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What Do You Think Of Our Japanese Culture

What do you think the best topic for my japanese culture presentation?

Since I collect Japanses Kimonos, I think a history of them would be very interesting. You could get the little packs of washi paper at the craft store (Michaels has it) and they have the instructions to make paper kimonos and glue them to posterboard with facts or history underneath. There is a lot of information about the different patterns and materials they used in various regions. Also, Geishas and their dress, culture and traditions would be a great topic as well.

What do you think about Japanese culture?


I'm from Singapore and currently learning Japanese.

Personally I fall in love with Japanese traditional culture when I was in my teens.
From tea ceremony to flower arrangement to natsu matsuri, a lot of traditions are being fiercely observed.
I feel that Japanese traditional culture are very unique on its own and Japanese take painstaking effort trying to maintain their own traditional culture as much as possible.

Other than the traditional cultures, Japanese are taught to be polite and spare a thought for others since they are young. This type of upbringing enables Japan to be the top service country with good attitude. I was very pleased with the helpfulness of Japanese while asking for directions or shop service as majority of Japanese are willing to help a foreigner in Japan.

Modern culture wise, I love the anime and cosplays in Japan. Cosplayers are not afraid of dressing up in their favorite characters on weekends and show a lot of creativeness in their costumes.


What do you think about Japanese Culture?

Japanese tradition is distinct, and it places emphasis on plenty of little moments that American tradition takes as a right. I feel it is well if individuals are being open to different cultures except their possess. This rather is not a obstacle.

What do you think about Japanese pop culture?

Hello.I'm Japanese high school student.
If I made mistake to select category ,Sorry.

now I study Japanese modernistic culture(Especially manga,cosplay,J-pop and so on)
I want to hear your opinion.Please tell me
And I want you to answer some question.

1.What do you think Japanese pop cluture ?

2.Have you ever been to Japan?
could you enjoy japan?yes or not?

3.Do you read manga?
If you answer 'yes',please tell me your favorite manga.

4.Is Japanese comic different from your county's comic?

5.↑Where is different?

6.What do you have image of Japan?

7.Is there a hated point in the Japanese pop culture?

8.If it's no problem, please tell me your country and age.

Thank you for reading my question.
Sorry my English skill is poor.Please forgive me.
If you answer my question ,I'm happy.

What do you think about Japanese culture and traditions ? I am learning Japanese by the way?

There are a couple of internet sites which furnish understanding approximately the japanese tradition, lifetyle and traditions, you'll be able to uncover many via google or yahoo seek by myself. However, i might additionally advocate, if viable looking a few jap tv (subbed if you do not appreciate the language) as you'll select up alot of informaton that approach too.

What do you think of japan and the japanese culture?

Hi staceylyn!!!

I think Japanese culture is a pretty solid one. What I like of it is their dynasty. Pretty impressive architecture, art is fabulous, food delicious, beautiful country sites and I haven't even start with their fashion!!!! From so elaborated make up, cloth and hair styles!!!! WOW!!!!

Now to the good stuff!!! Sex!!! AHA-AAA!!!! Japan is know as the country (or at least one of them) most famous for it's intricate sexual artistic positions. Some stamina and good balance needed for it!!!!

Yet like in most countries, the least I like is the lack of acknowledgment for women in general!!! Even with positions and wealth, Japanese women have a long way to go!!! SAD TO SAY!!!! Is the whole world loss, NOT to give the women the importance and respect they the need to earn so hard!!!

But JAPAN without touching the politic aspect which is one of the toughest; I think could easily be one of the most beautiful countries in the world!!! I'm NOT Japanese. Although they kind of scream when they speak(scary), (lol) as long as you don't break any laws, and don't through garbage on the streets, you'll be find!!! Ah!!! Keep your passport on you where ever you go!!!