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What Enrique Iglesias Song Goes My Love Ohhhhh .

Well this question isnt meant for me and i love him all the way to “Tip of my hair to Toe” and listen to his very possible song. I’ve started listening him since i was in 8th standard and its been 8 and half year now and i way crazy then before whenever i listen his voice. (Nostalgic) Still remember the first song of him which blew my mind like hell & made me curious to know about him more . Spanish!! Yes “Donde estan corazon” - i heard but none of the single word was getting into my head but that mellifluous voice which was dragging me on my knees. It was so beautiful and i decided to find every damn thing about him and from that onward i use to listen him … i love his voice so whichever whatever song he sings ultimately that blow my mind …..Love him “Enrique Iglesias”.

Enrique Iglesias song?

There is this song that I am pretty sure is by Enrique Iglesias but I don't what the song is! It goes something like: "All I need is your love love love and all I need is your love love love" ( the "Love love love" part is pretty high pitched). At least that is what is sounds like...for all
I know it is in spanish and I just thought it sounded like that. It defiantly is not "Rhythm Divine" or "Taking Back My Love" Any Ideas?

Enrique iglesias song?

enrique iglesias- be with you ??

Thanks for A2A :) Enrique Iglesias is one of the best singers of the world. He has been labelled as The King Of Latin Pop and The King Of Dance. This Grammy Winning Recording Artist holds the record for 25 Number One Singles in the Spanish language. Since 1999, Enrique has sold over 60 million albums in English and Spanish! I would love to present here some of his best works :Bailamos (1999) :Bailamos in English means We Dance. This album is Enrique's debut crossover hit that peaked at No.1 on the coveted Hot 100 Pop Chart.Hero (2001) :This is one of the best love songs with great music and mesmerising lyrics. Jennifer Love Hewitt features in this masterpiece. Addicted  (2003) :Enrique once stated in a radio interview that the inspiration for the Addicted music video was from the film Midnight Express. In this video film and TV actress Mischa Barton plays the female lead and the love interest. Somebody's Me (2007) :This is the second single released from Enrique's fourth English Studio Album, Insomniac. " You, do you remember me? Like I remember you. ..Do you spend your life, going back in your mind to that time? ..."I Like It  (2010) :The song features Miami Rapper Pitbull. This is one of the numerous dance songs that made Enrique the King Of Dance. Good luck :) Image Courtesy : Official Tickets and Your Source for Live Entertainmentwww.the top

Like? I love Enrique !! I love him for the following reason:Music (from Love to see you cry to Subeme La Radio)His looksHis Charitable worksHe’s so friendly with his Manager/ Social Media person( Pls Hire me)You may check my blog, I chose to write on him One Love- EI

What's the name to this Enrique Iglesias song?

I don't know the name of this song and it's KILLING me!
It's by Enrique Iglasias and some parts sound somthing like this:

"Been to every nation..."

And the first line is" "I know you want me..."

It's a very dance-like song and it would be AMAZING if anyone knew the title! :D
I know the info I have isn't much, but I hope it's enough(:

Quizás, because the instrumental just sounds so beautiful along with the general tone of his voice which is VERY WELL applied in this song: a bit hoarse, almost strained but not quite, powerful when quiet and when loud.Also the lyrics are amazing, if you don’t know Spanish please search it up. It’s the kind of song that makes you tear up just because of its lyrics.And if the lyrics are not enough, the emotional expression that Enrique conveys will do it (he sounds so lachrymose that it seems like he’s crying and you want to cry too…).And if not that, then the instrumental - such a great combination of piano, echo and reverb used to their best extent, slow drums, strings…It’s a great song if you analyse it from a theoretical standpoint of music, it’s a great song if you’re just a random person who is listening to music, it’s a great song to anyone.

My favorite Enrique Iglesias song  is SOMEBODY'S ME.It was released on November 2009.The song is so beautiful .I instantly fell in love with the tune and lyrics of the song. The lyrics goes like this-You, do you remember meLike I remember you?Do you spend your lifeGoing back in your mind to that time?'Cause I, I walk the streets aloneI hate being on my ownAnd everyone can see that I really fellAnd I'm going through hellThinking about you with somebody else[Chorus:]Somebody wants youSomebody needs youSomebody dreams about you every single nightSomebody can't breathe, without you it's lonelySomebody hopes that one day you will seeThat somebody's me [2x]YeahHow, how did we go wrong?It was so good and now it's goneAnd I pray at night that our paths soon will crossAnd what we had isn't lost'Cause you're always right here in my thoughts[Chorus:]Somebody wants youSomebody needs youSomebody dreams about you every single nightSomebody can't breathe, without you it's lonelySomebody hopes that someday you will seeThat somebody's meOh, yeahYou'll always be in my lifeEven if I'm not in your life'Cause you're in my memoryYou, when you remember meAnd before you set me freeOh, listen please[Chorus:]Somebody wants youSomebody needs youSomebody dreams about you every single nightSomebody can't breathe, without you it's lonelySomebody hopes that someday you will seeThat somebody's meSomebody's meSomebody's meSomebody's me.Every word of this song is so damn beautiful. I'm totally in love with this song.Thanks a lot for the A2A Santrupt Nadkarni !!