What Does It Mean When You Dream About Having A Conversation With Someone You Have Ignored For A

If I’m having a conversation with someone in my dream, does it mean that I'm talking to myself/my own mind?

As far as we know, when you are dreaming, there is nobody else but own mind available to talk with. It is your own subconscious mind or your imagination that supplies the words and images, not any kind of actual communication with the other person.Believers in spirituality or psychic abilities may disagree. This is an area where it is very hard to gather evidence, though. In the absence of repeatable evidence, it's generally better to believe in the simplest hypothesis, which is that dreams are just your imagination, and any information they contain comes from your own subconscious or else random chance.In other words, dreams can help you learn about yourself, but not about other people.If you want to make use of your dreams, write them down immediately after waking up, preferably before even getting out of bed and absolutely before you talk to anyone.I'm sure you're aware how fragile the memory of dreams can be; most of it vanishes like a puff of smoke when you wake up. What you may not be aware is that this fragility makes it easy for the memories to be overwritten by different information.For example, if you dream that a friend says their favorite color is green, and then you later hear them say their favorite color is blue, it is easily possible for your memory of the dream to change. You might honestly and sincerely remember having dreamed their favorite color was blue, even though if you go back to what you wrote when you woke up, it will remind you that the color was really green in your dream.That's why it's so important to write down your dreams right away if you want to preserve them. Simply struggling to remember details can cause them to change, or cause you to forget other details, so if you aren't sure of something, just write that you aren't sure and then move on.Even your memories of real events can change, but the memories of dreams are especially unreliable.

What does it mean seeing someone I've never met in dreams? I have been seeing a guy. sometimes he looks like a teenager and sometimes as a man.

Some people say that everyone that appears in your dreams represent an aspect of yourself.I disagree but then again my belief aren’t very traditional.I’ve had dreams about people before I met them and I can also relate to this set of dreams your having.It’s all perspective but here’s mine… There are many types of dreams and there are also souls we are meant to connect with, that we have a deeper connection with beyond this life.Sometimes your dreams can prepare you for something or let you in on a possibility.If you keep going in the right direction, if you reach the right place maybe you have the chance at experiencing a deep love? Just a thought, I don’t personally think this is a reflection on you but more a guidepost. Only you can know.How about your other dreams?Are they pointing to things that might need healing in order for you to enter a deeper relationship?When souls come together that have a deep connection it’s not just to experience deep love as some fairy tale but really to reflect deep parts of themselves back to each other - both the good and bad. You have to be in the right place for that to happen, you have to be ready to see those parts of yourself.He’s getting clearer as time goes on to me that might be saying you’re getting closer.I know most people would read this answer and call me crazy luckily I don’t give a fuck. Hopefully this makes some sense to you. :)

How do you feel when you're ignored by someone who is texting? How do you feel when you're the one asking all the questions, or you're the one who seems genuinely interested in having a chat? How does it feel when there’s a weird silence?

Just an hour back, I was talking to a friend. It was a normal conversation. After a while, I asked him a normal simple question about his studies. Very plain. Very normal. He saw the message but he didn't reply. I thought for a while. Did I mention something wrong or hurtful? I re-looked at the conversation. I found nothing strange.I didn't know what to say next. I left it at that.An year back: Same person. Same thing had happened. And I messaged this person, “Do not start a conversation with me if you can't talk.” He said, “Why are you getting angry?” I replied, “I am just saying that do not text me if you can't reply. Goodnight.” We didn't talk after that for like a few weeks.Now tell me, when was I right? Today or an year back?The point is, I was irritated an year back and I am irritated right now too. But do you know what I realised in this one year? That let people be. Let them do what they do. You take care of your emotions. There was no point of me confronting him back then, only to realise that an year later, still he is the same.When someone ignores us, it feels bad. More than that, you doubt yourself. You start doubting the things you say and you start thinking of what could have pushed that person to not talk. You over-think and you disturb your mood. You have to stop letting people affect your mood.When I realise that I am the only one asking questions and genuinely interested in talking, I step back once in a while. I stay quiet and I notice whether that person has something to talk about or not. If they don't, well, the conversation ends right there.If I really want to talk still, I remember Joey’s dialogue from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, “What matters is, does he like you? Because if he doesn't, then its all a Moo Point. A cow’s opinion. It doesn't really matter.”

Why do I have dreams about future conversations and they happen?

I can remember when I had the dream ONLY when the conversation occurs. The conversation can happen from a couple YEARS after the dream to the next day. I don't know what and why this happens. It used to happen about every other week but now it's EVERY OTHER DAY. I don't know why and I have no control over it. (NO CONTRROOLL! Sorry 1D) Anyway, I need answers!!?

What does ignoring your ex in a dream mean?

Everything in your dreams is you talking to yourself somehow. As with your waking musings, the elements can be you wishing for something, or realizing something, or just struggling with possibilities and choices, and trying to imagine the results of each possible course.So “ignoring your ex in a dream” could mean that you are closer to being done with them emotionally and as an element of your life which you have to make adjustments for, one moment to the next. Or it can mean that you WISH you could ignore them, and are experimenting with that in a dream, to see what happens.And it can even just be a sort of accident, where you were dreaming about something else, and your mind dropped an image of your ex in to fill an unimportant role, just because you remember their face, and you only reacted to the role as you did after the fact, because you slightly woke up and realized your ex was there.Like for example, if you are dreaming about something else, and in your dream you go to a restaurant, and your “dream casting director” sticks you ex in as a random member of the wait staff, who you ignore because they aren’t serving you. That MIGHT have important meaning, such that you’ve reached the point where your ex really is now just another random person to you, and not the focus of frustration, anger or pain or whatever they were before; or it could be simply that you wanted to put faces on everyone in the dream, and one happened to be our ex, and the fact that it WAS your ex only seemed important after the face was already slapped into place.

What does it mean when you dream of having a hairy back?

Probably nothing at all. Dream interpretation is a little bit cloudy in the sense that most psychologists will ignore it when you get specific. Your dreams are just your body's way of working through whatever thoughts and events it needs to process from the day.
Dreams are also prone to random deviation from normal thought. I wouldn't try to over analyze or rationalize it. In general you could attribute the hairy back to a problem you may see in yourself having to do with physical traits in general. But unless it's a reoccurring theme then I wouldn't put to much thought into the meaning. For all you know you heard a conversation or saw a show having to do with a similar situation and your brain was just mulling that over.

Bono in my dream, gave me a message. Please interpret. Takes place in hotel. Was going upstairs at bottom of?

stairs saw Bono havin conversation w/someone. Didnt want 2 interrupt. Tried 2 ignore him, continued 2 walk upstairs. Felt someone tug at my purse, turned around, it was him trying 2 get my attention. He said, Come here. I hugged him, put my head against his chest trying 2 listen 4 heartbeat, he didnt have one. Told him I loved him, his music & his humanitarian work. Asked me 2 come 2 his room. Walking upstairs I could feel his hand gently on my back. We reached the top, he held my hand as we walked. I was floating & was excited. In room he had music playing. He asked if I wanted 2 dance. The room was cluttered w/furniture. I moved chairs & a couch just 2 get near him. We danced, he spun me & was holding me from behind. He then faced me & pushed me against wall. I was turned on & wrapped my legs around him. He picked me up & laid me on couch. Was about 2 kiss me. He stopped. Said I hope U understand. If UR married your life is over, If UR single U feel like U can live 4ever.

Cutting someone off meaning?

What do it mean when someone cut you off and I am not talking about driving. example "I am cutting you off" or like the song "It aint nothing to cut that b* off"