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What Do You Think Of Sufism

Is sufism shirk?

people say that when sufis ask muhammad for help and say salaam to him they are (nausubilla) ascribing partners to HIm. is the concept of sufism shirk? when sufis ask someone for help they mean to only ask that person to connect to God and ask him for us. we are such sinful people that we cant connect with God directly. so sufis just try to connect to God through one that is holier than them. how is any of this shirk?

ALSO: is it true that stuff one says in vain is not held or counted against one by God?

What do you think of SUFISM ?

I'm against any sect in Islam , but these people seems really kind , they don't call other sect "kufars"
I think they are the best sect so far ?

What is your definition of Sufism?

That is such a big question! I have attempted (for many years even before I converted) to figure out just what it is and really there are soooooooo many different "forms" of Sufism. There are ppl who wouldn't even think of themselves as Muslim but claim to be Sufis...and there are people who say they are Muslim and also Sufis...there are people who say they are only Muslim but have "Sufi" practices. There are those that say there are no "Sufi practices" but Sufi "ideas/ways of thinking".

If you have saints and are praying at their grave then obviously this is shirk., I could go on but then again not all ppl who are called Sufi do such things. I think it really depends on the individual and what they do or don't do and how they define it. I like the Sufi poet Rumi but that doesn't make me a Sufi.

edit: so what then would praying at a saints grave be called? Bi'dah then no?

Are all Sufis are bad...?

7abity asking if all sufis are bad is like asking if all Muslims are bad- Im I bad as a Sufi- are you bad as a non- Sufi? Who knows best...? Will you always be on the path you are now on? Perhaps if you asked why are people attracted to the paths/way of Sufism you would find more answers to your question. There are many branches on the tree of Sufism so many different olives for people to be able to find a taste of what suits them individually and what will lead them closer to Allah SWT- but remember the majority of Sufi's follow Quraan and Sunnah but participate in more zikr of Allah, jammat, studying, researching, more praise of Mohamed SAW and that is where the name of Sufism currently is today. -

Do you know your nasheeds you listen to are all written and performed by Sufis....? Sami Yusuf...

When we are young and searching for ilm it is best to keep our hearts and minds a little open to the potential that we will not think the same things and have the same conclusions as we were making one year ago or two years ago....look what you thought two years ago about a subject is it the same as what you think now?

@ the people who have claimed Sufis are non- Muslims- you lack knowledge try to go and read about Islam as a faith before you spread sins onto yourself and others- you lack peace in your own faith if you need to call other Muslims non Muslim!

Are all these Millions and Millions non Muslims?
Ba'alawi (Attasia)
Chishti (Toronto)
Naqshbandi (Naqshi Foundation for Islamic Education)
Naqshbandi (Islami Roohani Mission)
Qadiri (Sarwari Qaderi)

@ there are two many extreme people and words in
this section- watch what you people say!!!! beause you will be held to account for it and I promise you this- when you know more about Islam you will not be saying the sins that you are now saying

How do Shias view Sufis?

I see that I am being requested to answer, but I do not know this, because I am not viewing Sufis from the perspective of Shias. Quite opposite. However, I feel that in Bosnia Shias are very close to Sufis (being friends). Sufis enjoy reading and listening to Shia "scholars" and "pro-Shia" scolars.I think that to some extent Shias try to get through the rest of the Bosnian Muslim population through Sufis, and I have heard that some Iraninas considered Bosnian Sufis as very Shia-like Muslims.I know that some Iranians suggested to a Sufi teacher that the two groups should confirm strong relationship, but when the teacher asked the Iranian Shia "Do you think that Ali was a coward?" He was angered by that question and didn't like the teacher as much as before. The teacher suggested that Ali was in no way afraid to stand open with his possible desire or wish to be the Prophets successor.

As a non-Sufi, why do you like Sufism?

I am a cultural muslim, but if other muslims ask me wich sect of Islam i follow, I Will say Sunni Islam. Because thats what my Family and majority of my country (Afghanistan) follow. Now to Your question what i As a non-Sufi, why i like Sufism. The first Thing i love about Sufism is their devotion to prophet Muhammad. I feel like Sunni Muslims dont have as much devotion to Prophet Muhammad as Sufis does. The other Thing i love about Sufism is their use of Music for spritual puposes. When the sufis sing and praise prophet Muhammad one would feel like Prophet Muhammad is present With us. Also i love that Sufi Muslims are tolerant People and their view of the world and God is broad. And the last Thing I love about Sufism is its great emphasis on LOVE. Love for Allah, Love for Prophet Muhammad and Love for nature. English is my Third Language so sorry for my mistakes.