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What Happens If I Accidentally Put A Question

What happens if I accidentally put 15w 50 instead of the recommended 10w 40?

What happens if I accidentally put 15w 50 instead of the recommended 10w 40 into my vauxhall corsa?

I was using 15w 40 (as this was all I could get and so I was already NOT using the recommended oil) for the past year but accidentally put in the wrong oil today.

What will happen to my car which had 15w 40 in but now has 15w 50?

What will happen if I accidentally put about 1.5 gallons of diesel into my car?

Does it run OK? I think it does. 1.5 gal with a 15 gal tank = 10%
"In a cylinder injected engine it will run well at moderate temperatures up to at least a 1:1 ratio. At ambient temperatures as low as -15 deg. F. engines in good condition will start and run acceptably with up to a 40:60 ratio."
Seems some people do it on purpose!

"If you accidentally put diesel in a carbureted engine, siphon out as much as you can and fill it with gasoline. You may need to use starting fluid to get it running again. Once you get it started it will smoke until you get all of that initial diesel fuel burned out. If you're down to less than 10% diesel fuel mixed in with the gasoline, it should run OK."

What will happen if I accidentally drop the cap of a fuel additive in the gas tank?

Actually this is not a great thing to happen, I would get it out as soon as possible. Its really easy to remove a gas tank from most cars. get a man to help you or just pay someone to do it, it should only take about an hour or so. to think that simple grains of sugar could sieze up your motor if put in the gas tank! ide hate to think about the damage that a plastic lid will do after it breaks down!

What happens if I accidentally put bleach in the fabric softener spot?

If it's a wash with colored clothing, the clothes might have white spots. the bleach will be dispensed into the final rinse, and the clothes will smell bleachy. Best to wash them again, this time without detergent, since you've already run detergent through the wash. If the clothes are white, there's no problem, but they will still smell bleachy. You will have to run at least one cold water cycle to rinse the bleach out.