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What Does The Gop Gain By Having Mccain Speak Out About Isis When He

Should Trump apologize to John McCain and his wife for saying he's not a war hero?

It is never a good idea to mix politics with cancer, health, death, etc. Trump was fighting to get elected and thereby to become a leader of GOP. For that he needed to discredit a sitting GOP leader in McCain, which he successfully did. Any time an establishment GOP leader is discredited I, as a Democrat, can only cheer. Obviously, the way Trump went about it was clumsy to say a least, but the fact that it was effective may serve as an excuse for some, me included. So yes, Trump may apologize now, since mission has been accomplished. I personally consider senator McCain a war hero. It is not clear to me yet how is that being an excuse for the damage the senator caused to this country while in office. ISIS is his product, a tool he planned to use to dislodge Syrian President Assad. It was a mistake that cost a lot of lives here and around the world.

Why doesn't Senator Lindsey Graham have the backbone to speak up when President Trump rips into the Senator's late friend, Senator John McCain?

Graham made a deal with the devil. The kindest thing you could say about him is that he wanted to ally himself with the president so that he could play the role of moderating influence. A more cynical view would be that he wanted the Attorney General’s job so badly he could taste it. Hence the histrionics during the Kavanaugh hearings playing to the audience of one.Regardless, Graham has shown himself to be wholly ineffective in either case. And considering that he thought of himself as one of McCain’s closest friends in the Senate, a pretty piss-poor friend as It has been mentioned that Graham is up for reelection and that his support of DJT is based on the current realities of the Republican party. I’m sure that this is a factor, but his flip-flop on the Sessions recusal leads me to think otherwise.

John McCain was said to have founded ISIS, and Hillary Clinton to have personally armed them. Both were stories on Facebook. How frightening is it that it is estimated that 50% of adults are now getting their "news" from FB?

50% of adults getting their news from Facebook would be bad enough. It appears that the President of the United States is one of those adults who gets his news from Facebook. Donald Trump actually proclaimed that President Obama founded ISIS.Facebook is not the only culprit here. Fox News, right wing radio talk show hosts and Breitbart are every bit as culpable in the dissemination of fake news. Just today Trump claimed that the Graham Cassidy healthcare bill only failed to pass because one Republican Senator was in the hospital. This is a lie and yet another example of the President spreading his own fake news.The American people's disdain for main stream news sources is the reason we have Donald Trump as President and Roy Moore as a major party nominee for US Senator. It is inevitably destroying this country from within.

So why is it wrong to still bring up W, when con-jobs still whine about Clinton, Carter and even FDR?

Are not many of W's abuses still in place? Have all the problems of W suddenly disappeared? No. We're still dealing with the entire mess; it didn't magically vanish.

We still hear complaints about Clinton (not my favorite, nor do I defend him, so skip the false reductionism), and con-jobs still blamed everything on him right up until W was sent packing (and occasionally since).

How can we a a nation move past W's abuses when so many of you still refuse to even admit to them? Instead, we get the 'dictator' spin-job (which suggests an inability to critique the current prez in a fact-based manner), when W was far indisputably closer to a dictator than Obama.

The Right's failure to honestly address W's abuses suggests you merely want to resume them. Your dishonest agitprop also seems to confirm this. Are you deliberately watering down the use of the word 'dictator' because that's what you want, someone more anti-freedom than W?

What is the real reason behind Trump’s recent attacks on McCain?

John McCain was everything Trump is not. John McCain was a war hero, a patriot, a man who worked hard. A man who was always respectful of others.Now that Trump is facing 17 investigations, he picks on the one person who can’t fight back. Someone who is dead.It is difficult to talk about Donald Trump without using vulgar language. At his worst - Trump is a piece of human excrement.Trump played soldier at military school. McCain was shot down over North Vietnam and was brutally tortured as a POW. And Trump has the unmitigated gall to insult McCain and say he wasn’t a hero. Now McCain himself never described himself as a war hero. McCain described himself as a bad pilot. He said that getting shot down over North Vietnam was not a good career move. He was offered early release because he was an Admiral’s son. But he refused to be sent home before other prisoners who had been there longer. Of course Trump had lied about having bone spurs to avoid serving at all. And it is clear that Trump was lying because he continued to play sports like baseball and tennis at the military school.Trump insults a lot of people. And Trump attacks people to put other people down. Trump is actually very insecure. He puts other people down to make himself feel not so inferior. If they are down, he is up.Trump is the Dark Triad President. Trump is a combination of Don Rickles, Darth Vader and Vito Corleone.Trump does not play well with others.John McCain was the class president and Trump the schoolyard bully. Even though Trump is President, he feels like a fraud.

Do you see Democrats’ celebration of the late John McCain as convenient anti-Trump hypocrisy, or is it sincere?

I believe it is Guilt with a capital “G”. The Democrats, if they had been so inclined would have seen that John McCain was a “gift” to America, and those who were so vicious to him should have instead rallied around him to unite our country during the 2008 Election cycle. Yeah I know the Democrats had to have their own candidate because that is how the game is played. But to take a basically unqualified first term senator whose claim to fame was “community Organizer” and then to launch a filthy campaign against McCain by shaming anyone who didn’t vote for their candidate by labeling them racist was just too much.America wanted to feel good about themselves and to prove to the world that they, without bias, could and would dump their “favorite son, their hero” to elect a black man, no matter how little experience he had. His blackness was the most important qualification OBama possessed.I am not predudiced so let me say it loud and clear. I would have voted for and would have welcomed a black candidate with the right experience. I actually had hoped that Colin Powell would have vied for the job back in his coherent days. Do not answer or comment to my answer with any racist comments. I am not a racist. I further believe that George Bush was unqualified to be president. I base this on his lack of economic experience and his eagerness to wage senseless wars. But I’ll say it again ; we (Americans) lost an opportunity to have a great man as our president because we were “color blind”. The campaign was about “blackness” and in that category, McCain just couldn’t compete. After it was all over the 8 year disaster began. America owed McCain and we didn’t deliver. We paid for our “reverse” prejudice. Yes, when John McCain died it was Guilt that we gushed. Shame on us .

Do you think Meghan McCain is correct about Roy Moore not representing the Republican Party in regards to liberals and the lgbt community?

Not at all. The vast majority of Republicans still believe in God and in His revelation in Sacred Scripture. Homosexuality is a disorder and needs to be treated. The most hideous and callous thing you can say to a person suffering from homosexuality (which actually refers to the same sex attraction affecting both genders) is that they are fine and normal. They are not, and they know it, and so does everyone else. Telling them they are OK and encouraging them in their amoral behavior doesn’t make them happy but leads them deeper into depression and their suicide rates testify to it eloquently. Facts About Suicide – The Trevor Project, Although there are studies that say that hiding ones homosexuality may result in even higher rates, I haven’t found a complete study yet that actually compares those who have “outed” themselves vs. those who have not. It is also very short-sighted and flimsy to just assume that all of the shame and guilt that a homosexual feels comes from having to conceal and lie about their condition. It also comes from their moral conscience which tells them that their behavior is contrary to their nature as human beings and thus wrong. We don’t and should not disparage people with problems, we should seek to help them. We should love the sinner and hate the sin. It is not loving a sick person to tell them that they are perfectly OK and need no help; however, it does conveniently get us off the hook, so to speak, and we can assuage our own consciences for doing nothing.

Do u believe McCain - he says to "secure the border first" but then has Open Border Advocate join his campaign

Juan Fernandez is now serving as McCain's Hispanic outreach director for his campaign.

Dr. Fernandez holds dual citizenship in America and Mexico. Until just this year, he was a member of Vincente Fox’s cabinet in Mexico where he held the position of director of the Office for Mexicans Abroad....

Hernandez believes that anyone of Mexican ancestry, even one who is an American citizen, is a Mexican and should “think ‘Mexican first’” and that no Mexican living in America should ever assimilate into America to become an American. He is a loud and bullying open borders advocate and now serves as John McCain’s Hispanic Outreach Director.

That would be the John McCain who says he’s seen the light on border security. Think he’s telling the truth? Let’s ask his Hispanic Outreach Director whether he’d work for a politician who intended on securing the borders before offering amnesty. What do you think his answer would be?