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What Information Do I Need To Bring To Create A Checking Account At Citibank

How can i cancel my citibank checking account?

because of monthly fee, i want to cancel my citibank bank checking account, i want to know what document do i need to cancel it, and how? if i cancel the checking account, will it affect my online banking activity, because i have saving account too, and credit account. thanks in advance

What papers do i need to open a citibank checking account?

You need some proof that you are at least 18 years of age (lawfully to sign a contract and a check), and you need your social security number and some amount of money (usually at least one dollar) to make an initial deposit.

That is about all you need to OPEN the account. If a particular bank has additional requirements, you will be informed of those before you commit to deposit your money there.

Can you open a checking account online?

You have to go to the bank to open the account. Most banks require at least a $50.00 deposit to open a checking account.

Need to cash a check for $22,000 and have no bank account?

The check is drawn from CITIBANK and when I take it there they tell me they cant cash any check over $5k unless I have an account with them. It is a CITIBANK customer that wrote me the check!!!! I cant open an account due to check systems. The check is good and has been verified. Any suggestions as to what I can do that doesnt have to do with openning a bank account? In my head I dont understand why citibank wouldnt cash a check from their bank. Any info is very much appreciated, thanks

What are the criteria for opening a US bank account for a non-citizen?

For regular checking/savings account, a Tax Number is not required for opening an account.Most US chartered banks require the following:A valid ID (for foreigners, this is clearly the passport). They will make copies of it, as well as the Visa &/or Arrival Stamp page. Some and I stress some, may scan the whole passport.They will ask you for a secondary identification (it can be a credit card, driver's license, debit card, ATM card, any other form of identification).Some banks can request for a picture based second form of identification only, but passport is usually good enough.A local address is required and you will have to provide some form of a bill, etc. attesting that to the fact that that is your local address. If you are forwarding email to a friend, etc. They can ask you for your friend's proof of residence to that address.Proof of funds (if depositing cash in large amounts).Proof of funds if you are wiring funds in.They will check their own internal KYC list to see if anything else is requiredThey will confer this with their manager or supervisor (most US banks will do the 4-eyes, i.e. two people signing off on the account opening OK).If you are legally staying in the US for extended period of time (like student, etc.) a copy of your I-20 etc. would be requiredIf you happen to be from a few countries of interest (essentially any Arabic, Muslim country, etc.) you will be subjected to a more thorough examination of your documentation (this is the silent rule, as much as you may deny that it doesn't happen).That's about it.

Cant create Citi bank prepaid account?

"We were not able to validate the information provided. Please try again OR if you feel you’ve reached this message in error, please contact Customer Service." am I doing something wrong?

I have a question about a saving account at Citibank.?

Last night, I opened up Citi ultimate saving account. I already have my checking account at my bank, All I want is a saving account at Citibank. However, it says citibank EZ checking with the following product ultimate savings account.
And the e-mail says, I will receive a ATM card and ID number.
I called up the bank and the rep told me that it is a package and I opened up an savings account. How does it work?
If it is not absolutely free, I want to cancel because all the things I would do is to put my income toward the savings account and keep it for a long time to get some interests.

How do I find my citibank account?

If you were given personal bank checks or personal blank checks by Citibank when you open your bank account then your account number is printed on those checks.Your bank account number is the second group of numbers shown in the above sample while the first group of numbers is the bank's routing number.You can also look at the bank statements that you have received through the mail by Citibank and your bank account number will be printed on the upper part of that statement.

How do I find my Citibank account number?

go to citibank online Sign On - CitibankUpdate: go to account management -> settings -> Account Number Display(Old UI (still the link works): go to account management, under Online Banking Preferences click Show/Hide Account Numbers . )Here select display full account numbers. Now once you go to your account section you can see the full account number.Hope this helps.

How do Citibank outlets in Nigeria operate dorm accounts and what is the minimum amount needed to open one?

Citibank is registered as a commercial bank with CBN and specific individuals and corporate organizations who can fulfill their requirements can open accounts with them.Citibank is a multinational bank with physical presence in over 50 countries. Because of this advantage, it acts more like a corresponding bank, an advising bank or a confirming bank to local Nigerian banks. Most foreign operations in Nigerian banks are done in liason with Citi Bank.On the other hand, there are a good number of local banks that are getting better with foreign operations. Access Bank, GTB Bank, First Bank, Diamond Bank and Zenith is commendable. You may not need to go to Citi Bank directly. Most of these local banks have an opening balance of $100 and zero closing balance.Seeing that I work with Access Bank, I could provide you with a myriad of information that can aid your foreign transactions. Send me a message and I'd respond ASAP!