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What Do You Think Of Amy Diane

Bill is twice as old as Amy. Diane is 9 years older than Clark. In 6 years, Amy will be three times as old as Clark. Jonathan is 4 years younger than Diane. How old is Bill if Jonathan is 12 years old?

Jonathan is 12. (Given.)Diane is 16. (Jonathan’s age, plus 4.)Clark is 7. (Diane’s age minus 9.)Amy is 33. (In 6 years, Clark would be 13 and Amy would be 39, so her current age is 33.)Bill is 66. (Twice Amy’s age.)

What camera(s) did Diane Arbus/do Amy Arbus use in their photography?

"Arbus began to turn away from the 35mm camera favored by most of the documentary photographers of her era. She started working with a square-format (2-1/4-inch twin lens reflex) camera and began making portraits marked by a formal, classical style that has since been recognized as a distinctive feature of her work"

Diane is 23 years older than her daughter Amy. In 6 years Diane will be twice as old as Amy. How old are they?

D = A + 23
D + 6 = 2(A + 6)
A + 23 + 6 = 2A + 12
-A = -17
A = 17
D = 17 + 23 = 40

Girl first names for the middle name Diane?

Natalie Diane
Melissa Diane
Janaya Diane
Chloe Diane
Amelia Diane
Sophia Diane
Brianna Diane
Zoe Diane.

just some ideas, hope this helps

How many ways can you spell Amy?

Aimée (French)
Amée (Medieval French)

I prefer Amy or Aimee

Amy Leigh
Amy Renee
Amy Noelle
Amy Joy
Amy Elizabeth
Amy Grace
Amy Diane
Amy Elaine
Amy Rebecca
Amy (member of your family you would like to honor)

Hope those help!!

Dianne and Matt’s blended family is finally starting to actually feel and function as a real family...?

Who is Lev Vygotsky? He doesn't appear in the story. Depending on his upbringing it'll likely shock him and make him disapprove of the parenting.

You asked how to avoid shame / negatively affecting gracie. Why would they want to do that? It is only through social pressures that society remains polite. Who taught gracie such words anyway? Maybe if the parents cleaned up their mouths the children would see it isn't appropriate.

Gracie can be corrected using tried and true parenting techniques(lots and lots of such books on the market). Have they tried to wash her mouth out with soap? Perhaps correcting her or making her write out the correct sentence(without the bad word) 100 times or something?

In public it is best to immediately remove the child(if it is something fun the child likes). Take them to the care and explain the situation. If it happens again, take her home and send her to her room, etc. If you really want good parenting, I do suggest on of the numerous books out there.

Would Diane Feinstein be a good Presidential Candidate for Democrats in 2020?

Is that a troll question? 80% of Americans disagree with her on door to door gun confiscation. She is a really polarizing figure who not many independents like.The last poll that I saw said that Americans wanted someone new. She has been in the senate for 30 years. She would be the oldest person elected president.She is senile. She argued that the single most popular rifle in the United States was not in common use, because children are dying. She made the argument in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

Who do you think will replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court, if Kavanaugh withdraws?

This probably is mostly payback for Garland, and I agree that the Kav nomination will probably survive. I’ll add for the record that it shouldn’t—he’s clearly politically and legally biased. I know this because he overtly misrepresented what the law says in his hearing testimony. (See the SEA WORLD case testimony, where he misrepresents the law of workplace safety.) But if Kav with draws, I think the players will wait until after the midterms to act, both so they know which way the wind is blowing and so Republicans avoid nominating someone who might cost them more votes, esp in Senate races, on November 8. After that, well, get out your wind socks.

Who will be the next Supreme Court nominee after the Ruth Bader Ginsburg retires?

I’m going to base my answer on Ginsburg retiring before the end of Trumps term.This’ll depend entirely on what happens in the midterms. If the Democrats take back the Senate, you can guarantee no conservative justice will ever be confirmed. If Republicans take it back, I’d put my money on Amy Coney Barrett. She was more than likely the runner up to Kavanaugh and would fill the next vacancy. I was kinda hoping she would be the nominee to fill Kennedy’s spot, as she didn’t have the paper trail of Kavanaugh and would cause chaos among the left (I love political chaos). If they think Kavanaugh was bad, just wait till they get Barrett. She’s the judicial equivalent of Mike Pence, a staunch conservative who is a devout Catholic. You can guarantee she would vote to overturn Roe V. Wade. However, there are no guarantees. Hardiman would be a close second with Kethledge following.

Why does this guy I know call me Ames instead of Amy?

i would probably call you ames as well.

there is no particular reason. some people just like to nickname people.

there are very few people i know that i haven't given some type of nickname.

in a lot of cases, it's a sign of affection.