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What Does Kant Has To Say About For Profit Prisons

What does P.S. stand for?

It stands for Postscript which comes from the Latin Post Scriptum, which literally means 'something written after'. [ Post = after, scriptum = write ]It was initially used to mention after the main body of a letter/article some important point missed in the text. Either that, or in case of letters, a P.S might contain information which was not known while composing and finishing the letter. Example :Mrs. Tuppens has left 2,000,000$ to me in her will------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Hopefully, I'll be a millionaire when we next meet, because the doctors aren't very hopeful.P.SMrs. Tuppens recovered yesterday. With the advent of Instant messaging and electronic mailing, editing letters is not a problem anymore. For example, the hopeful millionaire could have deleted the draft and written this instead :Mrs. Tuppens had left me 2,000,000$ in her will. But she has reconciled with her son on her sickbed. I do not claim to be overjoyed by this prospect. So why do people still use P.S ?I am sorry, I cannot say I love you more than anyone in the world. Laila will always be more dear to me. P.S : Laila is my dog.Thus P.S is used only as a literary technique nowadays, much like you would use figures of speech. Not compulsory but decorative. P.S : PPS is used to add even more stuff you might have forgotten in the first P.S.PPS :Multiple P.S's are not classy. Get your stuff together before writing.

In what ways are Adolf Hitler's and Donald Trump's rise to power similar?

I don’t see any similarity. Hitler served in the German Army in WWI and reportedly received an award for bravery. Trump never served in any armed force of his own country despite the Viet Nam War. Hitler originally aspired to be an artist, while Trump was a spoiled rich kid who settled on a career as a real estate mogul. Hitler founded his own political movement and spent time in jail for it. The Donald contributed to both parties and switched parties until he found a base. The Nazi party was Hitler’s creation, whereas Trump managed to take over the well established Republican Party. Hitler was a mesmerizing public speaker, whereas Trump is a somnambulant speaker capable of little more than repeating tired phrases. Hitler was a virulent racist with a despicable plan to rid Germany of those he considered subhuman. Trump may be a racist, but he is hardly a virulent one. He has no plans to physically exterminate any fellow citizens he dislikes and prefers to go after non-citizens who are in the country illegally. We may disagree with his methods, but we are supposed to be a nation of laws. If that is the case, then Trump should be indictable for any crimes he has committed, while illegal immigrants are shown the door and told to come back when the petitions for immigration are granted.An alternative for those illegals who have obtained jobs and already established themselves might be to levy fines upon them based upon their income and the time they have been here, and put them under a moratorium that makes their wait for citizenship to date from their receipt of permission to remain in the country. The frank truth is that we need a variety of immigrants willing to do the jobs that many Americans avoid, and not just Ph.D’s.

European expansion question..kindaa?

Okay, I will give you the information you will require, in order to rank these points.
a) the cultivation of tobacco produced a crop that developed into high demand in Europe, as well as among the colonists. It was particularly important in Virginia at the beginning, but not so important in more northern areas, or in the deep south. It did not bring a great rush of settlers, but it did provide a new product and a market for it.
b) The introduction of slavery into the plantation colonies brought about the cheap, reusable labour required to make a profit out of cotton farming. Without this labour, the southern colonies would not have been able to establish themselves with this industry. Cotton is a very labor-intensive crop. Again, it was not so important in other areas of America, or play such a role in the establishment of other european colonies, except in sugar cane plantations in Jamaica and other small areas. We get black and brown rum originally from this industry.
The population effect was in the introduction of African ancestry peoples to the Americas. After they gained their freedom, they became a significant part of the population of present-day America, making up about 12% of the total population.
c) The enclosing of croplands in England threw huge numbers of poor English, as well as Scottish, Welsh and Irish people, into abject poverty. Many were forced to move out of the British Isles, and immigrate to North America, and many other places, either voluntarily, or as prisoners, in the case of Australia. This great push of poor and desperate people made up the vast majority of the future populations of these new colonies. Their inherent anger for British authority would build, and coupled with many other factors, lead eventually to America's Revolutionary War.

So, in closing, if you deal with population distribution of Europeans around the world, then the answer is....
Africans aren't Europeans, but cotton was a bigger crop, so ...
Therefore, the last one would be...

If you were going to be president tomorrow what would be your first few policy agendas?

Mine would look like this:Abolishing private, for-profit prisons and ending prison slave labor. Prison labor is morally repugnant and reprehensible, and the US has zero credibility trying to "spread democracy" abroad while exploiting slave labor at home.Admitting that the War on Drugs is a colossal failure that has killed millions of people and wasted trillions of dollars for zero results. I would decriminalize drug possession across the board and legalize "soft" drugs completely.I would significantly increase the training and pay of law enforcement across the board, at every level-Federal, state, county, local. But, this pay increase would be attached to a new law. Law enforcement personnel are given tremendous power by society and it is vital that power come with responsibility. Any police, judicial, or law enforcement agent convicted of a crime has their sentence tripled. Any police, judicial, or law enforcement agent who attempts to cover up wrongdoing on behalf of other such agents is liable for triple sentencing as well.Lots of people claim to be "pro-life" but slam the door as fast as they can when faced with real women in real need of support. I would provide subsidized or Federally funded pre- and postnatal care for pregnant women. I would also ensure that safe, easy access to health care, contraception, and abortion was available to all women.I would curtail warrant less spying on US citizens, and create stringent new oversight for any activity involving such surveillance. Mass warrant less surveillance would be ended, period. That kind of bullshit does not represent the values this country was founded on, and has no place in a free society.

How much reasonable or ethical is the presence of PM at the opening of a purely private company unit in Noida?

Before giving my view, let's just see the Highlights related to this incident:HIGHLIGHTSFacility in Noida will allow Samsung to make phones at a lower costIt was inaugurated by PM Modi and South Korean President Moon Jae-inSamsung also plans to export India-made handsetsSamsung Electronics on Monday announced the opening of what it said is the world's biggest mobile phone manufacturing facility as the South Korean tech group seeks to expand production in the world's fastest-growing major mobile phone market.The facility in Noida will allow Samsung to make phones at a lower cost due to its scale when other phone making hubs such as China are getting more expensive, analysts who track the sector said.The factory, inaugurated jointly by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, will also help Samsung to compete with rivals such as China's Xiaomi, which became India's biggest smartphone brand by shipments earlier this year.#Above excerpt has been taken from NDTV webportal.Now coming to the question:At the first place, I would ask why question PM's presence in such events, is it the first time that anything of such kind has happened?Or is it written somewhere in Constitution that A PM is not supposed to attend private ceremonies/ launch events?Ohh come on, have some common sense.Setting up The World's Largest Unit is not a small deal. This unit will give employment to thousands of people. The export of mobile phones will add to our forex.Truely Made in India, phone that too by the top manufacturer will ease out our reliability on import.Obviously, We all know that Samsung is A Korean company, it will be taking away its profits to its country, but after paying all the Taxes due on Indian Govt. Exactly the same way, any Indian company will work. So why crib over India vs World?We are in a global economy and Darwin's Theory applies here as well: “Survival of the fittest”And moreover Korean President himself was present at the great historical moment. So let's celebrate the efforts of Indian Govt to bring home such a big opportunity and show the world that we are capable and will soon become an export surplus country, not only in manufacturing but every field.So, the answer is, that Yes, its rightfully correct for PM to inaugurate this milestone event.Jai Hind!!!

What if the market is excessively algorithmic traded? Will it be counterproductive?

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