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What Do You Wish You Knew When You Were Younger I.e. Age 19

Everyone thinks i'm younger than i really am?

I'm 19 years old and a lot of people (when they meet me for the first time) think I am younger, like 17 or something?
I don't think I look younger than I am!
How can I look more like my age?? It's honestly quite insulting when people think i'm still in high school!

Youngest bride??18 years old when engaged?19 when married?

I was engaged at 18 and married at 19. Everyone said "it wont last" and are now eating their words. We've been married 32 years and are one of the few couples still married from our group of friends in the 1970's.

Knowing Yourself: If you could go back in time to give your 19-year-old self advice, what would it be?

I wish we all can do this!And to my 19-years old self, I’d say:You are in the lowest weight of your teenage-adult life (at least until you become 26). If possible maintain this please. Try excercise, it’s for your own good.That guy is adorable, he’s one of the greatest guy you’ll ever meet. Cherish every moment with him because soon you’ll be so cruel and leave him for your future husband. But this poor guy will be stuck over you for another 5 years. So just give him the best love because he deserves it.Start investing, not saving. Don’t be afraid to start business. You’ll be surprised how fast you can empty your savings for parties. Lock some in investment.Your friends are the best. They’ll help you in so many ways. Love them as much as you always do now.Interior design is not for you. Accept it and move on. Your parents love you and want you to get the best of your life. Say yes when they ask you to study abroad. Don’t blame them for getting you out of Jakarta. You���ll be forever thankful for what they’re done.Keep being you! Don’t listen to people’s comments about your dramatic color hair changes and bright attires. Your family and friends approve it, and people colors their hair green in future!I love you and you’ll always love yourself more than anything. That’s how we role honey! Highfive!

At what age should a girl be in a serious relationship?

I started my first serious relationship when I was eighteen. I wish I had waited longer.I wasn’t an emotionally mature teenager, and my childhood taught me things that I later realized I needed to unlearn before I could participate in a healthy relationship.I think the ideal age for romantic commitment from varies person to person. It also depends on what type and quality of partner shows up, and when.I can say, emphatically, that I wish I had collected the following knowledge and skills before I got into anything serious:I wish I’d had a clear understanding that healthy partnerships are equal, and my romantic partner is not allowed to control me. Growing up in a household where I was repeatedly told that men are designed to have dominion over the women in their lives, I was highly vulnerable to controlling relationships.I wish I’d given myself time to develop a sense of confidence and self worth independent of others’ opinions, figuring out exactly what I liked about myself. Instead, I fell for someone who baited me with flattery, and I became over-reliant on his approval. This made it harder to leave the relationship when it became abusive.I wish I’d understood the signs of manipulation, coercion, and abuse. I wish I was clear on the fact that I didn’t deserve these things, and had a plan for how to exit any situation where I identified them.I wish I had time, training, and practice in communicating my needs and advocating for them.I wish I’d known how to set and enforce boundaries. I wish I’d known that I was allowed to do this.I wish I had assembled a social support network that could provide third party perspectives on how I was being treated. I wish I’d been more informed that when someone isolates you from your friends and family, this is a huge red flag.I wish I’d learned negotiation and conflict management skills, so that once I’d screened for an appropriate, respectful partner, I could treat them well and deal with any issues that came up in a healthy way.I’ve known young women who had all these things covered by their late teens. I know women in their thirties still working on them.

Kissing and intercourse under 18?

I have started to see more and more cases of people admitting to at some time having intercourse, before 17, and sometime at ages 12 and 13! Personally, I am 13, and I have kissed is all, only one girl. And while the idea of intercourse isn't appalling to me, it isn't something I would do!

So I'm asking for peoples thoughts, and even experiences, on this matter.

-What do you think about underage intercourse
-Did you have intercourse at under 17? Or what age?
-Err, is kissing at 13 a bad thing...?

Why are women so obsessed with hiding their age? serousilly?

Because they deep down inside they still believe that once they hit the age where they can no longer bare children they are worthless, unattractive and unneeded. Also, it's a basic female belief that old = ugly. Unfortunately, this is something that they've done to themselves. Just pick up any Cosmo or Glamor and flip to any page. That is what they believe that they have to live up to until the day that they die.

Im 19 and wondering whether health insurance is necessary?

95% of the time, no. But, the problem is, you don't know if you're going to need it until it's too late.

Most of the bankruptcy filings in the US are due to uninsured major health expenses. So, it's a gamble. On the one side, you're not likely to have major expenses - so that's why the rates are so low ($200 a month). On the other hand, if you DO have a major calamity, with $100,000 of medical bills, you're completely scr*wed. If it's NOT an accident, ie, it's a health issue (like, becoming diabetic - yes! It happens to healthy 20 year olds!), it will haunt you for the rest of your life, as NO ONE will then insure that condition.

For me, the down side is WAY TOO RISKY for me to go uninsured. I have ALWAYS carried health insurance.

Whats the best age to start taking female hormones?? (for a transexual girl)?

i started when i was 16, and am now 20, believe me without a doubt i look more than passable. but i hit puberty way before that, if anything, id suggest the ages of 12 to 13.

alittle side note, dont worry about your age, 19 is really young still. i know some who are 45 to 72 years old and just now starting to take hormones, yeah that's a tad bit late but we do what we feel is right in order to persue the true lives we want to live, and to just be happy.