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What In My Chart Is Attracting Guys Who Get So Intense So Quickly And Then Want To Commit Right

Why is my Scorpio guy acting distant suddenly?

Sometimes Scorpio people of both sexes (I am a guilty Scorpio myself) get overwhelmed by the whole idea of relationships and we feel so much ourselves…we start to notice ourselves caring for someone, we spook. We feel our autonomy being threatened, we retract. We are in a position to be vulnerable? We close off. I have possibly broken one of the Scorpio omerta codes by telling you that. But we come around. It's not fair to the people who aren't the way some of the Scorpio people are, to be fair to the other portion of the Scorpio community who aren't ANYTHING like this, I have to apologize. But those who are- when we get a little bit more perspective , we come around and are going to be the most loyal and lifelong allies in your corner ever. As friends, mates, in any sense. Give him a reasonable amount of time. The only thing is reasonable- if he's still not giving any sense of response or interaction, the guy may be a bit of a tool whenever he was born and in that case, waste no more time.

I have strong, intense sexual fantasies about this guy in my class, how do I stop this?

So, I would like to state that I am an 18 year old freshman in college (and I'm a virgin) and lately life has been extremely strange for me. Let me explain: I walked into my Human Sexuality class (how ironic) and I saw this guy and instantly I found him attractive. Later that week we got a seating chart and to my joy he sits directly behind me. I started to go in class a little later than him so that when I got to my row he could see me and sometimes when I'm not even trying to make him see me he looks at me or he turns to talk to his friend on his way out the row and looks right at me. I feel so tingly and my body feels lifted. So, one day at my friend's house I had a very vivid dream about him giving me money one day after class and whispering in my ear to meet him this area in the college parking lot at 5 or something. I went and then...well yeah we did it. When I woke up I felt extremely hot and sweaty because it felt so real. That was 4 weeks ago. Now, it's gotten worse. I learn that sexual fantasies are normal human behavior and everything else is normal. BUT, in class whenever he puts his foot on the back of my seat I feel a shot of electricity and I instantly stop paying attention and start thinking about doing with him (IDK ITS WEIRD) and I can't pay attention. Then today in class he put his foot against the bottom part of my seat where my butt is and I felt it bump me through the seat and instantly I thought about how good it would feel if he were to insert himself into me and push me forward onto a table and start doing me good. Yeah, it's real bad. I mean I even have a fantasy in which I make all time stop and just me and him aren't frozen and I jump over my seat and start seducing him and then I hop back into my seat and unfreeze time and then he thinks it was all a dream (I have a wild imagination). Anyways, this is a pain in that class because I need to take notes. I don't even think about him until I get to that class, but still...come on.
Should I just ask my Psych teacher? I think she would be willing to listen....

Does your mars represent who you're attracted to?

In a male's chart Mars influences his attitude to other males; in a woman's chart it represents the type of man she's attracted to. (As well as other things).
Venus is asociated to all that's feminine in your chart and the way in which you relate to women in general as well as your appreciation of beauty etc. It's position in your chart shows the type of relationships you look for and your choice of partner. If Venus is strong in your chart, you will be attracted to someone who's beauty is widely acknowledged, not simply in the eye of the beholder. (Money will also come easy to you). A poor Venus is concerned with hostility and ill-will and you'll find it difficult to make friends.
Sag/Venus makes you idealistic in love, friends and lovers are somewhat similar, you find beauty in study and travel. Similar results for Mars, men in your life seem to be story tellers and like to travel, be out and about, open and somewhat jovial types.

How do you get a aries man to commit?

If you want him to commit, let him propose and let him do the running. The main thing is to let him take control basically and just follow. If you try to boss an Aries, it won't work and it won't take long to find out either. Butter him out and he'll give you whatever you want. He may be a little judgmental, jump to conclusions and does things without thinking but be diplomatic and he'll appreciate you. Whatever you do, be on your guard with other males around you because he can be jealous so let him control and arrange things. Also, if you need to criticize him, don't do it in public, don't act possessive or clingy because he can't stand this. Be natural and be yourself and let him have his way.

Venus and mars signs- why do i always end up with cheaters?

Gemini on the 7th cusp gives a need for variety and versatility. Usually, the person has more than one relationships at a time or at the very least, will marry or become seriously committed in partnership on several occasions. As Sagittarius is on the ascendant, you have a definite independent streak and will require a partner who is self-sufficient and able to spend periods of time on their own. Relationships can prosper for you when there is a strong mental base, clear communications and room for independent activities. With Venus in Aries, you prefer a challenging independent partner and you love to be chased, to elude, then let yourself be caught. Flirting is a game, and you play to win. By the same token, you are easily infatuated, then may lose interest if you get bored. With Mars in Sagittarius, yo seem to attract or feel attracted to the outdoor type, athletic, one who is honest, friendly, adventurous. You may even find foreign" men quite sexy or seductive. Basically, your Venus Aries puts you in flirt mode and can quickly fall in love and end it just as fast.

Why do I attract a lot of Gemini’s?

It seems to be an ongoing pattern since I was in high school & now even more in college. My sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter are all in Pisces & then my moon, ascendant, and Venus are all in Capricorn. I just think it’s unusual, because I usually find myself being uncomfortable around them sometimes - but they’re really funny and outgoing just like myself too.

Will Libra stop being indecisive and commit to Aquarius?

The Aquarius girl and the libra guy have known each other for a few years. There relationship is great when they are together in public the two are very affectionate. The libra is however, jealous and sometimes controlling I believe he might have some scorpio in his chart. The libra stepped out on the Aquarius girl twice with two different leo women. Although he is not the one leaving the Aquarius girl because she is constantly breaking it off with him. He runs back to her trying to prove and confess his love he claim to have for her. She believe that she love the libra guy unconditionally yet, she's feels as if she is already married to him. Could it be that this Libra is too demanding comes from a household with two scorpio parents and a older scorpio brother! The Aquarius has a rising sign of sagittarius and leo moon sign. The Aquarius feels like the relationship is limiting her freedom she is ready to run away quickly. Yet her loyalty too friendship is the main reason for sticking with the libra guy. She is very attracted to her Leo friend who would like for her to leave the Libra male. The Libra asked the Aquarius to marry him but she insist on waiting a little bit longer! Then why is it that the Aquarius think it is the Libra who is indecisive? Are they both indecisive? Do you think because they have a great friendship that the libra will commit to the Aquarius? If the Libra commit to the Aquarius will she stay become detached and leave him?