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What Does Finger Fiddling Mean

What does finger fiddling mean?

to make restless or aimless movements with the fingers

What does "fingering" mean?

What a wonderful question. Religion is, of course, the form that one's worship takes. Thus there are thousands of forms. Religion includes a system of religious beliefs and practices. The object of the religion may be false gods or the true God. Hence, there is false religion and there is true. Religion can get very fancy or remain simple. In the former case, such as it is today. In the latter case, such as it was in the Garden of Eden. What then is worship to me? How do I worship? To worship means to obey. And to obey means to worship. The two are intimately connected; indeed, they are coterminous and cannot be separated. Specifically, to obey the Sovereign Lord God Jehovah of Armies is to worship Him. I do my imperfect best in this regard. I fall on my face and get back up to try and try again. In the Garden of Eden, so long as they obeyed Jehovah, Adam and Eve were worshiping him. No temple, no Mosaic Law, no meetings. Simply leave the tree of the knowledge of good and bad alone. Simple. The minute they disobeyed, they stopped worshiping Jehovah. Same with the nation of Israel. The minute they attempted to practice a syncretistic religion they stopped worshiping Jehovah. The minute they made the golden calf, they stopped. And on and on. To worship is to obey. To obey is to worship. Hannah J Paul

What does finger mean??

hey dear girl don worry time teaches you everything may be you are young so nobody bothered to tell you that anyways getting fingered means that when somebody inserts finger in your vagina to stimulate you and hence the clitoris gets rubbed further enhancing the senses

The middle finger on its own pointing upward, with the other fingers curled downward and the palm facing inward toward the hand’s owner, means “fuck you”.As another respondent has noted, this can be anything from jocular to quite offensive. It’s quite often seen through car windows when one driver annoys another.In other positions the middle finger doesn’t mean anything, specifically.For example, using it to point the way when someone asks directions would be rather strange (the index finger, or forefinger, is usually used for this purpose) but it wouldn’t be offensive.

What does it mean to be fingered?

where someone inserts there fingers into a womans vagina, and with certain movements,pleasures them

What does picking your fingers mean?

theoretically, it can start from the time you were an infant. from the psychosexual theory of Freud, during infancy the site of gratification of an infant is the mouth, therefore, the main activities are sucking, biting and swallowing. if you had been overgratified you can have some kind of fixation ( failure to move on to the next stage). If overgratification occured on this stage, activities may be fixated to activities involving the mouth such as: alcohol drinking, gum chewing, gossipping, smoking, and, nail biting.- i guess it doesnt mean the word nailbiting per se, but the activity gratifies the need for an oral activity.
there is also a theory that nailbiters are insecure individuals... only you can say, though.

In Western cultures displaying the middle finger is a vulgar insult suggesting that the recipient of the display can go copulate with themselves.Not all societies universally understand this gesture. In some societies (Middle East) displaying the sole of your shoe to someone connotes great insult.  Therefore Westerners must guard against sitting with their legs crossed in front of someone of Arab descent least they offend by displaying their dirty soles.The interesting thing is the origins of this gesture. There is a popular story around that the ‘Middle Finger’ gesture had its origins in the 1400’s when English archers displayed their middle finger to French soldiers on the field who had threatened to cut off the fingers of any archer captured.  However, the gesture as an insult, goes all the way to the Classic period where references in the literature allude to it suggesting the recipient engages in anal sex.Very early in the first centaury the gesture was also used to ‘ward off the evil eye’ that someone was perceived to be casting on them.

What does Finger crossed mean?

it used to implore God for protection, as well as to wish for good luck,Some people, mostly children, also use the gesture to excuse their telling of a white lie,A similar belief is that crossing one's fingers invalidates a promise being made