What Do You Think These Songs Mean

What do you think these two lines from a song mean?

the sentence before that, he mentions lying in the bed of a truck as the sun goes down. then "ever been so into somebody you're still lying there when it comes back up"
get it?

What do you think these System of a down songs mean?

System of a down:

Chop Suey

What to you think these songs mean? Does it have a message?
I'm doing a project for health class and i need a song that addresses an issue related to teens in either a positive way or a negative way. I'm analyzing the lyrics. Also, if you have an idea of what the songs mean based on their music videos that will help, too.
So, i want to hear what you guys think about these songs. and what does it mean, like the message. Also, if you know any other system of a down songs that might help me on this project, please tell me about it. THANK YOU!!!!!!

What do you think these song lyrics mean?

I was listening to the songs off of the new Blink 182 album, and one song in particular caught my eye. It's called Even if She Falls. The lyrics are as follows;

And their she was like a starry night
Like a Ferris wheel, full of blue green eyes
And a heart of steel always on her own
Almost never real
When the night will be begin
The pain it won't end even if she falls in love
Fact You wanna to turn back your heart will attack
Even if she falls in love
And their she was like a blade of ice
Like a Lonely road clear day of life
Always sharp and cold always beautiful
I am such a fool

When the night will be begin
The pain it won't end even if she falls in love
Fact You wanna to turn back your heart will attack
Even if she falls in love

Try to look in her eyes the light is just right
Even if she falls in love and it isn't so bad it's
Driving you mad even if she falls in love

What do you think these lyrics mean? Thanks!

What do you think these song lyrics mean?

An official meaning would be nice if there is one, but if not speculation is fine. If anyone needs an MP3 it can be found here:
The song is Carbon by Tori Amos.

carbon made found her at the
end of a chain "time to race"
she said "race the downhill"
behind crystalline irises
loons can drive
where the world bleeds white
just keep your eyes on her
don't look away
keep your eyes on her horizon
bear claw free fall
a gunner's view black and blue
shred in ribbons of lithium
blow by blow
her mind cut in sheets
layers deep now unravelling
just keep your eyes on her.
get me neil on the line
no i can't hold
have him read "snow glass apples"
where nothing is what it seems
"little sis you must crack this"
he says to me
"you must go in again carbon
made only wants to be unmade"
blade to ice it's
double diamond time
and keep your eyes on her
on her eyes on her horizon

What is the meaning/message of these songs?

-Standing Outside the Fire .... by: Garth Brooks
-Stand... By Rascal Flatts

What do you think these songs like mean? Like what is the message or like meaning to them? Like what are they about?? What is the deeper meaning to them? Thanks!!

(If you want links to them....

Standing outside the fire...


and then the lyrics:

Standing Outside the Fire:


Thanks so much!!

What do you think these lyrics mean? To T.I.'s old song "Chooz U"?

It means your mom. Jkjk uhh i think its saying like he wants to choose you?????? xD

-clears throat-Ok, so BTS released their MV on 18th at 6pm KST and DNA is their title track, which usually means since they have the MV, it would be the most famous or watched? (it may not be, but it usually is).Overall, I found that the editing of the video was so cool, like when V turns and stands upside down, or when all the members magically gets erased haha.In terms of outfits, I feel like usually they would wear suits and silk shirts or jeans like in BS&T and Save me, however, recently, they have been going a bit western with Gucci jackets shirts and jeans, huge hoodies etc. Which I dont blame them, they do look very good but there’s a big western element here though.In terms of music, the whistle is very catchy, when i stayed up at night to watch the teaser, I kept whistling it at school the next day. The dance is very cool too, although they said that the choreography in DNA was the hardest, but im not saying it’s not because god knows what will happen to be if I try to dance like the, but I feel like other MVs or songs are a bit more complicated in terms of the dance moves like Blood Sweat Tears and Fire or Save me. I dont know if they mean harder in terms of the footwork or the formations or actions, but since I cant actually compare myself to them, they did very good haha.They did a very good job overall tho, I’m so proud of them:) Even so, I still prefer Serendipity over DNA even if it’s the title track songHope this helps! :)

Do you think these lyrics mean semen?

I do remember one time I was trying to explain what an orgasm felt like it and described it as "a flower blooming from the core" and some other people agreed with me.

It's probably doesnt mean that specifically, but it probably does have to do with her desire for him sexually.

Remember the song “I am alive” from Stuart Little 2?? I was in 2nd year of my engineering when I first listened to this song and since then, it has been one of my favorites.It is very close to my heart because the lyrics and the music, both are very uplifting and motivating.It is sung by Celine Dion. Here are a few lines from the Song-When you call on meWhen I hear youBreatheI get wings to flyI feel that I’m aliveWhen you look at meI can touch the skyI know that I’m aliveWhen you blessThe dayI just drift awayAll my worries dieI’m glad that I’mAlive.Listen once and I bet you will be addicted to it too.Here's the link to the full song -Source -