What Do You Think Obama

Do you think Obama?

"A picture of Senator Barack Obama (below), Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, Senator Hillary Clinton, and one other person all on a platform and backed by an American flag. The eRumor says that the National Anthem was being played at the time and that all but Senator Obama saluted."

What do you think of Obamacare?

Having worked in the Canadian single payer system and our own for profit hospitals, I greatly admire and prefer the Canadian. From the point of view as a critical care nurse, I loved being focussed on treatment first. The second the patient hit the triage desk we were about treatment only. The bureaucracy came later.

In the USA nurses and doctors are expected to count each individual gauze, every tube of lotion, and every second spent on billing is time spent away from providing care. In Canada we just do our nursing duties and let stores and accounting count the costs.

Accounting is a place a single payer system saves Canadians a fortune. In the USA we have entire towers filled with bookkeepers and accountants, not to mention the required collections department. Canadian hospitals have accounting departments that take up less room than most nursing units, which leaves the towers available for more patient beds. Fewer accountants means more nurses. People who argue that their system costs more fail to take this efficiency into account.

Obamacare is a small step towards that superior Canadian system, where every citizen is covered through the general revenues of the tax system. In Canada there has not been a medical bankruptcy in the last half century, and no person has been denied treatment because of a pre existing condition.

I never worked in Europe, but nurses and doctors have assured me that this is true in every industrialized democracy but ours. In terms of access to health care we are number thirty seven!

The Canadian system is great for doctors as well, although the younger ones do not realize it because they do not remember how they used to need five clerks for the single one they employ today. They also do not need bill collection agencies and lawyers to track down their patients. Seriously, the Canadian system save so much on bureaucracy that can then be spent on parient care!

I admit this is more about private care, including the Obama version, versus single payer universal coverage, but my point is that I think Obamacare is a very small but significant step towards equality with Canada and the European Union. That's why I will vote for a Democrat who supports single payer before any other candidate in the upcoming primaries.

We deserve to be at least as good as Portugal, don't we?

Gobal Warming. What do you think obama will do?

The program we can expect is the same his party has been promoting all along. Sue nuclear power out of existence, tax coal fired power plants into bankruptcy. Give subsidies to energy production methods which consume more resources per unit of energy. Expensive is the word for ideas which consume more time and resources to produce the same service.

Subsidies allow impractically expensive industries (like ethanol) to exist, by hiding the true cost - part of the cost is paid by your taxes. Once such an industry is established and funded, they are able to lobby congress for continued subsidies, long after everyone realizes what a stupid idea it is.

So, inexpensive energy will be outlawed. And It's not just that power bills will be higher. The real problem is the fact that every kind of product that people need will cost more, because of expensive energy. And manufacturers prefer to operate where electricity is cheaper, because they HAVE TO use a lot of it. There goes more good paying jobs.

Expensive is also the word for when many people can't afford something - they're poor, in other words. . Democrats love poor people, because they can buy their loyalty with government subsidy programs. So it's a kind of a cycle, with more money and power going to the lawyers and govt. employees that dominate the democratic party.

Let's not forget their idea of not allowing oil drilling. . I don't think I need to elaborate how stupid that idea is. Rich people can pay whatever it takes - it's the poor that suffer.

What do you think of when you hear the name Obama?

He was a racist and a race baiter. He wanted to destroy America and he helped our enemies . He makes me want to throw up . a disgrace to the office of the United States of America traitor.

Do you think Obama will make a good president?

when have a had a "good" president?

What do you think about Obama and the ACORN scandal?

Obama should denounce ACORN. They paid
young adults to get as many registrations to
vote as possible. They got some and ended up
making up thousands of others to get the money. Now we have characters like Mickey
Mouse and Donald Duck signed up to vote for
Democrats. The whole deal emits a bad smell.
Makes us look bad to the whole world who then
sees thousands signed up to vote who are
not eligible (even the dead).

No. Bush didn't cheat his way in. Those darn votes were counted and recounted
and recounted as pressured by the Demo-
crats and still Bush won. Democrats didn't
even want to count the absentee votes
that came in from our own beloved military.
That really irritated me.