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What Does It Feel Like To Break A Bone

It sucks.I was thrown from a horse when I was about 8 or 9 and fractured the fibula in my left arm. No one believed me it was broken and it was evening before I got home and told my parents, who took me to the hospital. I remember sleep being very difficult, because just laying there in the dark there was nothing but a deep, throbbing pain. During the day, when I was distracted it was merely uncomfortable unless I bumped the cast on something.In 1998 I was in a car wreck and broke one of the tiny carpal bones in my right wrist (I don't know what its called) into two pieces. You could see them on the MRI: two bones where one should be. That was extraordinarily painful for several weeks, because you can't go through a day as a right-handed person without reaching for a door with your right hand numerous times. I lost about 50% of the front-to-back flexibility in that wrist, and it never came back. I saw orthopedic surgeons and they all said they would do more damage trying to get to the bone than they could fix. It fused back together, but not in its original position. So my right wrist was pretty much jacked.I rebroke it a couple years later, just by being stupid and leaning on a wall. The position your hand goes into when you do a push-up is impossible for me, and that's how I leaned on the wall. I was in the middle of a car wreck when it happened the first time, so I didn't notice it when it happened, but this time I heard it go. There was an audible "snap!" and my knees buckled from the pain. Everyone was like "what? You just leaned on a wall, what's wrong with you?" I was back in a brace for more than a month, and still wear one occasionally.To this day, I fear people with an extra-firm handshake.The motion of turning a screwdriver can be excruciating. Sometimes I go to pick up a pint glass and pain shoots up my arm. I've gotten pretty good at avoiding the kinds of angles and pressures that cause pain, but it has definitely had an impact on what I can and can't do for the rest of my life. When I was younger I boxed, now I can't punch with my right hand. I still play drums and congas, but I have to angle my wrists in weird ways that affect my playing. The dumbest things can cause so much sudden pain that I'll get weak in the knees.I don't recommend it.

What does it feel like to break you a bone?

it's a shattering feeling that suddenly feels inflamed.. like there's stuff bursting through the cracks, even if there's not. hurts like a ************.

I actually broke my right femur on October 21st last year.I didn't believe it was broken, so the first two seconds were shock, the next several minutes were pain that (according to women who have done this and birthed) is more painful than childbirth. Excruciating. Agonizing.I recommend thinking twice before you do anything that dangerous.And for what it's worth, I broke mine after running into a gym wall.

What does it feel like to break a bone?

At moment of breaking two bones in leg I blacked out. I didn't understand what happened and tried to get up and fell in excruciating pain. The pain was deep and much like hitting your thumb with a hammer only unrelentling for awhile. Tears rolled from my eyes though I was talking to the coach and cheerleaders, even forcing a smile. When the coach attempted to move me I writhed in pain, pulling grass with both hands and clinching my teeth. Morphine and or demeral took it down 40 minutes later though it was easing by then. In three days I felt little to any pain. One break split the bone from center off knee joint downward three inches I guess you coud say it smarted!

What does it feel like to Break a Bone?

I broke my arm on a scooter when I was younger, the bone broke in 3 places-came through the skin, and gravel was imbedded in it. I remember screaming from the pain and it only hurt for a moment, but then went into shock and was completely numb. When I got to the ER the doctor had to move my thumb to put in a splint and then the pain came back. OH MY GOD it was probably a 45 on a scale of 1-10. Then after injecting me with a bunch of pain shots and giving me pills, they had to pop the bone back into place, which was even more painful. I would say I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but it does not feel good, thats for sure.

What does it feel like to break a bone?

I have broken a collar bone and a few fingers. Surprisingly, it doesn't really hurt at all initially, its more of a numb like feeling. After a while it starts to hurt some, especially if you attempt to move that area around.

I wasnt really panicking during any of the breaks, but with the collar bone, I KNEW I needed immediate medical attention as there was a jagged broken bone protruding through my skin from my shoulder. I couldnt really see it all that well because of its location, and honestly, I didnt want to see it.

What does it feel like to break a bone ?

I've broken my wrist, atleast 4 of my fingers, and my toe. To be honest, breaking my toe was the most painfull.When I broke my wrist, at first it didn't hurt much... It was just really numb and tight.. and then a few minutes after started hurting and just felt weird. My fingers were pretty much the same, just less pain. My toe started to hurt immediately, and I wouldn't even dare to step foot on ground. It felt worse than lots of needles sticking in your toe. Breaking a bone for sure isn't fun, drink lots of milk.

What does it feel like to break a bone?

When i broke my leg in two spots it immediately went icy cold for a second and then it started throbbing. After a few minutes i stopped crying and calmed down i stayed sitting and called my husband but about ten minutes later i was almost screaming in pain. Think of the feeling of getting kicked in the shin and then times that by 100. The pain was very localised to the exact two spots.

What does it feel like to break a bone?

For starters, understand that I am writing you this heavily medicated and still in pain. I recently broke my ankle (tibia and fibula) right before the joint, and have been in a walking boot since the injury which was March 4, 2011. I am to have surgery in two days(waiting for swelling to subside), and let me tell you from a first hand perspective that there is nothing remotely fun or cool about breaking your ankle. When I injured it I heard and felt two pops, then an immediate rush of pain. After that I began to throw up which I'm chalking up to the pain/ adrenaline, or both. Luckily mine happened at work, so I'm not paying any outta pocket expenses. However, being on disability is far less than what I'm used to making so that's just one of the revolving problems I'll get to contemplate over the next 10 weeks. I guess the best description I can give you is that it feels like a constant, buzzing, throbbing, heart beating wound that is tingling in different areas all the time. I personally can't feel the actual bones broken, but I can hear them click against each other when I reposition myself. The site of the break is black, purple, blue, red and grey. The area around it is discolored and swollen, and very uncomfortable. There is no position in which it doesn't hurt, and it's constantly a chore to do trivial tasks. Some people may say at least you get meds, really? I don't even get a buzz from them, and they don't even make the pain go away, they make it manageable.

What does breaking a bone feel like?

You can break bones any number of ways:
Car accident, skiing, playing soccer, getting a hand caught in machinery, ice skating, falling off a bike, etc.
I work on an ambulance right now so you name it and I've seen it.

It really depends on the person how painful it is. On a scale of 1 to 10, it generally get's rated above a 5 for an obvious break with deformity. Meaning you can see the bone is obviously displaced under the skin or exposed through the skin.

Not all breaks are obvious though as with a hairline fracture (the bone is broken but still in place).

Fortunately, I've also never broken a bone so I cannot describe exactly how it feels, but I'm sure this varies by person and the type of break. It could be dull and achy, sharp and stabbing, etc.