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What Does Patrick Buchanan Mean

How much of this statement Made by Patrick Buchanan do you agree with?

i think there is a shred of truth in that, but not much more than a very tiny part. i think that a fair amount of white folks feel that way. but i think all the stuff he said is less race related than it is economically related. if you research a bit about WWII and the economic situation during the time, you could say that white people are responsible for a lot of it. but i don't believe that that makes all white people nowadays responsible for everything. economics makes for some strange relations, but it's less an individual choice.

Would Patrick Buchanan be proud of these men?

No, he would not. He does not condone crimes like that. Whoever told you he is 'racist' against blacks is wrong. He just does not believe in giving certain peoples special treatment, while not giving the same to everyone. Special treatment because of the color of your skin is wrong. Aren't we all supposed to be equals? Guess not, because some of us get better than others because we are different. Whether you are white or black or brown.
A bigger question: If it was three black guys beating a white guy and calling him a peckerwood and a honky, would it still be a Federal hate crime? Sadly, no, because some people seem to think that minorities don't have the capacity for hatred. Funny, because where I live blacks HATE Hispanics. They like to shoot at them, too.

Why does Patrick Buchanan say only white men made 100% heroic contributions to the US?

Because he is a racist with his feet firmly planted in the 1960's!

There is no such thing as "reverse discrimination" and the activist Roberts court would like there to be.

To somehow believe that a decade or so of Affirmative Action is going to level the playing field for those who have been discriminated against for over 200 years is Bull hockey!

Moreover, when addressing Affirmative Action, those who are opposed to it often are unqualified to the schools they get in to.

For instance, my daughter, the Valedictorian and president of her class, playing 4 years of varsity basketball and 4 years cheer-leading, could not get into the Univ of NC or Duke as an undergraduate. Her total schooling has been Catholic!

In denying her the issue wasn't Affirmative Action. The issue was schools keeping seats for HS graduates in their state and only allowing a few out-of staters in. Moreover certain classes of people, like the rich, often were waived and given a seat no matter their grades or where they were from. This also went for the children who's parents graduated from there.

So you see, most is not race based, or gender based.

My daughter currently has a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin at Madison where she was also a straight A student, though she was discriminated against by UNC and Duke!

I can't imagine how hard it is for a minority student, which she actually was based on Gender, to get into these colleges. I know how easy it is for the rich. Bush for instance, with a 1.8 *** from Yale was accepted to Harvard Business. You think any non-rich kid with those grades can get into Harvard? I doubt it I don't care what color they are!

Sotomayor applied the law correctly in the New Haven firefighter case. The Roberts Supreme court by 5 to 4 did not! That I suspect will be changed bit not because of Sotomayor as she is taking the seat of David Souter who voted with the minority anyway!

Buchanan is an idiot and I hope sometimes he pulls out his college transcripts and compares grades. I know who will win that one as Buchanan's thought process is fundamentally flawed!

The reason behind the ice pack according to Bateman is to alleviate swelling from sleep irritation which causes one's face to become "puffy." Further analysis would suggest that the ice pack also represents a mask for Bateman between his external representation of Wall Street normality and his true internal feelings. By physically putting on an ice pack, he is subconsciously transitioning from his natural psychotic self into the more materialistic version of 1980's Wall Street.  The obsession to retain a youthful appearance and be perceived as superior aesthetically to his counterparts is summed up through this intro monologue in both book and film.

The point of the other characters referring to Patrick as Marcus and other names, is Brett Easton Ellis's subtle remark on the greediness of the materialistic nature of Wall Street in the 80s. If you have read the book, it becomes apparent very early on, that Patrick is highly concerned with what he is wearing in comparison with his compatriots. He will extensively describe every intricacy of what others wear, as to compare with his own attire. Here, it can be said that Ellis is commenting on how the consumerist based mind set of 80s Wall Street, was so damaging as it created a class of people who judged others purely by wealth and their aesthetics. He is so often mistaken for others because they all dress and talk so similarly that they even begin to look the same.

This article breaks it down well.Page on sum, Yale is said to have been a hotbed for counterculture in the 1960s (marijuana and LSD) and 1980s (cocaine and homosexuality). The latter is what Patrick Bateman was referring to in American Psycho.

In the book Bateman does not describe to the reading audience what he does with the coat hanger. The mention of it is brief and almost an afterthought. Easton Ellis leaves the bizarre details to our imagination (thanks Bret!)Now, before I go any further in my answer I want to add that Bateman is not a reliable narrator so what we read in the book and see in the film is Bateman’s perspective of reality, so it can be debated that the use of the coat hanger was just something that Bateman imagined in his mind’s eye.Later in the book Bateman comes across one of the escorts again and she reveals to him that she had to have surgery after their previous encounter. In the book Bateman writes her a check, but he doubts she’ll try to cash it as she probably does not have a bank account. In the film he writes the girl a check and she accepts it and eventually goes back to Paul Allen’s apartment with Bateman. In both the book and the film the escort is killed, although in the book her death is not as dramatic as it is in the film. I suppose you could say that this is indicative of Bateman being merciful.So what is the point of the coat hanger?Both in the film and the book it’s made quite obvious that Bateman is sexually aroused by such things. I, personally, do not think it has any further meaning other than to indicate that Bateman enjoys rough intercourse and the use of objects to increase stimulation.

“Ditto” is Patrick Swayze’s code equivalent word for saying “I love you”. [Dit] means code, while [to] means for… that’s the public word of Patrick (Sam Wheat) to Demi Moore (Molly Jensen)… only missed by Sam to explain to Molly before he was murdered. Whoopi Goldberg (Oda Mae Brown) is the key by saying the code and become realistic to her fake psychic power. Just like saying [IQ] someone in public would be preferred than saying “I love you”. [I] means me [Q] means what something about you. The letter Q usually followed by the letter U to become useful.