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What Do You Think Is The Right Attitude That One Should Have When Teaching Others

The relationship between student and teacher?

I believe a student-teacher relationship is very important. The best teachers genuinely care about their students. They care about passing on their martial arts right, not just going through the schedule and collecting the tuition. Respect plays a huge factor in this. When a teacher respects himself and the martial arts he teaches, his/her students will learn to respect them as well. It's no use if the teacher was a skilled martial artist but lacks patience, open-mindedness, communication skills, a positive attitude, and respect. As someone else already mentioned, the respect must be mutual. Students, likewise, need to appreciate the time and effort their teachers put in to train them and not take their teachers for granted.

If you could only teach your child ONE thing, what would it be, and why?

be honest,because it is "way in"to every success,and the "way out"from every trouble

What is the meaning of attitude?

Attitude is an acquired state which is attained through experiences in a persons life. It is a state which makes someone liable for his actions and reactions. Attitude is a state of thought which is totally dependent on the condition of the event or situation. It can be evaluated by two measures, the one is extremely negative and the other is extremely positive. There are people who can take hold on both the types of attitude positive as well as negative which simply leads to the controversy if a person can hold multiple attitudes towards something.In our common language, we generally say, “he has so much of attitude” but this statement also holds different meanings. The one can be that, the person(having attitude) is very much confident about everything in his life and holds a good (positive) attitude. The other meaning can be that this person has lots of “ego” in himself and shows a negative attitude towards people. The other meaning can be, this person thinks himself great and tends to ignore other people. So, there can be many definitions of attitude depending upon the perspective of people.Attitude can also be referred as a psychological tendency which can be expressed on the basis of evaluation of any situation or entity with some degree of favor or disfavor. There can be may situation in which many people can have different attitude about some thing or any same event. Well, it all starts from one’s thought process.I always suggest people not to be judgmental for anything rather experiencing and learning from those experiences. It will develop a habit of understanding things rather than taking random decisions.It is how we take things in life.Thanks for reading.

How should be teacher's attitude towards a student?

A teacher should have a very friendly attitude towards the students so that the students can learn in a very healthy environment. The teacher should be friendly as in the students should be able to approach the teacher in their free time to clear their doubts and teacher should make the subject lighter as well as more interesting for the students so that they can understand the concept better. Also the teacher should be teaching the students the practical application of the topic and the subject so that the students do not learn for the sake of the exam but they learn because they can use in their practical life.At the same time the teacher should always be positive towards to students, understand their problems try to solve them and be a friend but not to support the students in wrong deeds because the work of the teacher is to bring the students on the right path and show them light and remove all the darkness. If student has done a mistake it is duty of teacher to tell the student and make him realize about his mistake otherwise that is bigger mistake on the part of the teacher.

If your teachers yell at you for no reason should you fight back you Bitchy teachers? (might be menstral Cycle

I always get yelled at for twiriling my pencil in class, and for doodling my artwork all over the back of my HW, all of my friends and family say that i am a good artist (i only draw anime) and that i should fight back with my teachers. One time i was laughing quietly and my teacher YELLED at me to go out in the hall. Do you think Juniors are to old to be sent in the hall? i am a junior in high school and i have issues with my teachers. HELP ME!

My Teacher Hates Me and I Didn't Do Anything?

There are always going to be teachers that seem as if they dont like you. I would just ignore it and move on. You put up with him for this long...its almost over with...hopefully you wont have him as a teacher again. If you do have him again for another class next semester and the problem is still there...then maybe consider reporting him.

What qualities must someone have to be selected as a teacher? What qualities should all teachers have?

A GOOD TEACHER should have the following:[1] To have a positive attitude which is one of the most crucial factors for teachers to succeed in their career.[2] Positive attitudes and perceptions, will make teachers have little chance of delivering proficiently.[3] Should have the attitude to create curiosity (in the subject to be taught) among students.[4] Should make the students to run only behind the knowledge (and not to run behind the marks), with a good class room management skills.[5] Should make students start liking the subjects (they are expected to learn), then they will have self driven interest in the subjects- which makes them prepare (on line with teaching) in a systematic way.[6] Educate students not waste time in unnecessary chatting, criticizing some one.[7] Educate students to avoid junk food (or anything with preservative).[8] Inculcate (among students) the habit of 'Always living in the present'.[9] Encourage students to practice early morning 'Yoga' and 'Pranaayaama'.[10] Inculcate (among students) a new way of looking at things or to gear up for ‘Outside the box thinking’ concept.[11] Encourage students to avoid late night preparation (that is, let them not burn the mid night oil).[12] Not to take any kind of biased decision (especially during assessment of marks).[13] Educate students to accept the failures (if any), for they are going to become stepping stone for success.[14] Always to promote the entire student community to become only “A good citizen of our Mother Earth”.[15] Effective teachers should share emotions and feelings like Affection, Enthusiasm, Patience, and Perseverance.[16] Must be excellent communicator with sense of Humor.[17] Must be a very good listener, have a deep knowledge, and more than anything “A passion for students and teaching”.Source of picture: Google Images.

What is the Islamic view of the teaching 'turn the other cheek'?

yeah we have similar understanding in Islam too such as the following:

-meet the evil with good behavior
Quran 23:96
[96] Repel evil with that which is better. We are Best-Acquainted with the things they utter.

-love ur enemy
Quran 41:34
[34] The good deed and the evil deed cannot be equal. Repel (the evil) with one which is better then verily he, between whom and you there was enmity, (will become) as though he was a close friend.

-the eye for any eye, that's for the law of the country, for crimes, court and justice. otherwise everyone will hurt each other.