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What Does Mathematical Purity Mean

What does a chemical purity of over 100% mean?

Your aspirin was impure, probably containing traces of acetic acid
Your titration technique was faulty
The NaOH was weaker than your standardization indicated. (NaOH can react with CO2 in the air to lower its concentration)

At best it means freedom from doubt, freedom from religion, freedom from opinion, and freedom from confirmation bias. Because mathematical fact is fact, what is proved and peer-reviewed and proved again by someone else is very very rarely later disproved. If I can gaily ignore the more recondite philosophical problems of solipsism and epistomology, maths is just there and true. Even a God has to abide by the absolute truth of propositional logic, and the consequences of axioms that provide our theorems. Even God has to accept Pythgoras’ Theorem. In that sense you can say that God cannot be omnipotent - he cannot change mathematical fact.In exams you are right or you are wrong, unlike with that history essay. No judge tells you your dancing is not aesthetically pleasing enough.Compare with other sciences, where everything is measured only to a degree of accuracy, and with an assumption of (mathematical) probability built in. The maths of physics is pretty indisputable, but whether it actually models reality accurately is always open to question.There is a purity in mathematics that pervades our thinking on subjects outside mathematics. Mathematicians are inherently honest (at least within the subject). Only truth matters.On the other hand, mathematics is almost always USEFUL only in models of an approximation of systems seen in reality. So its applicability in real life is also only approximate (or worse in areas like statistics, sometimes used to mislead).God could perhaps bypass mathematics if he wishes by simply designing or altering his model of the universe. Who knows? Perhaps she did. Perhaps once light did travel in straight lines. Perhaps the earth was the centre of the universe. In that sense, a God might - theoretically - be able to do anything, be omnipotent.Hm, you ask me about what it means to have a mathematical mind and I end up talking about God and omnipotence. Well, there you have it!!

Nothing. It is not a mathematical symbol. However, it is a notation commonly used in programming languages, calculators, and typography to indicate exponentiation. E.g., using Quora’s math markup, if I write “2^3” and put it in math mode, it comes out as [math]2^3[/math], which is the way exponentiation is typically shown “in mathematics.”There is a diacritical mark called circumflex which is used by mathematicians. It is not a mathematical symbol in and of itself, but it is used to make an inflection on some other symbol. E.g., you might see [math]\hat{a}[/math], which I would read as “[math]a[/math] hat”. It looks like the ‘^’ character, but always appears directly above the symbol it is inflecting. There is no standard interpretation of the resulting inflection. It is used in many different contexts.

the two walls | | denotes the shortest distance between points on a number line(maybe on a plane or a space in some cases) written in diifference form of two numbers.Suppose we got an example like |x-y|. Here this “|x-y|” means the distance between numbers x and y irrespective of the type of number (posive or negative, integer or decimal, real or complex). Distance means Distance, the shortest path length between x and y.When there is only one variable (or constant), say |x|, it can be assumed to be written as |x| = |x-0|, which means we fix the another number(y) to be zero. This may be considered as a special case. Now the distance of variable(x) is measured from 0.Thus, the most simple mathematical meaning of |x| is shortest distance of x from zero (origin).for solving problems in algebra we use:-|x| = x if x>0 ; |x| =-x if x<0 ;|x|=0 if x =0. which can be easily thought and proved by the distance technique.

What is purity? What does purity mean to you?

That your pussy don't stink....

PURiTY Means that ........................................... your pure.. at heart, in person, &/or in your mind.

Purity of a metal defined in terms of impurities and it is also analyzed similarly. Each metal has its purity standards and similarly the impurities are analyze and deducted from 100%.For Ex:ideally, 100% purity means there should not be any impurity at any level (not even ppb)99.99% purity means, that the allowable limit for impurities is 100 ppm. Analyst analyze impurities based on metal purity std or customer requirements and deduct it from 100%. It also happens sometimes customers define impurity levels based upon their applications & manufacturer has to supply the metal at that purity levels. Analysis of other impurities becomes irrelevant that time.Non-ferrous metals follow LME or LBMA std as the case may be.

ln is the natural log function, meaning ln(x) returns the power which the number e is raised to to get x. For example, ln(e) = 1, since e^1 = e; ln(1) = 0, since e^0 = 1; ln(2) = 0.693, since e^0.693 = 2.

What does purity mean? ?

When I think of purity in terms of a characteristic, I think of a person having a clean conscience. Meaning that the person has no guilt weighing on their shoulders and is the kind of person who would treat everyone as they should be treated; with kindness and respect. Purity just means that your heart and mind are clean and not consumed with nasty or sinful thoughts like some people out there in the world.

What does personal purity mean to you?

Jesus Yavashua said in the Sermon on the Mount "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." Thinking this means if we are not pure, we get to see something else, or someone else, such as Lucifer, Beelezebub, the devil, getting pure begins to be fairly important. Purity of the heart or soul would involve having clean thoughts, forgiveness, etc. Being pure in body as well would mean staying clear of genetically engineered foods that might alter our genetic structure. One reason the Book of Enoch was left out of the Bible was because it was discussing something primitive people could not comprehend. The people in the time of Noah were not primitive. They were doing genetic engineering and creating monsters. This is one of the reasons we had the flood of Noah- the intentional creation of impure animals, plants, and people. Well, we as a species are doing it again. Stupid is as stupid does. I would recommend the blog FarmingandRanchinginRighteousness on Blogger.

What does a purity ring really mean?

A purity ring symbolizes a commitment between you and the person/people who give you the ring. Usually, the ring is thought of as a promise to remain "pure" until marriage. This is usually intended to mean more than just being a virgin, but also to refrain from other sexual choices as well. Sometimes the agreement is not until marriage, but until you are older and you have made a well-thought out decision to give the gift of your purity to someone else.

You should ask the person/people who are giving you the ring what they think it means. It would be better to know now.