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What Hair Dye Do You Think Would Get This Color Pics

What do you think is the best hair color for me? pics included?

best hair dye to use? what would your rate me on a scale from one to ten? if you are a guy, would you ask me out if you ever saw me (hypothetically speaking of course)?

What colour should i dye my hair? [[PICS]]?¤t=223503.jpg&newest=1¤t=160437.jpg&newest=1

i need to get my hair dyed really badly cos' all my roots are showing :(
anyway, i fancy a change, maybe go lighter for summer but im not sure

what color do you think i should go? pictures of the colour would be really helpful aswell

10 points for person who gives me the most options :)

thankyouu in advance xxx

What do you think of men that color their hair?

It depends WHY they dye it. If they are dying it to hide grey and try and look younger, I don’t like it. Personally I think guys with grey hair are very attractive. If they are dying it for fun (my teenage son currently has bright blue hair) I think it’s cool. I would love to see more guys with purple or red or green or blue or pink hair!It’s probably a confidence thing - the first situation is coming from a lack of confidence in their appearance, while the second is just the opposite

What colors have you dyed your hair?

Oh boy. Prepare for a lot of super awkward photos. I dug through my phone to find pictures of all of the colours, and they're pretty bad.This phone is fairly new, so I don't have any pictures from when I first got pink highlights. They weren't very visible, anyway.The story begins here, with natural hair, and this incredibly awful photo of me that needs to burn:We then skip ahead a few months, to……whatever this monstrosity was supposed to be —it clearly didn't work. I didn't bleach it properly beforehand, and the dye I was using was very poor quality. I think I kept adding more and more dye colours because nothing ever showed up properly, and it was a disaster.At that point I decided to strip my hair of colour.Because I had used permanent dye, my hair still had a pink tint.I think I then went bright pink. I have no “normal” photos of this.I think it's a little faded in this picture. Either way, that picture is really weird, sorry.Then I went to blonde with magenta tips. Only kept it for a week because the dye was bad.That didn't work very well.I have no idea in which order I did the following, but here you go:As you can probably tell, I'm a big fan of pinks.I think sometime this summer I'll go blue.Update:

How should I cut/dye my hair? (pics)?

Any suggestions on what kind of haircut/color would look good on me? Pictures would be great so I have something to show the stylist! Nothing too extreme though, my job won't let me have weird colors in my hair.

Here's a pic of me:

Should I color my hair?

Oh I understand your pain..! Synthetic dyes will ruin you hair for sure. They modify the structure of you hair to penetrate the hair shaft and colour it.Henna is a safer method as it is natural and chemical free. But there is one disadvantage i.e. your grey hair turns orange. There is a solution for this. Indigo powder; a natural powder similar to henna which can be used to get black hair. Henna your hair as usual and after rinsing it, Mix indigo powder with warm water and apply on henna treated hair. Leave it for an hour and wash it. The result will be black or dark brown hair depending on you natural hair colour.There are a few things to consider before using indigo powder.Apply indigo immediately after mixing with warm water, you don't have to wait overnight like henna.Wear gloves cause indigo will stain your skin BLUE.Indigo needs something to hold onto, so always apply it on henna treated hair as indigo will hold onto henna (orange + blue = dark brown)Do not apply indigo directly to hair without using henna first unless you want blue hair (grey hair turns blue).Indigo is completely natural and you need not worry. Good Luck.. ;)

Which hair color suits me best (pics)?

You are very pretty! Congrats there, remember to wear sunscreen.  I am playing around with my hair color too. Currently, I have red highlights.  Funny story, I chose this (for the highlights, so my base color is still dark) and I got this. I'm like...really, so - clown red, that's what we're doing? LOL.Enough about me, I will rank your colors from my favorite to least favorite:Blonde - I think this looks the most natural, I just love it!Red - I like this look too and depending on the crowd you're in (artsy anime types, GOT types, Jessica Rabbit lovers), you can rock it!Rose blonde - Yeah, so - I feel like this actually washes you out a little.Dark brown/Black - I would suggest not going this dark again.  Maybe a light brown but not this dark.I hope this helps you - have fun with it!!!!!!

Want to dye my hair from *this* color to *this* color.. What's the best way to do it?? ((pictures)) HELP!?

This is the color I just dyed my hair.. its what it is now that I want to change. I used Loreal preference les blondissimes to do it.

THIS is what I WANT my hair to look like:

or something along those lines. How is the best way to do it?? I'd prefer to do it myself at home (box dye) because I really don't have the money for a salon visit! PLEASE help me!!

How do I color hair without bleaching it?

Colouring your hair without bleach is possible. Depends on your hair colour.For dark hair (Black or dark brown), colouring in lighter shades is difficult. So you can colour ur hair in particular colours like maroon red, wine, burgundy and even honey coloured but this would require a high volume of developer. I am saying this out of experience as I recently got my hair highlighted with maroon red and honey and it looks great. The developer volume used was 30%. For colours like blue, purple, green, you have to bleach the dark hair so that it is lighter and then you can add the desired colour.For lighter natural hair like light brown or even blonde or other colours, it is easier to dye your hair in different colours without bleach as the colours will mostly be darker and so, more evident in your hair.I would suggest opting for a non-bleach hair colour as it would cause less damage to the hair. The non-bleach hair colour lasts for about 3 months after which it might start changing shades a bit. But it won't go back to your natural hair colour unless you dye it black or cut off the hair. Preferably, try not to colour from the roots.. helps reduce damage.Let me know if you need any more info.I am attaching pictures of my hair colour after dyeing without bleach. I have black hair. (Indian). The first pic is the colour in sunlight.The colour seems light in the second pic but it's actually a beautiful copper-maroon-wine kinda red.Oh, and pls do get it done in the salon for the first time..