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What Do You Think Of The Difference Between How Cdc Director Tom Frieden

RAW FEEDING ..................?

First of all congratulations in considering feeding your dogs a raw diet.
I myself have 2 Dobermans, both raw fed and i have seen nothing but positive result after positive result since swapping from commercial feed.
Heres a run down of what my 28kg dobermans will eat on a typical day.
They will have somewhere between 750g and 1kg of RAW meaty bones everyday. I usually feed whole raw chickens (head and neck included), or chicken carcass's, steak / cow ribs, lamb both on and off the bone, raw fish and chicken eggs.
I never feed raw pork as there is evidence that it can be very poisonous to dogs.
Alongside the meat i will usually feed a potion of 3 of the following veg/fruit: either grated carrots, blanched cabbage, cos lettuce, apples (not the seeds), oranges, bananas, spinich on occasion, peas, runner beans, sugar snap peas, sweet poatoes, melons etcetc. But DONOT feed your dogs advocado, onions, garlic, apple seeds, grapes, or fruit seeds.
My dogs also get natural yoghurt twice a week and seaweed powder on every meal.
I also feed my dogs a few potatoes and a bit of rice 3 times a week (vets advice) as carbohydrates are important in active dogs like mine.
I always put a little oil on my dogs dinners too.
I really hope this helps, since changing my dogs are better behaved, their breath is 100000 times nicer, their teeth are immaculate, their coats are super shiney and my old dobe has found a new lease of life!
Also in retaliation to the anit raw/ BARF comments, more dogs have choked eating kibble than meaty bones, as eating meaty bones encourages a dog to chew its food, not just 'hoover' it up.
Also i would not recommend a completely meat and bone based diet....DOGS EAT GRASS as a natural instinct, they need certain nutrents from veg and it aids in digestion and helps proper stool formation. Dogs that are only fed meat and bones have difficulty in passing stools as their stoold are far too dry as they lack fibre.My vet warned that he has also seen cases of dogs fed on a purely meat diet developing mishaped and knarled leg bones due to lack of nutrients. So veggies are important in my opinion. There is plenty of proof that dogs are natural omnivores - in the wild dogs eat the stomachs of their prey and all its contents, chewed grass and veggies. So to feed the prey model accurately you MUST mimick the 'chewed vegetaition' they would naturally eat by providing grated veg!

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Whos the funniest Friends character and name their quote that gives you uncontrollable laughter!?

Funniest would either be Joey or Phoebe.

Ross: How's Monica?
Phoebe: She's calmed down a bit. I put a clip on one side, which seems to have stopped the curling.
Ross: How's the hair?
Phoebe: I'm not gonna lie to you Ross. It doesn't look good.
Joey: Can we see her?
Phoebe: No, your hair looks too good. I think it would only upset her.
Rachel: Oh.
Phoebe: Ross, you can go on in.

Joey Tribbiani: [after smelling potpourri] Well, this is like summer in a bowl!

Joey Tribbiani: [upon hearing Ross doesn't want to go to the movies with him] Come on, man! Tom Hanks! Meg Ryan! They get mail!

Phoebe: Joey, if you had to give up sex or food, which would you pick?
Joey: I don't know it's too hard.
Rachel: Come on, you have to answer.
Joey: Okay... sex. No, food. No, uh... I want both! I want girls on bread!

Rachel: Finally. I get to see what Joey Tribianni is like on a date. So, you got any moves?
Joey: No. I'm just myself, and if the girl doesn't like that then-
[breaks down laughing]
Joey: I'm sorry, I couldn't even get through that.

anyways IDK which one i like but i do know that joey is definately the cutest. i hate it when he is sad. like when charlette from sex and the city played his gf.

One of the main benefits of religion is the real and very powerful placebo effect. Putting aside chewy questions of whether or not there’s a violently fickle man-like entity in gold robes who really needs our help, I wonder what our history would look like if all the peasants hadn’t had the teat of the promise heaven to suck on; maybe they would have all just given up on their miserable lives. In fact, that’s another of the many benefits of religion; to the powerful, it’s a very effective way of keeping a workforce available, even if you pay them almost nothing at all: tell them suicide is punishable by endless pain, so they have to stay and suck it up, no matter what you throw at them. Don’t have to pay you now, but God’s totally gonna pay you later for sure. For sure!One of the other things about religion may offset that, and probably causes more damage than the benefits bring good: if you think your food service manual is a “holy book”, you feel like you have the divine right to impose your secondhand morality on everyone, and generally the result of that is millions of terminally aggressive assholes who can’t present an argument beyond “it’s just wrong”. Much of the suffering in the world comes not from Satan, but from religious people imposing their worldviews with violence.On balance I think we’d better if we found something to counter the infection. As long as demagogues can convince fools to give them money, religion will be around.

What is global warming from an IT perspective?

Forget the microscopic view of this subject. Look at the macroscopic view. Think BIG. Think in overall terms, not 'well if the CO2 content rises 1%, it will cause more problems'. Or, 'if we stop throwing cigarette butts on the ground, the environment won't be so polluted'. Or, 'if I drive a car that runs on soy beans I will save the earth'.

We must go back to basics, Thermodynamics say;
Law 1 - Nothing is free in this world
Law 2 - You cannot break even in this world
Law 3 - You cannot break free of Law 1 and Law 2.

These Laws cannot be broken - it is impossible. You will be able to defy gravity and fly before you break these Laws.

They are the reason we are where we are now. It is easy to see that all the pollution and hazardous waste and global warming is the cost of 'doing business'. If we want industry, we gotta pay for it somehow - Law 1.
The reason we are just now becoming worried about it is because we can now see the exponential effect it is having on us. The more we try to increase technology to give us better products and use extra energy to clean the waste from the processes, the more damage we do , in other words,the harder we try - the behinder we get; The more order you try to enact, the more disorderly things become - Law 2.

If we stop EVERYTHING now, all pollutions of any kind (heat, chemical, air, water, etc.) it will take years for the momentum effect of the pollution to gain a foothold.

The Laws of Thermodynamics reign supreme in this universe, and the second Law - Entropy - cannot be reversed. It can only be slowed down. We are so screwed.

For years it was thought we were decendants of monkeys. Why? Maybe because of their being so inquisitive about things. Always trying to figure things out. It is a good initial assumption. But from what I've seen human beings do to themselves - rape the land, throw garbage everywhere, etc., It makes more sense we are decendants of cows. Just eat and crap all over the place. Did you know a cow is so stupid, it will die of thirst while standing knee deep in snow.

Has the republican party become the party of crooks (tom delay, jack abramoff)?

You have forgotten the Clintons and the Rose Law firm scandal, the White House Travel Office Scandal, and the "suicide" of White House Deputy Council Vince Foster (Hillary's alleged lover).

And the Kennedys...there is not enough room here to detail all of their illegal and corrupt dealings.

Abramoff, by the way, had dealings with as many democrats as republicans, and he is a lobbyist, not a member of either party.

Don't be so one sided...neither party is corrupt, per se, but members of both are. Power one is immune.

Why are democracies more peaceful in their relations with each other than with states which are nondemocracies

In the case of the United States of America it's because capitalism hides behind .....and is actually mistaken for democracy, by conservatives

.....resulting in our our foreign policy being written by multinational corporations...literally.........and our corporations want to enslave all work forces and plunder all natural resources

That's why we fought communism so hard. There was never any real threat of communists attacking America

But communist countries threatened our corporate masters, by denying them access to their work forces and natural resources.

There are hundreds of examples to prove the point...Iraq being the most current....Hussein was no threat, but we pretended he was, our corporations, the corporate owned government, and the corporate owned media created a false they could get their greedy little murdering fingers on all that precise oil.

It's there...but they cover it up well...and the conservatives simply aren't interested in truth....more interested in phony the lies have a buyer.....white christian conservatives

Often the democracies set up by the United States in the 3rd world are nothing more that puppet doormen put in place by the CIA to allow our corporations to plunder and pillage...and call it democracy.....and why do we get along with these governments....well, we run them.