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What Does Psychological Burden Mean

What does psychological testing mean?

Psychological testing is a very broad term. Depending on what the referral question is, it can involve several different types of tests. For instance, if you're getting assessed for ADHD, you'll have a way different battery than if you're getting tested for Alzheimer's or Anxiety. It does NOT mean you're going to have electrodes on your head. If you're getting neurological tests (like to see brain trauma), like in a hospital, then you may have brain scans or things like that, but psychological tests are way more paper-and-pencil based.

Depending on the kind of tests, it can be questionnaires about symptoms or behaviors, memory tests (remember this list of words, etc.), intelligence tests, and other types of activities designed to get at your strength and weaknesses in cognitive abilities.

The Rorschach inkblot test, while still sometimes used, is way overestimated by non-psychologists as to its use. People think you go to some psychologist's office, lie on a couch, and get told whether you're crazy based on the inkblot responses. This is absolutely not how it is. The Rorschach is not even a validated measure. It can give some valuable information, but generally that is not the test you'll be given if you have psychological testing done. Decent psychologists usually give measures that are reliable and valid, which are more of the paper/pencil and cognitive exercises to test your abilities, such as the Beck questionnairs, the MMPI, the WAIS, Woodcock-Johnson, Wisconsin Card Sort, D-KEFS, etc.

Another way to look at this is to investigate the psychological triggers used by marketers.In a recent talk I gave on the subject of compulsion marketing, we delved into several known triggers, ordered in a specific way to mirror a buying funnel, with the goal being to result in sales.Those triggers and their functions are:Hero worship – aspirational psychological driverAppeal to authority – authoritative psychological driverWealth signals – peer psychological driverPack mentality (unity) – repetition psychological driverHero Worship ExplainedWe all want to “be like Mike”. When we can’t be like our heroes, we try to co-opt what he wears/does/says/eats/drinks [Air Jordans].Aspirational influence is the most pervasive of the methods; celebrity endorsements have the capacity to drive awareness and desire.Appeal to Authority ExplainedShoemoney is seen as an authority in the “make money online” space. If Shoe hits his list to say “I am making so much money w/ prospects on Intellifluence” then his acolytes likely to follow in his footsteps as they perceive him to be an expert on the matter.Authority can be wasted if the influencer is not consistent; reputation takes only a short period to destroy after a lifetime of building up. For those areas where one is considered an expert though, it is extremely powerful.Wealth Signals ExplainedKeeping up with the Joneses. While we may want our heroes have, we absolutely feel a need to have what our neighbors have.Peer influence essentially saying “I have this; I use this; as my peer, you should as well…and if you don’t, you may no longer be my peer.”Pack Mentality (Unity) ExplainedCialdini revised “Psychology of Influence” to now include what he refers to as ‘Unity’, the sense of belonging. Belonging can be manipulated; if you repetitively see that your perceived peers are doing something, you are outside of the pack and need (not want) to catch up – did everyone really like wearing Swatches in the late 80s and rollerblading in the 90s? This is where trends are made and killed.For how to employ these triggers in a campaign setting, refer to the full compulsion marketing presentation.

What does being a burden mean?

I don't know much about being a burden but I can tell you much about the effects of having a burden in your life that you can never cast away.
You see, I live with this ******* piece of ****, we'll just call him "AF" and long story short, I have to live with this guy 24/7. Now that wouldn't be so bad if AF wasn't such a ******* piece of ****.
He eats all the food, hogs up all the space, scares away all my friends and gives off a horrible stench that he REFUSES to wash off. I've thought many times of killing myself but the only thing stopping me from doing that is knowing that that will mean just giving the burden to someone else and that's not right. A burden is your own and you have to carry that weight, but it doesn't mean your friends and family will let you carry it alone and I find sollace in that.

What does 'burden of proof' mean?

The term is generally used in one of two contexts - scientific or legal. Their usages are somewhat different. But they both hinge on logic and the idea of "presumption."

In the context of Law, it is presumed that (for example) a person has not committed a crime. It is therefore up to the accuser to prove that a person is guilty. That is to say, the burden of proof lies on the accuser. If the accuser cannot prove the person guilty, then the presumption of innocence stands.

In the context of Science, it is presumed that we start out not knowing an answer. If someone claims to have an answer, the burden of proof lies with the claimant. If the claimant cannot cannot support their answer with appropriate evidence, it is presumed that their claim is false, and we revert back to our original position of "not knowing." It does not mean that the reverse of their claim is true.

Your example appears to be looking at burden of proof in the context of science. In that context, both "God exists" and "God does not exist" are what is called positive claims. And the burden of proof lies with the claimant. Failing in that proof, the presumption that "we don't know" would still stand.

Unfortunately for your example, most atheists do not actually make a positive claim about the non-existence of God. They take the neutral position that the theist's claim has not been proved.

They may also view their position in the legal context, in which a failure to prove God's existence necessarily leads to a presumption of non-existence.

Does any of that make it easier for you?

What does "being a burden" mean?

No, not really. It asks a real question, but not necessarily one that can be answered in the way it is asked. It seems to imply a single meaning that trumps all others, and I'm not certain we could agree on that. Still, it is at least asking for your opinion, or perhaps your response to whether there is a meaning that is the same for everyone. We could answer it several ways. One would be to give a dictionary or biology class definition of life. Another would be to offer an opinion on what meaning all life has in common. Or perhaps what all human life has in common. Possibly what general goal you believe is valid for all humans, such as a moral standard of some sort. Or you could answer it much the way most people do, that each person has to find that meaning for themselves.

What does 'psychosocial' mean?

someone already took my answer but ill post it anyway:

Web definitions
Psychosocial refers to one's psychological development in and interaction with a social environment. The individual is not necessarily fully aware of this relationship with his or her environment. It was first commonly used by psychologist Erik Erikson in his stages of social development. ...

"Psychosocial" is a song by American heavy metal band Slipknot. The song is released as the second single and fourth track from Slipknot's fourth studio album, All Hope Is Gone. ...

having both psychological and social aspects

Involving both psychological & social aspects. 2. Relating social conditions to mental health.

Term used to describe the relationship between the personal, internal environment, and the wider social world (ie the influence of social factors on an individual's mind or behaviour)

interference in relationship, witnessing of violence, eating and sleeping disorders, emotional neediness, withdrawn, over-compliant, clingy, aggressive, problems at school, suicidal ideation

Hi there,Oppression means BLOCKing the flow of energy. Everything is energy.Blocking something is BAD. Oppression of people = bad.So when a psychiatrist says that you’re oppressing your feelings it means that you are restraining yourself from a good life, you’re blocking your energy flow (mentally and physically (with body and mind).Note that there are always people trying to complicate ‘things’ but that’s just not right. Follow the K.I.S.S. principle always: Keep It Simple & Smart > it'll save lot of Time & Trouble with everything. Minimize life all-around to keep things clear (easy) for yourself. (But never minimize happiness and fun).The answer lies in Living a GOOD Life; as you want the good flow of energy in and out during your life. That’s BALANCE.Oppression limits people from living a good healthy life. Nature teaches us: If it's good; don't touch it ~ If it's bad; change it. (Change it until it's good.)I'm available through my Profile where you can learn more about me and feel free to contact me if you'd have further questions.

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior, according to the American Psychological Association. It is the study of the mind, how it works, and how it affects behavior.The APA adds that it "embraces all aspects of the human experience, from the functions of the brain to the actions of nations, from child development to care for the aged."Psychologists and psychiatrists work together to help people with mental health conditions, but they are not quite the same.A psychologist treats a patient through psychotherapy, helping to relieve symptoms through behavioral change. The role of the psychiatrist, who is a medical doctor, focuses more on prescribing medication and other interventions to manage mental health conditions.

Thanks Korey Daniel for a2a. No one has as yet answered. So I thought of scoring an ‘answer’ here, at the same time providing the answer with reference. It is interesting that it is a self-imposed burden by whites:meaning of WHITE MAN'S BURDENJust to add, it may be seen that some of the burden has been off loaded by colonial people by dumping their load in developed countries!Have an enjoyable time.