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What Happens When A Psychologists Calls His Patients Too Much

Can a psychologist call the police?

I'm an adolescent mental health therapist and depending on the state you live in there are laws to protect your confidentiality when speaking with a psychologist or therapist. Most of the time, therapists by law are required to report to the authorities or your parents if you feel homicidal, if you are currently being sexually abused/raped, or if you are a threat to yourself (this can include some severe forms of self-mutilation). All of this varies depending on where you live, but most states agree that those specific issues require a therapist to breech their patient's confidentiality.

I'm not sure what's going on with your mom and her addiction, but any therapist will want to make sure you are in a safe home environment. I know it seems weird that the very person you are supposed to talk to can also be the one to have to breech your trust, but this only happens in order to protect you...and in most cases, therapists (including myself) really dread having to break confidentiality unless they absolutely have to. Most issues can be worked out between you and your therapist so I would encourage you to at least begin talking about this with yours. And, if you feel safer, you can simply ASK your therapist under what conditions he would have to break your confidentiality. He will have to tell you those conditions up front and then you can decide what you want to do.Just remember that we're here to HELP you and keep you safe.

From a Psychologist's opinion...what do you call someone who...?

Is nice and friendly one day and the next day, hates you and messages you out of nowhere saying, dont talk to me today. This person is an adult entertainer, her mother committed suicide, she claims to have been molested by her brother, also has said she doesnt know who her dad is, calls you in a cocaine induced state and tells you her mother was a prostitute and kept a diary of all the men she slept with (being over 600) and conveniently knew all of their ethnicities...and now says "my dads birthday was november 1st, the devils bday, i knew something was wrong with me." Also, she drinks nearly everynight. She has done many things to spite me for no reason, too. Is there a specific term for whatever condition she has? Many people dislike her, and I feel there is a reason for the way she acts, but this is a person who is very hard to tolerate. She also used to provoke her boyfriend to get physical with her(i witnessed it many times.) and after doing so, she would come running to me, still intoxicated, and acting frantic and like she was a victim....

Psychology - patient or client?

Yes. It depends on the fertile mind of each individual. Whether he is a student, doctor, advocate or whatever profession he is following, one should have enough patience to know. Time is the best teacher. When that ideal and opportune time comes, people will automatically come to know everything in life. There is no confusion in it at all. If you come across any problem in understanding this, please specify clearly.

They may also be considered as customers. it is left to your own sweet-will and choice.

To psychologists and psychiatrists: have you had a patient you really feared? Why?

Long ago I worked as a psych nurse. We worked rotations and usually worked six months in one ward. One day someone hadn’t shown up so they put me in the most dangerous ward in the hospital. The outside was surrounded by a 10 foot fence with razor wire at the top. It was one of the only locked wards. These were long term patients who would usually be referred to another long term hospital.The nurses in the section were mainly very big, strong males. I was young and was told to go outside to look after the patients.I was sitting next to a rather large woman and asked her why she was in the ward. She told me she had killed a cop. I took this with a grain of salt as if she had killed a cop she would be in the criminally insane institution.She seemed quite affable, until she said she also enjoyed strangling cats. Then followed up with ‘just like I am going to strangle you Nurse.’ She held her hands around my throat trying to choke me. Luckily there were two big male nurses who rushed out and saved my strangulation. They must have known her history of violence and been watching me.I had not read any patients’ history as I was only there for one day. They gave her an injection of Paraldehyde and locked her in a padded cell.Padded cells are not like they make out in movies. The patients cannot hurt themselves - they are practicable.At the same time another patient who I did know from the acute ward had been transferred and must have seen the commotion as a good time to escape. She was climbing the cyclone fence and was just about up to the razor wire trying to escape.Years later I found out the head psychiatrist had been raping her and other patients who were in high security locked wards and the most vulnerable. Someone must have caught him, because they would never have believed a patient in that ward over the head psychiatrist.He was sacked and deregistered. Ironic both the trusted head psychiatrist and the most vulnerable patients had serious problems. Some of the patients would have become more disturbed naturally. In a way I can see why she would have liked to strangle me.

What's the difference between a psychologist, therapist, social worker, and a psychiatrist?

Therapist: a general term which means healer; anyone who helps heal illness physical, mental, emotional, transactional.
Psychiatrist is a medical doctor with special training in the treatment of diagnosed disorders usually defined in the mental health section of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of the extant edition. Drugs are a major factor in this process and is sometimes accompanied by talk therapies.
Pschologist is trained to administer various tests which measure aspects of people's mental and emotional traits and functions. Master's degree practitioners must be supervised by a PhD. Testing is the main focus of this practice.
Social workers also come in master's and doctoral degrees. The focus of their practice is what happens when the intrapsychic functioning encounters the social environment. Transactions and other interactions are the focus. Marriage and family relations are important as fundamental to all persons. Individuals are treated for their family experiences as formative in their lives. Talking with people in a person-centered approach is basic.
Medical models deal with medically diagnosed illnesses. Psychology uses cognitive-behavioral concepts. Social work utilizes both medical and psychological concepts in social contexts.

What do you call this theory in psychology?

for example... in an experiment in the classroom,the rest of the class are accomplices in the experiment... if faced with 2 problems and u were asked to answer a or b. and u are really positive that the answer was a. however, most of the class answered b(they were asked to do so by the proponents)... so, instead of answering a, you answered b in order to sympathize with the surrounding and reduce anxiety. what do you call this theory that explains the situation?

Why is psychology called a social science when it does not deal with society?

cricket: Psychology does not equal therapy. Therapy is an application of psychology, not the thing itself.

slayer: I didn't say that they don't do experiments in physics. I said engineers and medical doctors don't experiment, yet people call medicine and engineering science. Psychology takes social influence into account, but only as they apply to the individual. Social psychology deals with how society influences the individual, not with society itself--that is the domain of sociology.

And my question is simply why we call it a social science, when it's not about society. Note also that I am a psych major, so I'm not trying to ask about psychology itself, I would say that i know that pretty well.