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What Does 6 01 09 Pm Mean

It’s nine o’clock at night in Greenwich.GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time. Back in the days when Britannia ruled the waves and longitude was a tricky thing to calculate, ships always kept one chronometer set to GMT to compare with the time at their position at sea, to help calculate longitude. The Royal Observatory in Greenwich, UK is on the Greenwich Meridian which is considered to have a longitude of 0 degrees. GMT is the mean solar time at this location. So GMT was important for maritime navigation and became the standard to set your clocks to in Britain, once the building of railways meant you needed a standardised time on land as well. It is now still used in Britain and Commonwealth countries to compare time and date differences between different time zones. The Greenwich Meridian is also called the Prime Meridian and halfway around the earth on the opposite side is the International Date Line.In eastern Australia we are currently on AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) which is GMT+10, meaning it is ten hours earlier here than in Greenwich. From October to April we have “Daylight Savings Time” and put the clocks forward one hour to AEDT ( Australian Eastern Daylight Time), so then we are GMT+11. Greenwich Mean Time does not have a Daylight Savings change.Today the world’s time standard is the more precise Coordinated Universal Time or UTC, but many places and institutions still use GMT.

I believe you asking about a “6” in the context of an eye exam measurement of visual acuity, e.g. 6/6 or 6/12. [In the U.S. these would be 20/20 or 20/40.]The first number (6) refers to the distance (in meters) from the eye itself to an eye chart. [6 m.=20 feet]The second number refers to the smallest line that can be read. The larger the second number, the worse the distance vision. 6/6 does not mean “perfect vision.” It just refers to normal visual acuity; it is quite common for younger people to see better than 6/6, e.g 6/4.8 = 20/16.

There are dozens of possibilities, which is why abbreviations should be given in context. To see a list of possibilities, check:What does PM stand for?

What does 1E+10 mean?

You are absolutely correct.
That's the form of Scientific Notation, the E representing 10^#.
The plus sign just means positive.
Therefore, 1E+10 = 10,000,000,000
Same with the second problem:
5E+19 = 50,000,000,000,000,000,000
Pretty bug number, huh?
That's why we use scientific notation!

A number written in the form Xe+Y is basically a shorthand for [math]X\times10^Y[/math], which is used mostly on computers displaying in plain text to represent scientific notation. The e is for the exponent of [math]10[/math].So a number of the form Xe+09 is equivalent to [math]X\times10^9[/math]. Thus the number 2.1e+09 is equivalent to two thousand, one hundred million, or [math]2.1\times10^9 = 2\;100\;000\;000[/math].

22:09....TIME? What does this mean!?! Time translation please?

So I ordered a package from ASOS and they use DPD to ship their orders out. So I go to DPD tracking and they say where its at at what says the following...

DATE: 17 Nov 2010
TIME: 22:09
EVENT STATUS: In Transit to Final Destination

What does the times mean? Im from the USA so we dont have 22:09, or 08:34, then again I didnt think the UK or Europe did either, but....can anyone tell me what the times translate to? Thanks! And by translate I mean does 22:09 mean like 2 PM? Thanks!

3 o'clock is to your right and 9 o'clock is to your left."Watch your six" means beware what's behind your back.