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What Happened To Change The Trend In Illegal Immigrant Deportations Of Those Under 18

What’s the best way to stop illegal immigration?

Mimic Europe and remove birthright citizenship.It’s a little known fact that most countries don’t have birthright citizenship. You are a citizen of a country based on the citizenship of your parents. The only reason most jus soli countries are in the Western Hemisphere is that all of those countries were formerly colonial possessions, and if there was only jus sanguinius and naturalization, they would have no citizens. But we are at a point now where we can be like the rest of the developed world and adopt their standards.If people born here aren’t citizens, there would be no more incentive for young people to come over here, have a baby, apply for adjustment of status due to being the parent of a US citizen, and then invite more of their family over on tourist visas to visit their “American” family. The left is fond of claiming that most “illegals” are here by overstaying their visas, not by hopping a fence, so let’s remove the incentive for that.Edit: got a secondary solution for you - change the incentive structure for USCIS agents by giving the interview officer a 1% cut of the next 5 years of income taxes paid by every immigrant they pass. Track it by SSN and interview file. Thus the immigrants most likely to be accepted are actually the “best and brightest”. As for children and extended relatives, require a bond of some kind to bring them over. Ideally, we should be attracting young-ish childless working professionals who are least likely to become public charges from other countries above all other demographics.

Does illegal immigration affect the economy more negatively or positively?

It affects the states negatively, and the federal government positively.

In brief:

States fund Medicaid and the public school system, etc. Illegals tend to consume these services without paying taxes.

On the flip side, illegals are often working with a fake SS#. In that scenario, millions are paying into Social Security without any chance of recouping it, so the Federal government will make a profit.

Here's an academic paper looking at it empirically:

Obama seemed more efficient at deportations than trump?

The Trump administration in the fiscal year deported fewer people residing illegally in the U.S. than an average year during former President Barack Obama's eight-year White House tenure.

New federal data released Friday shows U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement removed 256,085 people from the country, which ended Sept. 30

Do liberals and Democrats realize Bill Clinton gave a strong anti-illegal aliens speech in his 1995 SOTUS to a standing ovation?

Of course. Democrats and liberals believe in laws restricting immigration - Anyone who says they don’t is lying. Obama deported more illegal immigrants than Bush. What we don’t believe in isHarassing entire communities of legal residents just because they are of the same ethnic heritage as some people who are not legal residentsBasing immigration policies on false claims about immigrants and crime. Immigrants, even illegal immigrants, are less likely to commit other crimes than US citizens.Cutting in half the number of legal immigrants. There is not a shred of evidence that this will solve any of our current problems.Falsely claiming that there was no serious vetting system under previous presidents. Under Obama we had a vetting system that meant it took multiple background checks and several years to get into the US as a refugee or legal immigrantSpending $18 million on a wall that even the most conservative border security experts say is a terrible way to solve our immigration problems. $18 million is 1 million dollars per year for 18,000 years.Banning people from this country just because they come from Muslim countries. This makes us less secure, not more, because it means that those who are fleeing ISIS and other radical islamist enemies now no longer see the US as a place that can help them be safe.

Haven't we seen this "illegal" hysteria before somewhere?

Yeah, it scares me how gullible and uneducated many Americans are when they don't realize how history repeats itself and how bigoted they have become, and how quickly hate spreads through media like a virus disguised as a band aid solution.

It happens every 50 years or so. It happened to the Irish and Italians, now those groups have become naturalized (and compose a great deal of American ancestry) now we are chastising Mexicans and Arabic peoples, ( if you didn't know, we took most of Mexico's land in the Mexican American war without a favorable majority in the US). I learned something this week in my Mex-American history class, Mexico didn't allow Americans into Mexico for a period of time because they believed all the things you stated, but welcomed the Irish into their country when the American army they were fighting for treated them so poorly during the Mex.-Amer.War. The San Patricio (Saint Patrick) Army ended up fighting on Mexico's side and are commemorated every year in Ireland an Mexico for their heroism.

And for those of you who say there is no slavery or concentration camps in the US, go do an upstate NY migrant farm camp or to a reservation in rural New Mexico and then tell me what you see after your visit.

Why does Canada invite immigrants if they don't have enough opportunities?

I would argue about the main assumption of this question. I would suggest that “not enough opportunities” statement is really incorrect. I think it is actually quite opposite: Canada has a lot of opportunities to offer if one is willing to step outside a large city. Unfortunately, most immigrants try to reside in large cities like Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal. They live there for all sorts of reasons: e.g. language, desire to be close to their cultural network, etc.The competition for jobs is fierce in those cities. However, if one is willing to move to rural SK or Alberta or ever better be willing to take up some trades in oil rich Fort McMurray then one is willing to make a decent salary.The employers in northern Alberta are looking for workers but not many people want to move there. If you personally are looking for a job then PM me and I could guide to the resources in Northern Alberta oil sands. However, those who are willing to like in places like Grande Prairie, Peace River or Fort McMurray earn decent salaries and afford a good quality of life.