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What Does This Mean Rel 100 Exam

Macro help! Nominal Income, CPI & Real income question ...quick 10!!?


Real income would be the nominal income converted to the price level of the base year. By definition, the CPI in the base year is 100.

So take the nominal income ($45,000) and divide by 1.5 (150/100), and you get $30,000.

You can see this is correct: the CPI increased by 50% (an increase of 50 from an original 100). The income change from real to nominal is also an increase of 50% (an increase of $15,000 from an original $30,000).

How to solve this realtive abundance question?

79.9 = (79 x) + 81(100-x) / 100

multiply by 100 to remove (/100) and expand brackets

7990 = 79x + 8100 -81x


7990-8100 = 79x-81x
-110 = -2x

x = 55

55% abundance

What does the '100' emoji generally mean?

100 emoji: the number one-hundred, written in red, underlined twice for emphasis.Originating from the number 100 written on a school exam or paper to indicate a perfect score of 100 out of 100.  Teachers in Japan may also use a stamp in addition to the 100 mark, to indicate that a student has performed very well.This 100 emoji is commonly used as a shorthand for 100%, with the usage meaning “keep it real” or a similar sentiment. A 100 emoji can be used to express pride or general acceptance of an idea.In Snapchat, the 100 emoji appearing next to a fire emoji indicates a 100 day Snapstreak.The Hundred Points Symbol emoji was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010.

38 Latin Stories translation - ch. 26?

I would greatly appreciate a translation of this chapter; "the Virtues of the Orator Cato". I am struggling with it greatly.

I can't fit the content onto the details. You can find an online copy at

Thank you very much. Any help is much obliged. :)

I am getting stuck at 130-140 scores in JEE Mains mock tests of Allen. What do I do now?

I think I am able to answer this question.I had also given allen test series and I used to get 190 -200. And in the Mains, I got 207. I think Allen's exam are good and they really predict what yours real potential.Don't try to do all the questions, first keep in this mind. For scoring 200 , you need to give 50 answers correctly out of 90. Isn't it simple!!! No. That's tough to answer all the question correctly. So better do that question only in you are totally confident. And if there is a chance of 50–50, you can rahe risk, but be careful.That's the main thing you should remember while giving exam. And try to solve mock test and just analyze what's the mistake you are doing. Analyze it and remove it.And don't do in sequence. See the paper first and select the easy question first to solve. It will motivate you rather than starting from a tough question and demotivating yourself.Make an aim to solve 25 (or 20)question from each subject.This is the stage where everyone has sufficient knowledge, so if you want to stand out from this crowd then you have to make your own plan, prepare it and implement it.Best of luck.

Does Lab and project affect my final grade in VIT University?

Thanks for A2A buddy. ..let us assume we have a 4 credit course which has 3 theory and 1 lab slot.Here is the split upCat 1:Marks obtained out of 50 are converted to 15Cat 2:Same as aboveProject:20MThis sum total is 50.TEE/FAT:100 M converted to 50 MarksAdding this we get 100Marks and now since it is a 4 credit course and theory has a 75%(3 theory classes out of 4) and thelab constitutes the rest 25 marks.Sorry for punctuation errors as I wrote this answer on phoneHope you got your answer buddy....

A 425 kg crate is hanging motionless from the end of a massless horizontal strut. Find the tension in the?

The vertical component of the tension in the cable must be the same as the force of gravity on the mass, so

T × sin(θ) = m × g
T = m × g / sin(θ)

T = (425 kg) × (9.8 m/s²) / sin(35)
T = 7261 N
or, rounding to 3 sig. dig.
T = 7260 N

The following data represents the student’s scores on a 100 point chemistry exam?

Classes: [18:28] {15}, [29:39] {30}, [40:50] {20}, [51:61] {17}, [62:72] {12}, [73:83] {10}
Ogive: [18:28] {15}, [29:39] {45}, [40:50] {65}, [51:61] {82}, [62:72] {94}, [73:83] {104}
Rel Freq: [18:28] {14.4%}, [29:39] {28.8%}, [40:50] {19.2%}, [51:61] {16.3%}, [62:72] {11.5%}, [73:83] {9.6%}
n= 104; Σx= 4801; Σx²= 251135; Σx³= 14524273; Σx^4= 905450639
σ= 16.8432; Variance=σ²= 283.6944; σn-1 = 16.9248; (σn-1)²= 286.4487; CV% = 36.5%
Mean(μ)= 46.1635; range= 55; mid-range= 50.5; median= 45; Mode= 34 Probably right skewed.
Five number summary: Q0= 23, Q1= 34, Q2= 45, Q3= 56, Q4= 78, IQR= 22
Inner fence: 1 to 89, Outer fence: -32 to 122