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What French Phrases Or Sentences Would Make A Woman Find The Guy Irresistible

What do French women think about American men?

I am moving to France in a couple years after I finish college and I was just wondering what French women think of American men...obviously. I, personally, am a very caring, compassionate, chivalrous man. I am normally very modest because I hate cocky people, but for this question, I feel a need to express who I am a little bit. I studied a bit of French in high school and my family is from Canada, so I have a heavy French-Canadian accent when I speak French. I am not very fluent in the language, but I can hold my own (im not sure if that's good or bad). I enjoy dressing nicely (black lugs, normal jeans, dress shirt, peacoat). I don't consider myself a looker, but foreign girls tend to love my smile and I'm not sure why my smile is so amazing to them, I have just never gotten this compliment from an American girl, mdr. I work very hard to be romantic when I am out on a date, I feel it should be a special occasion. I can not lie, I hold out on sex until I truly know I like the person...alot, and feel completely comfortable around them. I try to be confident in my attitude and appearance. I don't know much about the customs over there as far as female-male interaction goes on the dating circuit so if you could help me out that would be very appreciated. Merci!

How do you say irresistible in french?


craquant (person)
Une personne craquante (An irresistible person)

Use irresistible in a sentence?

That chocolate bar was so irresistable, that I couldn't keep my hands off of it..

How would you describe your perfect kiss, fast and aggressive or slow and languid?

A kiss. Such a short word with a lot deeper way to creep. My perfect kiss?It was the first time, I met him. Our first date. He held my hands and took me away from the crowd. I was not sure about him that time. I maintained distance. But I loved his presence. He held my hands and pushed me hard to hug me. I didn't resist. A part of of course wanted him to do that. I hugged my guy as tight as I could. I felt safe. Protected. A guy standing here with me is mine. I could say that. He kept me involved in a good conversation. The more he got evil with his eyes and winkles, is the more I blushed. Looked down .. Smiled. He got my chin up. Kissed me on the forehead. He rubbed his nose on my face, holding both my hands like he wanted to say, "Baby, am all there with you. I'll love you when you smile. I will love you more when you're sad. I'll hold your hands when you will walk. I'll hold you tighter when you would fall. I'll be there with you when you shed tears to make you belief that, you won't have to cry alone. Love is not love until you give it all back." His silence said it all. He brought me close. That moment, being a girl, I was a bit afraid, freak, shy, nervous, happy, excited .. I guess all the emotions a girl could have .. He held my waist. Got me close to him. Moved down my nose, made me close my eyes, and KISSED me.Trust me, that was all that I ever wanted!. That's how I ever wanted my perfect kiss to be. N that's a luck when that gets your FIRST KISS. I was lucky to have him. I loved him for whatever he was. :)

What protects a guy against a false rape accusation?

Almost all the answers here are referring to the Western World. In India, the story is different.A woman's word that you raped her, is enough to land you in prison for a day at the very least, until you get bail. Then, the burden of proof remains on the accused(that is, on the man) to prove that he did not rape her. The court relies on the sole testimony of the woman.There are several laws in the country which are enormously anti-men, especially the anti-dowry law in which a husband's whole family can be put in jail, if a woman says that she was harassed by her in-laws or by her husband. And bear in mind, that she does not need to provide a shred of evidence to back up what she is saying. What I am implying is, a woman's word is as good as a conviction.In short, the answer to your question is, nothing protects a man against a false rape accusation in India.There was a case some time back, where a businessman was arrested for raping a girl at the behest of an IAS officer. Later it turned out that the girl was in cahoots with the IAS and had connived with him to trap the businessman.Even policemen in India claim they are helpless in such cases. If they do not make an arrest then the media will bay for their blood and self-styled human activist groups will stage a protest. Feminist groups will demand the rapists' head. In fact, if you are falsely accused of rape, rest assured your life will be a misery unless you strike a bargain with the girl(here, bargain means giving her what she wants, which, in most cases, is money).If a false rape accused is tried in court, he can be sure that he will get a prison term.Also, if you promise marriage to a woman and have sex with her, but due to some reason, you fall apart, she can take you to court under the pretext of "rape by false promise of marriage". That is, she can accuse you of rape on the flimsy pretext of not marrying but having sex with her. High courts have raised the concern that this provision is misused by female friends to settle a vendetta with their male friends.I would like you to read Anonymous's answer to Why is it difficult to date an Indian woman in general?. It is a description of what is meted out to men if they are so unfortunate to attract a girls wrath. Also, read this Anonymous's answer to What are some cases/stories where some women have misused the Indian laws that were made to protect women?.