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What Drug Do They Inject Into Your Body That Slows Down Your Heart And Makes You Dizzy

Why do i wake up in the morning really dizzy?

I would suggest trying to get up a little slower. It is possible that you are jumping out of bed too quickly and blood rushes through your body too quickly. Also, the reason that it usually accompanies bad dreams is that these dreams create a certain amount of stress and also affect brain waves differently. This reason could be because you are still thinking of the dream, which changes brain waves.

Why do I get dizzy & confused/slow sometimes after smoking crystal meth?

Your answer is in the question. You smoked meth. The meth is affecting your brain.Meth works by flooding the brain with the neurotransmitter dopamine which causes a wave of pleasure. Once the brain gets down from this overstimulation, you experience bad feelings because you lack the stimulation you had before (that’s where the addiction kicks in. You want to experience the high again).[1]All the other symptoms exist, because using throws your brain chemistry out of balance. You need all sorts of different neurotransmitters to function properly, so when you’ve had an extreme rush of dopamine, you feel slow or confused, because your body is still recovering from the high and trying to get the levels of other neurotransmitters back to normal.I’m not sure whether meth affects the inner ear that helps you balance, but it does affect your heart rate and blood pressure, which can cause dizziness if they’re not in normal range.I know you don’t want to, but I hope you will consider getting clean. The people who manufacture meth use toxic chemicals like battery acid, antifreeze or drain cleaner and they’re not always willing or knowledgeable enough to get remnants of those things out of the final product. If you insist on using, at least consider using a test kit to make sure you’re not using contaminated drugs.Footnotes[1] What does Meth do to the brain? | Ask the Meth Project

Is it dangerous to inject insulin if your not diabetic?

Yes, it is extremely dangerous to take insulin if you are not diabetic. Insulin acts on the glucose metabolism and lowers the blood sugar levels. This is done to treat the elevated blood sugars that are characteristic of diabetes. If a person who doesn’t have diabetes takes insulin injections, then the normal blood glucose levels will dip and produce a condition called hypoglycemia. This leads to inadequate supply of glucose needed for the body’s functioning at any given time.Hypoglycemia produces mild to moderate reactions like dizziness, trembling, hunger, irritability, faster heart rate, confusion, and headaches. In severe cases or if a mild case is not treated in time, hypoglycemia may cause unconsciousness, seizures, and coma.If you have accidentally taken insulin and are experiencing the symptoms of hypoglycemia, you need to contact emergency care. In an emergency, you can eat or drink sugar in some form, to increase your blood glucose level rapidly.The Editorial Team, 1mg

If i take an epipen injection with no allergic reaction what will happen?

If you take an Epipen, you will have to go to the hospital and be monitored for up to 24 hrs(though its usually only 8) to make sure your heart is okay or if you had an allergic reaction, make sure you dont have another one. Epipens have adrenaline, yes, but they have a lot of it. It is not a fun high or a drug you should take just to see, it could kill you. Epipens have a pre-measured dose so you will not be able to overdose on just one, but more than that, you are in unknown water. If you think you are haveing a reaction, but are not sure, you should take one epipen because one will not kill you and if you are having a reaction, it would most likely be what saves you.

When you take an epipen, you feel like your heart is going to explode, you get dizzy, nauseous, sometimes you throw up, you get a headache, you start shaking uncontrollably, you get really cold, your extremities feel numb and you cant see straight.

What you are doing when you take an epipen for allergic reaction is sending your body into an extreme fight or flight mode that stops an allergic reaction in its place. It helps reverse the effects of the mast cell histamine release in anaphylaxis that causes deadly symptoms.

You should not take epipens for fun or to see what will happen as this could seriously damage your heart and you will have to be monitored and in the hospital for many hours.