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What Do You Think Of My Music

What do u think of my music?

I love any type of music. Hip Hop, rap, backstreet boys and any other type of music.

What do you think about my music?

You made your first track! Well done! It's sounds pretty okay actually. The drum and bass sequence you made is a great starting point, but overall what the song lacks is a lead pattern and a more obvious structure. That sort of synth bass thing you had could do as a lead, you could try putting up a few pitches or messing around with the attack and release lengths of the wave. Otherwise, congratulate yourself because you've made a good start! :D

What do you think of music?

Music is the greatest psychology in the world..Music is a place and time in history, a feeling and emotion that vibrates our soul. Music has complimented us during our best times, and lifted us during our darkest. Music has given a voice where words have no meaning. Music helps heal mental illness and assists people in learning how to strengthen motor skills. Music can heal and bring the world together, music is love.

Do you think that my music is bad?

I think the tune/melody was good at first, but the repeating ostinato kept going on and on, to the point where it was kinda boring :/
And then the next part, where is goes all synthetic and stuff, it's the exact same ostinato. that goes on for such a long time, too.
I also think there was no climax D: Songs without them are mostly not that exciting.

Nice job, except all the parts were repeated + extended. If you had 3 parts in your chorus that alternated, instead of just one tune just repeating over and over in different timbre, then it would've been better. good job on creating suspense with the wind sound effects

What do you think of my music video?

Well if you want your music videos to go mainstream, you're lacking the most important ingredient. There are no half naked women dancing in your video. In addition to this, you need to add money somewhere in your video. That's always a popular feature. Try throw some money around and show people how rich you are as most do in the popular music videos. Combine these two things, and you'll be up to par with the majority of music videos out there.

What do you think of Kygo's music?

Two weeks ago I’ve decided to try new things while travelling, such as watching movies, listening to new songs and play games (for the sake of childhood reminiscing).As I scrolled through an ocean of miscellaneous music, Kygo’s new album, ‘Cloud nine’ caught my eyes.Okay, I thought, let’s give it a shot.As it played, his music danced like summer inside my ears, soothing my eardrums. It breathed vivid and deep house tones that are extremely relaxing, and suitable when chilling.Hence I must say that his music is perfect for easy-going, casual hangouts or events such as pool parties or Coachella, where people can just enjoy the beat, the multicoloured melodies and simply have a good time.

What do you think of my horror-rap music?

Hello all, thanks for checking out.
I am a horrocore rapper from Ontario, Canada and I wanted to get a general idea of what people think about my music. Don't be afraid to be brutally honest, I can take criticism and, in fact, I appreciate it as it catalyzes my improvement. Thank you greatly for your time!

Song Title:
Waves of Sorrow


It's a mountain of corpses, some world war two ****
it's just machines in which the soul moved in
now it's meat for the soils consumption / lunch
time for the maggots, worms, and other munchkins

We're defenseless, put facades on / to
protect our minds, ignoring life's macabre harms
drape our view with fantastic visions / that are
never achieved, just used to stay ignorant

No escaping from this dark path / no
control over blood, relax, you can't alter that
brain cancer, war, rape, abortions / even
unborns don't escape being slaughtered

A mom's simple mistake at the side of road
paints her car with infant brain particles
the brutal rules of life are set in stone / and
molecular code by a god who calls hell his home

Morbid, Sorta sick, this world's ferocious
Borderline, hell type, home of the vultures
low self esteem, suicide and abortions
Waves of Sorrow, drown souls in torment

This life was made in hate's vision
so all creatures kill to stay living
decayed children, not fiction, nonsense
warzones leave infants without heads

six billion human life forms / collide
horns, untill life's ill's are quite strong
it's like pirhanna fish hordes / who
rip off their own flesh at the red shores

death comes in many forms and flavours
bullet holes to tumurous brain cells
but the fear of death is fundamental
we're mindful then so that we don't get killed

so I guess life may have a purpose
even if senseless death proves it's worthless
if you atheist, I don't believe your
praying to darwin as your blood leaves you