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What Happened To Freddy Krueger

How did Freddy Krueger die?

Freddy is introduced in A Nightmare on Elm Street as a child killer who is eventually discovered and captured by the law,  but escapes legal prosecution due to the police illegally entering his  home. He is hunted down by a mob of angry parents, and cornered in a  boiler room where he used to take his victims. The mob douses the  building with gasoline and sets it on fire, burning Krueger alive.   Thank you Wikipedia. dave.

How did Freddy Krueger get his power?

In A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, the protagonists learn that Freddy's mother, Amanda Krueger, was a nun who worked in Westin Hills mental hospital caring for the inmates. Freddy was conceived when she was accidentally locked inside over the Christmas holiday and gang-raped by a group of the inmates, thus making him "the bastard son of 100 maniacs". Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare depicts Freddy's traumatic childhood; he displayed sociopathic behavior at a young age and was often teased by classmates. He was adopted as a child by an abusive alcoholic named Mr. Underwood, who teaches him how to torture animals and inflict pain on himself. Freddy eventually murders him, with no apparent consequences, and becomes a serial killer. The film also reveals that when Freddy reached adulthood, he married a woman named Loretta, with whom he fathered a daughter named Katherine. After the birth of his daughter, he tried to lead a normal life, but his murderous nature eventually overcame him, and he murdered 20 children on Elm Street between 1963 and 1966. He later murdered his wife after she discovered the evidence of his child killings, which Katherine witnessed. She told the authorities and Freddy was arrested for the murder of his wife and the Elm Street children. In 1968, he was put on trial, but released on a technicality, leading to his death at the hands of the parents of his victims. In his dying moments, the Dream Demons came to him to offer him immortality in exchange for being their agent, which Freddy accepted. His daughter, Katherine, was later moved out of Springwood, adopted, and renamed Maggie Burroughs

What happen to Freddy Krueger's face?

freddy krueger in the movies when he was still alive would torture kids. When the parents found out they went to his workshop/torture chamber and set it on fire while he was inside thus why he is burnt. he kills kids because he wants people to fear him in one of the movies he said that he needs them to fear him so that way they still believe in him, that he's real. And technically he is dead, freddy krueger died and this is i guess you could consider his spirit. Hoped this helped bro.

How did Freddy Krueger get disfigured?

Freddy was a child murderer when he was alive. When Freddy got arrested and went through court he was not convicted due to a technicality. This ticked the parents of the town off something fierce. So they trapped him in his own basement, soaked him with gasoline, and set his murdering butt on fire. He died, obviously, but figured out how to come back in people's dreams and murder them that way. (honestly you have to be impressed by that in some way.) However, now when he shows up in people's dreams he appears as his burned up self. (The story never really explains why his clothes were not burned up as well but oh well.)The children he sought out to kill were the children of the parents that killed him in the first place.Sleep tight!

What movie is more likely to happen: Freddy Krueger vs. Michael Myers, or Michael Myers vs. Jason Voorhees?

Freddy Krueger VS. Mike Myers! That would be an Awesome Movie!

Freddy Krueger vs Superman who would win?


Where does the name Freddy Krueger come from?

Wes Craven said in an interview that he wanted his character to have a German name ralated to the Nazis. Krueger was the last name of one of the most famous officers next to Hitler.
but the name Freddy (from Frederick) I think he said it was the name of the boy who bullied him at school when he was a little kid.

No Lie! I had a dream of Freddy Krueger!?

They had the same dream? that is ******* insane and scary at the same time. It's a good thing you weren't's said if you die in your dream you die in real life...i haven't died in my dream yet so i can't tell anyone if it's false lol.

It was definitely a you cousins live with you are in other house?

From the age of 2-11 i was afraid of chucky. My mom told me back in 1989 not to watch the movie, i said "ok mommy" and then watch it.

One night i screamed to her "mommy chucky's under the bed!" my mom looked under the bed and only saw my small baby doll there, she asked me if i watched chucky, i said yes, and she gave me a beating. <_<;

At 11 i saw chucky again, this time to face my fears of the red headed doll murderer, this time i was really scared and had a dream about him, but this time i had the upper hand...i don't remember the whole dream but i ended up with the doll in my hand and i told him "i'm not afarid of you anymore, so die you piece of ****!" and i threw in the fire.

After that everytime i watch the movie chucky, i'm not afraid of him anymore, what i am trying to tell you is to face your fears head on running like i did got me nowhere and i was scared shitless everytime i heard the name "chucky"

Face your fears with freddy, they aren't real, so they can't hurt you, your fear is what makes them have the power...YOU HAVE THE POWER.

Oh yea pray to God to protect you, this is a battle only you can fight and win.