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What Does Tweaking Mean

What does tweak mean?

It can refer to someone just being twitchy or moving around a lot, not related to drug use.

Or he may just have been a little crazy and meant nothing meaningful at all.

What Does The Word 'Tweak' Mean?


— vb
1. to twist, jerk, or pinch with a sharp or sudden movement: to tweak someone's nose
2. slang motor racing to tune (a car or engine) for peak performance
3. informal to make a minor alteration

— n
4. an instance of tweaking
5. informal a minor alteration

What does the word tweaking mean?

tweaked , tweak·ing , tweaks
To pinch, pluck, or twist sharply.
To adjust; fine-tune.
To make fun of; tease.


A sharp, twisting pinch.
A teasing remark or action; a joke.

When you modify a certain piece of hardware for better performance, it is often referred to as "tweaking" it. Overclocking the computer's CPU or changing jumper settings on the motherboard are common examples of hardware tweaking. Removing system limitations and adding plug-ins or extensions to a computer's operating system are types of software tweaking.

Tweaking a computer is much like "tuning" a car (you know, the ones with the huge mufflers, big spoilers, and pimped out rims). It may increase performance, but is best left in the hands of the technically savvy. For example, overclocking your computer's processor may cause it to crash frequently, or worse yet, overheat and destroy the CPU. So, for most people, it is best to leave well enough alone.

What does tweaking mean?

The term "tweaking," to me, only has three (well, technically only two, I suppose) meanings. They are as follows:

Either to make a small change:

ie: I'm going to tweak this computer system slightly to improve it's performance.

Or my personal favorite:
Tweaking, as in methamphetamine use. Named for the way that a crystal smoker "tweaks" the glass bowl back and forth from side to side to effectively melt and vaporize the drug:

ie: Dude was tweaking the pipe so fast, the puddle spread out all over the bowl!

This can also reference to hyperactivity and focus on the most menial and/or repetitive of tasks, which crystal meth users are prone to doing:

ie: That chick was tweaking so hard on scrubbing her floors that she ended up with blisters all over her hands.

What does "you be tweaking or stop tweaking " mean?

Look up methamphetamine and what it does to people. Addicts are often called tweakers and the act of being on it and acting paranoid, tweaking.

What does it mean to "tweak" with somebody?

Depends on the usuage. If it's like "let's tweak",or "let's go tweaking", it's using drugs,like Meth. If it's "I'm just tweaking with you", it could mean you're just messing with them or "yanking their chain", like they're just playing around. But most likely, it was a reference to drugs.

What does the slang "tweaking" or "tweak" mean?

This Site Might Help You.

What does the slang "tweaking" or "tweak" mean?
I have a friend who used to be model skinny, but now she's super huge. They always said it's because she stop "tweaking." I've always wonder what the slang "tweaking or tweak" stands for.

Define the meaning of Tweaking?

In addition to meaning "to make small adjustments", tweaking also means [f]rantic and compuslive behaviour often associated with methamphetamine abuse (crank). People who regularly abuse crank may find themselves unable to stop a particular random activity like searching drawers, having sex, or putting things apart. This is called tweaking.
"Oh man last night was awesome, I was tweaking and [did] my girlfriend for 6 hours straight..."

What does it mean to "tweak hardcore"?

Its usually referred if you are using drugs, like marijuana, if you're high you get confused or freaked out, feeling diferent than you usually do. same as tweaking. And hardcore meaning like alot or very much. Like getting very confused or freaked out while om a high from a drug