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What Do You Think The Quote

What do you think this quote means?

This is a translation of the two lines 446 and 447 from Book 17 of Homer’s Iliad.

οὐ μὲν γάρ τί πού ἐστιν ὀϊζυρώτερον ἀνδρὸς
πάντων, ὅσσά τε γαῖαν ἔπι πνείει τε καὶ ἕρπει.

The eminent scholar Richmond Lattimore translated these two lines a bit better in 1951:

“Since among all creatures that breathe on earth and crawl on it
There is not anything more dismal than man is.”

These are Zeus’ comments in narration, not spoken to anyone in particular, in fact Homer says directly in line 442 (also book 17) that he says these words to himself.

He is reacting to the immortal horses (yes, in Homer, there are two immortal horses) of Achilles who are sad and weeping because Patroklos, the friend of Achilles, has been killed. In essence Zeus is commenting on the futility of immortals forming emotional attachments with mortals, for they will always be saddened by the deaths of mortals. But in a larger sense Homer is commenting upon the lot of humans in the Iliad in general—and in war in general—it is pretty grim. Humans make war upon themselves and kill each other, and that makes them ὀϊζυρώτερον, is the Greek, ‘more wretched’ would be my translation, Lattimore translated it ‘more dismal’ and whoever translated it that you quoted wrote ‘more agonized’ but it is all the same—this is Homer’s view of war. He may be writing a book filled with war, but that doesn’t mean he likes it. For him the war was real, it was history (although that word had yet to be coined by Herodotus), and Homer was showing his readers the desires, hopes, dreams, and pain felt by all those affected by the war, from the heroes such as Hector and Achilles to the wives and children such as Andromache and Astyanax. So to sum up simply, those two lines in the Greek could be a two word summary of the emotional effect of war upon humanity.

What do you think this quote means?

It means that those who grab an opportunity and seize the prize oftentimes get the best...those who wait patiently may have good things come to them, but those things are only what's left after the go-getters got there first.

It's like when you go Christmas shopping...there's a big sale, and people will wait at the door early to get first picks on the items...those who wait will only get the "leftovers".

What do you think this quote means?

It's talking about the tendency of humans to distort reality in such a way that it makes the struggles of life easier to handle. It's talking about how a writer has an exceptional ability to do this with an assortment of situations, even if the story we choose to tell is inaccurate. The stories we make out of the things we encounter in life are directly related to the stories we have previously told ourselves about life, if that makes sense. In essence, we each paint our own picture of reality, using our life experiences as a resource.

What do you think this quote means?

It makes me think of someone who isn't comfortable with just their own company, who becomes restless when alone and feels compelled to fill the time somehow.

Sadly, I think this is a common condition in today's world. Otherwise there wouldn't be so many iPods.

What do you think this quote means?..."to have another language is to possess a second soul."?

What a lovely quote- and so true. I would say that this means that learning another language is a door to another culture, and as you express yourself differently in another language, you can almost have another personality.

I speak other languages, and I have found that although I am the same person, I do express myself differently. Partly this depends on my ability in that language, but different languages give you a different range of expressions.

What might take you 3 words in English might take only one in Turkish - or there may be a word in French that says something which there is no direct English translation for.

Also, the sounds of words make you feel differently as you speak them. I love speaking German - it can sound so passionate, whilst French is so musical.

What I love most about knowing other languages is being able to read articles and literature from other cultures, or listening to different music / watching TV from other countries. It's a window to another world.

What are the quotes that made you think?

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What are your opinions about the quote "You are not what you think you are, you are not what others think you are but you are what you think others think you are"? This is really intriguing to me.

Before answering this, one question you need to ask yourself how much you actually know yourself..??(Have you ever have done any self evaluation on you..?? 90% chances are it's No.)Again not your fault, the world itself is so fast nowadays, everyone's running and no one exactly knows why.. time is less and time is Money.!!We don't keep ourselves alone for a moment, we cannot live without doing something or the other, either it's work, people, phones, games, tv something will be always there but never alone and calm..!!People are constantly and continuously looking outside, judging everything they sees..!!There is a trick which just happened here, since you never looked inside yourself and you don't know who you exactly are..!!Your perception for judging others is not exactly yours.. it is someone else's which again you have seen outside only in someone or something.. you might have liked it and subconsciously set it as a parameter for judging others.This condition leads to false identity, you start taking seriously what others think about you, specially if it lies in the defined parameter of your perception of, what you already think you are.(which is again as above stated is not exactly your perception)Too much complicated Right..!!! :)I will try to make it simple..!!Let's say there is a person who is born in the family of Farmer's, right from the childhood he has worked on the fields and while doing so, he almost know everything about farming but he himself doesn't know it because for him it's like, aaah common it's not work, on the other hand movies fascinate him a lot.. this much that he thinks he looks like an actor too..!!(though the reality is way different)(As i was saying earlier he is ignorant of his talents or weakness or a matter of fact who he is)Now let's add Spice too it..!!Let's say he started his studies and suddenly realized people saying and admiring him about how good he looks, which instigated his subconscious mind to think and dream about it more..!!(Cementing of false ideology)Now, you tell me..!!You like Stock Android more or one having layer of Interface on top of the original.!! :)P.S:- Thanks for A2A..!!

What do you think the quote, "The more we intellectualize, the more imprisoned we become," means?

I believe this accurately represents the pitfalls associated with the possession of too much knowledge:

What do you think of Richard Feynman's quote?

I don't believe in heaven or hell but I still think the quote is pretty cool.