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What Does Tbh Rate Date Mean In Facebook

What does a Rate 9/Tbh mean on facebook?

9/10 on like attractiveness

What does tbh mean on Facebook?

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What does tbh mean on Facebook?
I realize tbh means "to be honest" but when people say like for a tbh, do they mean like "smart, amazing, funny" or a rate? Or is it both sometimes. Like the post was "LMS for a tbh from me & my friennnnd" Like, what is it?

What does lms for a tbh & rate mean on facebook?

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-Lms for a rate --- -REPORT CARD (For example..) Swag: A[x], B[], C[], D[], F[] Looks: A[], B[], C[x], D[], F[] Personality: A[], B[x], C[], D[], F[] Friendship: A[], B[], C[], D[x], F[] Notes: (Insert tbh here) --- -LMS FOR cuff or pass: kiss or hug: friend or stranger: chill or ditch: nice or mean: do i regret meeting you: best feature: how we met: --- -Lms and I'll edit your picture --- -if you snuck into my room I would: ()give you half the bed ()make sure you sleep on the floor ... ()give you all the bed and sleep on the floor ... ()kick you out if you kissed me I would: ()laugh ()be in shock ()smile ()kiss you back ()walk off you are: ()fit ()amazing --- -Like it I claim you as: [] my boo [] my babe [] A Cutie ... ......[] A Sister/or Brother. [] my best friend. [] my friend. [] acquaintance [] STRANGER DANGER ! --- if you snuck into my room id: [] kick you out [] share the bed [] let you stay [] slappp you [] give you th floorr ;). We should be: [] friends. [] together [] best friends [] nothing [] cool. Rate: [] 1-4 [] 5-8 [] 9-10 [] BEYOND --- -LiiiiiiiiiiiiikE (: [] 10% ; Ew [] 20% ; Gross ... [] 30% ; Errrr [] 40% ; Okay [] 50% ; Not bad [] 60% ; You're aiight [] 70% ; You're pretty/cute [] 80% ; You're a hottie [] 90% ; It's like damn [] 95% ; Almost p e r f e c t []100% ; perfect ♥ You + Me + Room = Movies [] Pillow fight [] Cuddle [] Smash [] Hang out Would I Date You? [] Maybe [] Nah [] Yes If you snuck into my room I'd [] Smashh. xD [ [] let you stay the night [] kick you out --- -If you snuck into my room I'd... [] hit you [] KILL YOU. [] let you spend the night [] cuddle ... [] chill [] ask you, "What are you doing here!?" If you kissed me I'd... [] kiss you back on the cheek [] be surprised [] kiss back [] ew [] hit you [] WTH. If we walked home I'd... [] hold your hand [] push you in a bush [] hop on your back [] rape you [] talk You should... [] text me [] be mine [] marry me on facebook [] make this status so I can like it. :DD

What does tbh mean on facebook?

To be honest if people say lms for a tbh they mean like my status for a to be honest and have to post something on your wall that tell be honest about

What does Rate Date mean?

Rate and date, when someone posts it on Facebook/instagram and you like there post then on your wall they will give you a rate (1-10, 10 meaning really pretty/handsome/hot, and 1 meaning ugly as hell) and then on date they will say either yes- I would date you or no- I would not date you, just reply by saying thanks :p

What does tbh and rate mean?

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what does tbh and rate mean?
I understand the concept of tbh on facebook, but what is the rateing for? If i get a 6.5 what does that mean?

What does tbh, rate, and date mean?

tbh = to be honest. this means the person who wrote "tbh" will comment something that they think about you if you do something for them (usually like their photo). like "tbh, your eyes are gorgeous"

rate = this person will give you a score from 1-10 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the best) of what they think of you.

date = who this person would go out with.

What does LMS: for rate Mean on Facebook?

I also see it a lot on facebook too. Here is what it all means:
-LMS - Like my status
-Rate - Usually a number 1-10 and the person who posted rates the person who liked it
-Truth is - telling them something they didn't know or a secret about the person who liked the post
-Personality rate: giving the person who liked it a rate usually 1-10 about their personality
-Best Feature- usually a body part such as eyes, nose, lips, ect.
-Date or pass- would you date this person?

What does Tbh Rate #lms #in your inbox mean?

tbh= to be honest lms=like my status

Well, everybody is just by looking at the word ‘TBH’.Well, let’s get to know!You must have seen that informal written communication is junked with shortened forms that can leave you in a perplexed state! But, one good point about these words is that they convey the message so quickly that its comprehension can only be obstructed if one feels disdain for such words. The abbreviations such as ‘TBH’ which means ‘To Be Honest’ is very beneficial and sometimes can lead to difficulties to absorb them as they are seen to lack much elegance.Source: What does tbh mean? here you also get the other popular expressions.