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What Do You Think Of My Idea For My New Resort

Survey Question: What do you think of this new idea for a TV show?

Here's an brief overview of some of the episodes Season 1Ep 1 The beginningEx-Liverpool gangster Harry King starts his own casino in Blackpool,   everything runs smoothly until a body is found near the casino.Ep 2  Big box of troubleMore trouble occurs when a fridge of cocaine appears in the casino's kitchen.Ep 3  MemoriesHarry feels nostalgic and tries to look up an old friend of his.Ep 4  Pig's earThe casino has another problem when an ear is found in a batch of soup.Ep 5  Heist carefullyAfter a heist on the casino Harry obsessively tries to upgrade the casino security.Ep 6  Knife pointA local gangster starts to bring crime to the streets and chaos to Harry's life.Ep 7  ShowtimeIn an attempt to attract more customers Harry puts a variety show on. Ep 8  Wet floorHarry tries to expand his entertainment business into a small fair.Ep 9  The caseJimmy takes a job from a man to protect a case. But soon gets caught up a in a web of drug dealers, gangsters and hit men.Ep 10  Teflon TonyHarry comes into contact with Teflon Tony a con man and acquirer of goods.Ep 11  Fish and chipsHarry tries to renovate the dinning experience of his casino.Ep 12  SuitsHarry must secure the aid of wealthy backers for his plans for the future of Blackpool.Season 2Ep 1  TomIt's a difficult time for Harry as an old enemy turns up intent on causing trouble for Harry.Ep 2  Jimmy accepts another job despite the trouble last time this time he must protect a man's daughter from kidnappers.Ep 3  Dead man's bluesAfter the death of a childhood friend of Harry's. Harry reminisces about his past.Ep 4  King landHarry sets about the construction of the future resort.Ep 5  Ep 10  High as a kiteHarry's son becomes addicted to ecstasy and Harry works to find the source.Ep 11  NailsHarry resorts to his old methods to locate the source of the ecstasy.Ep 12 Cleaning upHarry has found the ecstasy source and begins a war against the main supplier of ecstasy.Season 3Ep 1  Death manAfter killing the main supplier of ecstasy Harry is taken hostage by the remaining gang members seeking revenge.Ep 2  GlassThe new leader of the ecstasy gang attempts to destroy Harry by killing a close friend of his.Ep 3  SilenceHarry must survive multiple assassination attempts after an enemy orders a hit on him.Ep 4  Blue lineThe deaths of multiple people connected to the ecstasy supply lead the police to begin an investigation. Ep 12 CageHarry must leave his dreams of Blackpool behind and disappear.

Do you think he only asked me out because I’m the last resort?

It sounds like you’re just looking for an excuse to be on your own for awhile. Don’t make excuses, just do it!Seriously. Take a break.Give yourself some time to figure out what went wrong (and right) in the past. Figure out what makes you a valuable person. Figure out what you can do to become an even better version of yourself (cultivate a couple of hobbies, travel a little?). Then see how things go. Maybe you’ll meet someone who makes you fall head over heels. Maybe you’ll just thrive on your own. (And you should thrive on your own before you invited someone to share your life, anyway.)

Do you think it would be a good idea for Las Vegas to have an entertainment resort similar to Disney World, but more adult oriented?


Should I join the military as a last resort?

I know a number of people that have joined the military after realizing that they were just coasting and not actually accomplishing anything with their lives and it was the best thing they ever did.

One friend joined the Navy and got trained in electronics and got a spectacular job after he got out working on environmental systems for major corporations.

The other one joined the Marines and is now going to college, I forget what he is going for...

Another friend got married to a Navy guy that went in because he just didn't have a life goal and they got to travel the world.

There's no reason to have it as a "Last Resort".

Depending on what you want to do, your goals in life, and what you are good at.

Each branch needs different types of people and will give you different opportunities.

I'd look into the Navy or Air Force before the Army or Marines but whatever fits YOU best is how you should go.

Think about what your goals are before you go in...

Fire Suppression?

What are you GOOD AT? Where do you want to GO after you get out?

What would I need to create my own urban indoor ski resort for kids?

If I understand your question correctly, you wish to recreate the ability to ski downhill on actual snow. If so, I would expect a sizable investment would be required. For example, there is a rather large indoor ski resort being planned for Grand Prairie, Texas that has been reported to have a development budget of $215 million dollars, including ancillary facilities/ amenities such as a Hard Rock Hotel. If you were to build on a much more modest scale than the existing indoor ski resorts currently operating around the globe, say in the size range of a hockey rink, it would still seem be a pretty involved engineering and architectural proposition, although by no means would it require radical or new technology. First and foremost you would likely need a purpose built highly insulated building with a sloping floor containing a refrigeration system sufficient to maintain a year round temp of about  -4 to -6 C, along with commercial snow making equipment that is commonly seen use on mountain ski resorts to augment natural snowfall. You would also need some form or lift or magic carpet to bring skiers & boarders back to the top of the slope. Then you would need an inventory all the other gear common to such resorts; skis, boots, poles, clothing, etc...Administratively, you would need staff trained for their respective duties, permits and licenses from interested government entities, and some fantastic liability insurance, among other things. To go beyond the scope of your question and into offering opinion about the viability of the basic idea, I would think that focusing on offering this resort experience to children  alone might make it less appealing to a potential investor pool. Good luck!

How much money do I need to start a resort in Himalayas?

Its good idea by the way, first decide the exact location, according to place you will have information, what type of hotel you want open in Himalaya, and it was a jock then consider my idea will be same for those who only think but never strat CHAI KA THELLA even, if really thinking to do something mail me

What do you think about the Famous Boracay Island (White Beaches) in the Philippines?

I live in Manila and i've been going to Boracay at least 2 times a year for the last 5 years. That is because Boracay is now so accessible (from cheap airfares to the nautical highway). During peak season, Boracay is CRAZY. At night you'd see so many people walking on the beach you'd hardly see any sand. The party crowd of Manila will always be there during summer/new years. If your the type of person who likes to go clubbing/drinking you should definately hit up Boracay. PM me if you want more information about partying in Boracay.

If its the cerenity of the beach your looking for, stay away from Boracay. There are numerous beaches which are hardly known and not overcommercialized like boracay. Up north, there's Pagudpod. This beach faces the south china sea and is known for having Boracay quality sand without having the throngs of people.

In the Visayas, Bohol has many nice beaches. Bohol Beach Club on Panglao island definately gives you quality service. The last time I was there I hardly saw anyone on the beach, a very relaxing experience (this was during peak season too).

Palawan will always be the jewel in Philippine tourism. The resorts there are spectacular (as well as overpriced). There is so much to do there (if you dont party). The scenery is just amazing.

The Philippines has so many beaches (7,100 islands afterall), you can find your own "virgin beach". I remember a couple months ago I went down to Davao, which is the biggest city in Mindanao. My friends and I wanted to surf waves which no one from the big city has. We heard about this beach called Dahican. Its 3 hours out of the city, and it faces the Pacific ocean.

If only you could see the look on our faces as we carried our boards thru the thick brush, then as the foliage opened up out of nowhere we saw the beach and the waves. It was spectacular, truly a scene from a movie. Alas, there were locals there skimboarding, but they were very friendly and we had a great time on the beach.

I suggesty you find your own "virgin beach". It'll be a memory you'll remember for a lifetime.

Looking for a great all-inclusive resort in Cancun for my 40th birthday. Any ideas?

Me and my sisters are wanting to go to Cancun to celebrate my 40th birthday this October. I want to hear from people who have been there because I heard that is the best way to book vacations. I am really interested in cost vs. quality and things to do, etc.