abuse potentialYou have to be careful when having surgery, including dental work, that they know you are on buprenorphine. In some cases you may have to educate them what the implications arePersonally I prefer straight buprenorphine, aka Subutex, over Buprenorphine with Naloxone aka Suboxone. The Naloxone, even though supposedly inactive, gives me a headache. Some doctors will only give Suboxone though because that is the proper protocol unless you are in a hospital or care facility. That is changing now that doctors are learning that the naloxone doesn't work the way the manufacturer advertises anyway. Also for people without insurance straight buprenorphine is cheaper. In the US both Suboxone and Subutex are available as generics.

How can i make people treat me with respect?

If you expect people to treat you bad they will.
Sadly its what I do. I have always been picked on, even though like you I'm not ugly. Its just because I'm an easy target.
I thought when I got away from the people I grew up with it would change but I found at Uni I get treated the same.

I know this is because I automatically place myself at the bottom of the pecking order. I basically bow to everyone and let them tread on me, I help them with all their uni work and be friendly and unconfrontational because I want to be liked.
But I think this just makes me seem like the kind of person who is the lowest in the order and so doesnt deserve respect.

I think if I went in head held high with a confidence about me and expected people to treat me the way I treat them I would get respect, it is the way my flatmakes work and boooyy do they get respected !!

I'm just shy and cant do that so I will deal with being at the bottom of the pecking order for now

I f you want I would advise acting confident and not letting others walk all over you, I know its hard and sometimes I chicken out of doing it but I think you will definately get results!

Do you think people must obey the law no matter what? What if the laws are unjust, what do you think people should do?

What makes an answer to this question complicated is that different people have different ideas of what makes a law “just” or “unjust”. Someone concerned with social justice and racial equality, for example, would regard laws which enshrine discrimination to be unjust; a libertarian might consider tax laws to be unjust; and a full-blown anarchist is likely to say that all laws are unjust.As a utilitarian, I consider a law to be unjust if it creates more harm than benefit. Similarly, I consider the appropriate course of action to depend upon the criteria of harm and benefit. Hence, my first preference would be to organize others towards persuading or pressuring legislators into changing or abolishing the law in question. This could be done by petitioning, lobbying, and using various forms of media to garner public attention and support. In some circumstances, a group may choose to employ civil disobedience; such a choice must be weighed carefully by the entire group, with preparations made to support those who are willing to face arrest and punishment.All of this, of course, presumes a democratic government with leaders willing to listen to voters.

Why do people call me weird and treat me different?

It shouldn't matter what people think of us, but sadly, deep down we all care. It shouldn't be hard to be yourself in front of people but it could be hard to get a conversation with someone who has nothing in common with you. My advice, try to join clubs, or after school activities that you are interested in and you will meet people with your interest who eill be eager to have your opinion and insight. Also, its ok to be different that the cool part about people nobody's the same! When you find friends who are interested in what you are you won't think twice about what you are going to say. As for people talking about you, I'm sorry I know how that feels, what I do is I try my bst to ignore them but if you can try to stare bach coldly and walk away. You sound like an interesting person so have some self confidence hold yourself with pride looking at your achievements. Be strong and get involved with activities. I wish you the best of luck! God Bless!

I think Gay Pride is stupid?

When we're allowed to splash our sexuality around without a second thought like you straights do 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year, then come back and say that one Pride Parade a year is supid.

When we can walk down the street hand in hand and never get a second glance, then come back and say that one Pride Parade a year is supid.

When LGBT sex scenes are part of mainstream movies and everybody thinks it's normal, then come back and say that one Pride Parade a year is supid.

When LGBT people are used to advertise mainstream products and everybody thinks it's normal, then come back and say that one Pride Parade a year is supid.

When LGBT relationships are given the same validity as straight relationships in TV shows, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet and everybody thinks it's normal, then come back and say that one Pride Parade a year is supid.

When LGBT people can get married to whomever they wish and everybody thinks it's normal, then come back and say that one Pride Parade a year is supid.

When religious Fundy-Mentals stop foaming at the mouth at the mere mention of equal rights for LGBT people, then come back and say that one Pride Parade a year is supid.

"Do you think that people who are different should get special treatment, or should they just accept being equal to everyone else"

Your question is a dogwhistle question. Being equal to everyone else is NOT special treatment and you know it. You also know that you do NOT treat us equally or you wouldn't be in here kicking up a fuss about one lousy parade one lousy day a year. Come back when we ARE being treated equal to everyone else.