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What Do You Think Is The Ideal Weight For 5.5 Height

What do you think is the ideal weight for 5.5 height?

147lbs is the perfect weight according to your height.

If your height is 5'9 how much should u weight?

What is your gender?

Body Mass Index or BMI is the standardized method for determining whether your body weight and the amount of body fat you have are in a healthy range.

Since you are 5'9" and 140 lbs, your calculation comes to a BMI of 20.67

Anorexia = Less than 17.50
Underweight Woman =17.51-19.10 Man =17.501-20.70
Ideal range Woman =19.11-25.80 Man =20.71-26.40
Marginally overweight Woman =25.81-27.30 Man = 26.41-27.80

If you are a woman you are at an ideal BMI, if you are a man you are underweight.

Hey, To find out the ideal weight it is not so easy. But, there are some ways where you can try it.Here is an application named “MyFitness Statistics: Weight Loss & BMI Calculator” on Google Play store.The application provides different types of reports of your health. It provides reports like BMI, BMR, Body type, Ideal Weight Index and many more. According to these reports, it will guide you about your health and fitness. the main advantage it works offline.Hope, this will help you out! :)


Wht is the ideal weight?

Go to and enter in your height and weight and you'll have your BMI. Then look in the BMI age charts, and you'll see if you have a healthy weight. I think you *might* be a tinch overweight, but don't worry!!! if you decide to lose weight and need anyone 2 talk to, i'm 13 too (fourteen this fall) and im 5'3 3/4" and 129 lbs (used to be 142) and want to lose more . . . my email's

Do u think 5.5 height is normal ?

i visit anticipate you mean pounds, or you should - or extremely could - be ineffective. 55lbs is basically decrease than 4st (3st 13) or the load of an well-known top 5 or 6 year previous. you are the ideal weight on your age and top.

For woman, for a height of 5.5 feet the ideal weight is between 50kg to 65kg. For man, between 55kg to 70kg. You can also narrow down the range - 55kg to 60kg for woman and 60kg to 65kg for man.Source: Height to Weight Ratio Chart for AdultsThings to consider: Body weight will also depend on -Bone structure: bigger bone - heavier.Muscle mass: more muscle-heavier and less muscle-lighter. It will make a noticeable difference.Body type: slim body shape vs broad body shapeAccordingly your weight will lean towards the heavier or lighter side based on these things.I hope you find this helpful.

Hi,I think “weight” is way over rated. By a body mass index scale I am way overweight, but I am built like a brick shithouse so weight means nothing to me. I care more about my appearance and what it means to me. I could really give a shit what anyone else thinks, with the exception of my immediate family. I am not overly friendly, but to the first to help those who cannot help themselves. With all that being said, what do you want and what do you think? If you think you look underweight get in the gym and put on some muscle andyou will look even better in your eyes. If you think you are over weight, get on a good diet like the diabetic diet (look it up), get in the gym,lift weights, put on some muscle weight and burn off what you perceive as excess body fat and you will look absolutely awesome. Forget about your weight and worry about what you think and what you would like to look like. I am sure you will see my point and make the accurate observations and do what needs to be done. If you need more help, I will be here, God willing, to answer any question you might have. I would say good luck, but luck is not an option. Be who you were intended to be…… Wishing you happiness, success and most importantly, wellness. ~Rob

Please refer the following link.How Much Should I Weigh For My Height and Age?

WHAT IS A WEIGHT CHART?This chart determines the ideal weight for your height. The ideal weight depends upon your gender. You can check your weight against your height to see whether you fall within the ideal weight for height zone.UNDERWEIGHTYou could be underweight because of several reasons. You can work out to increase your body mass, or talk to the experts.IDEAL WEIGHTNow that you fall under this category, you must already be feeling awesome! Continue to eat a balanced diet and keep working out!OVERWEIGHTOne may be overweight due to many reasons. The most common cause is excessive body fat. Concentrate on reducing your body fat through diet & exercise!All the best