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What Do You Think Of This Song I Only Read The Lyrics Can

What do you think of these song lyrics I wrote?

I wrote song lyrics for a song I’m writing, the name of the song is “Melissa’s parents”. Here are the lyrics: Melissa cries, Melissa fights for her life, she’s on the way to psycho with her dad, Melissa smokes, and then she’s broke she’s got no way of conformity, Melissa fights with her mom over the night but the right thing to do is fly a kite, Melissa’s parents, working day and night they come home and pray for Melissa to be okay, Melissa chokes, when she’s smokes shes on her way to recovery. Melissa writes, that she’s shy but the teacher still makes her present in front of the class, Melissa’s bass, where she learned in class won’t do her any good in this awful world, so she’s curls in a ball and makes her little brother fall, Melissa’s fine but she’s nine so why are Melissa’s parents a canine?

What Metallica song do you think has the most meaningful lyrics?

my personal preference?

master of puppets

one of my very good friends had a drug problem

Do you think lyrics are the most important part of a song? Why?

There are many ways you can take this argument:As a music enthusiast myself, I tend to value melody and rhythm immensely. After all, what's the use of good lyrics set to repetitive, predictable chord progressions, or discordant, unbearable tunes? I like songs that sound inspired, original, have some sense of creative skill.What about instrumentals? Done right, music on its own can evoke the same level of emotion as songs with lyrics, and at times they can be even more emotive. After all, composers often write pieces that are several minutes long yet never get boring despite a lack of lyrics! That would suggest the music is enough to engage interest in a song. (On a side note, lyrics without music is simply poetry; very engaging as well)On the other hand, well-phrased or powerful lyrics can deeply enhance my appreciation of a song. In some cases, songs are beautiful or influential because of their lyrics. They might have a message that resonates with societal issues, or resonates with individual experiences, and in these cases the meaning via the lyrics are very important to the song's impact.Similarly, clumsy rhymes and overused phrases distract me from enjoying a song. Lyrics which seem like a list of clichés strung together irritate me to no end; they are evidence that the artist has been lazy and unimaginative. Much like how predictable chord progressions irritate me.Lyrics can be musical too. Just look at how beautiful poetry sounds. And when artists really pay attention to the phonetic quality of their words, they can become part of the sound and beauty of the song.So to conclude, I think it's a combination of both music and lyrics. It is also important to remember that it would be a generalisation to call the lyrics - or alternatively the music - the "most important" aspect of a song because different songs have different aims. For instance, a jazz artist might focus more on the melody and riffs of a song, whereas a singer/songwriter might focus more on the story they are trying to tell in a song. And of course, with instrumentals and the like, you can hardly judge their value based on lyrics!Personally, I care more about the music than the lyrics - if the music's inspired, and the lyrics aren't  bad enough to really notice, I'm up for it. That's not to say I don't appreciate great lyrics in a song, but rather that lyrics are of secondary importance to me.

Why do so many songs have meaningless lyrics?

i once read that some songs are ment that way so they will have a more broad likeabilty..everyone can choose what they mean for themselfs

How do I find out the name of a song with lyrics and audio only?

Sometimes we hear a good song from outer sources and if we don’t know the song name then it stuck in our head all day . Keep wondering what song was that????Then try some Music Recognizer apps available on Play Store or Apple App store like “MUSIX MATCH” , “SOUND HOUND” “SHAZAM” etc. The best thing about these apps that whenever an unknown song you hear , all you have to do is just let these apps hear the source of music or you can also sing that unknown tune . The app will recognize the song also it provides LYRICS synchronized with the music. It means you can read the lyrics along with the music.ORGo to “YOUTUBE” type the “song name”+ “lyrics” . You will get the result.

What are some apps that display Lyrics for music/song you are listening to?

This Chrome Extension developed by me would be useful..Chrome WebStore -  Lyrically .It basically displays lyrics of the song currently playing on Youtube, Gaana, Saavn,Bopfm,Guvera & Other Music Services.You can also search lyrics by manually entering song name.It is well optimised for Hindi Songs.It is a chrome extension you can only use it in Chrome Browser of your Desktop.

What do you think of my Suicidal Hey There Delilah lyrics?

I didn't do the whole song only the beginning but tell me what you think! (you might wanna listen to the song as you read the lyrics)

Hey there Delilah
What’s going on New York City?
you’re a thousand miles away and you’re
jumping off a building
what the heck
why’d you do that?

what’s wrong with you?

Hey there Delilah
Don't you worry about the distance
you are only ten stories off the ground
you will be dead in just a second
Close your eyes
do that thing that’s not so wise
just go outside

Oh it's what you did to Steve

Oh it's what you did to Steve
Oh it's what you did to Steve
you broke his heart with grief…
Oh you killed Steve