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What Does Half Skull Half Face Mean

What does half skull half face mean?

One time I went through one of my episodes and saw on my phone a half of my face was me and the other was a skull... you know my phone is set too.. For like 10 min but then the light turned off and then I seen my face... What does this truly mean?

What does "peke face cat" means !!!!!!?

Very old term used pre-70's for Persian cats with EXTREME faces compared to the Persian at the time. I remember reading articles on Peke-faced Red Tabby cats where they said how hard it was to keep alive, problems, etc.

All of it untrue. The written standard today calls for Persians to have a shorther nose and more "flat" face. And many Persians have very few problems today just cause they have flatter faces then in the past.

Here is a modern day Persian:

Dream of a split face? what does it mean?

I just had a very strange but realistic dream, at the time, dream. I'd had an accident, now I don't really remember what happened because I feel the cause of the accident changed many times in my dream but the outcome was my face was cut in half. The last reason I believe was because of a longboarding accident. My face wasn't completely cut in half... just up to to my nose and all the way to the back of my head. It healed rather quickly, but my nose was all messed up. What does it mean... in my dream at one point I also had a flat tire, I think that was first reason I had my "accident"

What animal does this skull belong to? *PIC*!!!!!?

RFLMAO @ the first three answers!!!!! Yeah that's a pelvis alright!!! But I disagree with oikos; a bird pelvis that is 18" long is from a VERY big bird indeed; a monster bird that doesn't even exist! So, I think it could very well be from a deer. A cow's pelvis would be twice as large as that, as they are much bigger than a deer. And it's hard to tell from the angle whether it's from a female or not, but it certainly looks like it came from a doe (note the space between the lower pelvic bones on the right side of the photo, as well as the space that kinda forms a circle behind these lower bones).

A skull wouldn't have two ball-and-socket joints on either side (notice on the top and bottom of the picture), nor two pin bones sticking out on the right side of the picture. A skull has the first half of it covered in completely in bone, with the face portion of the skull sloping in at a prismic angle, a much more definite angle than you can see on the left portion of this photograph.

Check out the photos below each of bear, cow, horse, deer and elk skulls for comparison:

Cow: (imagine the one horn is also missing and you'll still see the difference)
Deer (female):

Now, to throw you a curve-ball, here's a picture of a deer pelvis: Notice any similarities to the one you pictured above? (I do!)

So I think what you found there is a deer pelvis. But not a skull, sorry!

What is you favorite motorcycle helmet? Full face/modular/open face/half skull?

I only wear Arai helmets.In my opinion, they are they best helmets in the world. Arai’s RX7 is the only helmet in the world to meet both the stringent SNELL and the ECE standards. It is the most popular helmet on the grid of the Isle of Man TT races, where there is no run-off so, if a rider crashes, he’s likely to hit a wall, a house, a tree, or fly off the side of a rocky hill.I do feel that Shoei helmets are up there on quality too but Arais fit my head the best - putting one on feels like I’m wrapping my head in a duvet.I have 5 Arais at the moment with another couple planned this year. The one pictured below is the Arai Chaser V Pride.All Arai helmets are hand-made and the Arai RX7 you buy in the shop is identical to the one worn by Dani Pedrosa or Jonathan Rea - Arai don’t make special, extra-strong helmets for their world championship racers and then sell cheap replicas to the public like most manufacturers as they don’t believe one person’s head is more valuable than anothers.They also stick to their guns and don’t follow when other manufacturers go down a particular route, despite how popular it may be with the public. For instance, they don’t make flip-up helmets or ones with internal sun-visors because these compromise the structural integrity of the helmet.Arai makes its helmets to have as round an outer shell as possible as this shape glides off bumps better than something with sharper edges, which are liable to catch and cause more injuries.

How did that guy who split his face in half live?

It was a 16 year old boy and he jumped off the cliff, but slipped before he could finish the jump he slipped. Causing him to miss the ocean and hit the cement. He's still alive because his brain was intact there was some damage to the front of it, but the brain stem was still perfectly intact which is the center for the all operations

This event occurred in Beirut in the second week of June 2009

But all they were able to do was to keep him alive in the ICU for two hours before he died. Death was reportedly due to internal bleeding.

So he actually did not survive. I'm sorry.

What does it mean when you dream of a half bird-half human creature?

You need to examine your associations with birds and half-humans. So birds fly, and flight can be a key association. They also fight over food, squabble etc. judging by my bird feeder. They also have heart associations such as the dove, or lovebirds. Further a field is the use of feathers such as Native American dance.Birds have spiritual associations in some traditions. Peacocks for victory, or there are common analogies with swans. The bird is associated with the soul. What about flocks? What kind of bird? Was there a color?When it comes to half bird-half human there are examples such as the Egyptian Horus, sometimes pictured as man with a falcon head and many others in Ancient Egypt.They also exist as images of the fairy folk, where bird men are a motif. Usually they are pictured in assortments of fairy folk. There are two, one with the bird head and man body, others with bird bodies and man head, and some like angles just have the wings.The thing that is important is what you associate, though dreams can conjure semi forgotten things that we have read or seen.Most likely what the bird means to you is an emerging personality. Some part of the self coming forward.An example would be a friend had one where they dreamed that their head and limbs were made of wood, and the chest and abdomen were still flesh. They were attached on a pole and could spin around and move there arms and legs, but not walk. They were fixed in place. After some questioning my friend associated being “wooden” with their martial arts practice. They had changed styles because of teachers and found the new one very mechanical and ridged. So a month or so later they took up fencing. So the wooden aspect of their body was this ridged lifeless feeling, where all the fun was gone, and it was like being an automaton rather than a skill based creative learning and challenging practice.

What does having a "broad frame" mean?

I'm a t-girl, who's transitioning, and I just found out that I have a "broad frame" even for a man. My wrist is a little less than 8 inches around, and my elbow is about 3 inches thick, which is a little bit over the maximum size of a "medium" frame.

Does this just mean I have "big bones"?

the measurement of my skull iss 22 and a half inches around, which is average for women.
the measurement of my forehead, from my brow to my hairline is 7 centimeters, which is average for women. My shoulders (after measuring them over and over again) are only 19 inches across, which is average for women. My face is 6 inches wide and 8 inches from my chin to my hairline (I don't know how that stacks up to average female face sizes)

So what does "broad frame" mean? and am I going to be all huge and ugly? Could the "sexy amazon" thing work out (I'm considered really hot as a female, guys hit on me nearly constantly). Would it help if I got super thin? like emaciated thin?

I'm confus

Why do some Marines wear skull masks? Are they allowed?

It’s not just Marines, it’s common among troops all over the world.Why Soldiers Wear Call of Duty-style Masks

What does a crescent moon tattoo mean?

Moon tattoos are perfect for anyone who believes in the powers and influence of celestial powers, has a whimsical side, or appreciates the history and science of astronomy. Moons are deeply symbolic images on their own, but their meaning can increase when paired with another symbol, such as a sun or a wolf; such paired and multifaceted designs will also be discussed below. Moons are also a great tattoo to get if you want a small and discreet tattoo, though they can easily be adapted to fit a larger space, either on their own or as part of a scene.Having it on the spine can be a bit painful. You can ask your tattoo artist for a tattoo numbing cream to make the pain bearable.