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What Is A Good Romantic Manga With Magical Girls

What are some good magical girl anime?

One that I enjoyed was Flip Flappers. It has great art (with wonderful colors), likable cast, good pacing, wonderfully animated action scenes, and pretty good story. The downsides are that some scenes can be kinda weird and that they don’t explain a lot of what’s going on until the very end.Perhaps my favorite magical girl anime (though I don’t even know if it fits in this genre) is Kyousougiga. It’s a pretty hidden gem in that it’s not very well known but I found it to be extremely enjoyable. However, this anime puts much less focus on action and much more in story and character development. It’s actually told like a folk tale—with chapters and such. I absolutely love the art on this one:the story gets super emotional (from wholesome to sad) and the world building is phenomenal. The one downside I’d say about this anime is that it’s crammed into 12 episodes, so the pacing is really fast.Someone else mentioned Panty and Stocking w/ Garterbelt. I’d say it’s less of a magical girl anime and more of a raunchy comedy action. It’s funny but sometimes they go overboard on the raunchy.

A good magical girl manga?

I've been reading Tokyo Mew Mew and I am a fan of magical girl mangas.
Mangas I like are:
Tokyo Mew Mew
Sailor Moon
Ah! My Goddess (I know its not magical girl, but I love his art.)

I'm looking for something similar.

What are some good survival/romance (bonus magic) anime/manga?

The closest you’ll ever get is:Ghost HuntNot so much of a survival, but it’s in the territory of “horror” and survival is on the menu regardless.Some romance here and there as well.-Sword Art OnlineNo need to explain it. It has ALL of them (survival, magic, romance) inside the virtual reality of SAO.-Elfen LiedStarts out as a horror series with some of the most insane violence and profanity. Then romance comes into the story. And in between it’s a game of survival (essentially).

What are some good romance anime with magic, comedy and action elements?

Asterisk WarNot “magic” per se, but it’s close enough. This anime is supernatural with plenty of action the more you get into it, and a little romance/comedy as well to top it off…-Shakugan No ShanaMagic series with supernatural/action elements and romance too. Throughout you’ll find some comedy as well to lighten up the episodes where necessary.-Magic Knight RayearthOld school series about three magic knights (the original magical girl show) and their journey in saving the dying world called: Cephiro.It’s a mixture of Magic, romance, action, mecha and has some comedy as well.-Ah My GoddessPure romance series with some funny episodes and characters. The female characters are goddesses with supernatural abilities and magic.-Fate ApocryphaThe Fate series (with the exception of Fate Zero) has some level of romance, comedy, and of course: action + magic. It’s also some of the best you’ll see.-Fate Stay NightMore romance here than Fate Apocrypha. And definitely less action. Never the less - it’s still worth mentioning (it also has comedy).-CharlotteSupernatural anime series with similarities to magic, and definitely comedy/romance from start to finish.

Some good romance/fantasy manga?

i really like cat something like cat paradise would be good lol please add a sumery with the discription :p thanks

nothing like wedding peach,ultra maniac or tokyo mewmew (i dont really like magic girl stuff)

Is there a magical girl anime where the main magical protagonist grows up and continues her magical girl adventures as an adult?

Bad answer: Okusama wa mahou shoujo.The magical girl is alreay in her twinties and she can’t quit being a magical girl even though she already should have done so, they even send a replacement withotu having her quit. the mc is a guy exactly in the middle of the age of the (already married) adult magical girl and the new (junior high aged) magical girl. it’s not very good, because of so-so plot and low production values, and it only focuses on the late-life stage of the old amgical girl.Good answer: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.I personally love this one, it’s my second favorite one after madoka (which also deserves a bad answer not because it’s any bad, but because it hardly fits the question and saying how is spoilers).The first nanoha series start very similar to card captor sakura, magical mascot wants to collect some artifacts, nanoha happens to be just standing there so she becomes a magical girl to help the mascot. They later get involved with a criminal organization that also wants the artifct then lter with the govt. whom also wants them. There is a very fun aspect to the set up in how nanoha is always the third wheel to the people she loves, her mother has a proper husband, her brother and sister are much older than her, her two best friends are two best friends between themselves, so she develops a friendship with the rival character. then we get a second season taht happens one year later. Then we get a third season and now nanoha is 19 years old, workign for the governmet, training the new generation of magical girls, while there are two new mcs, nanoha is still stealing the show, since she is the strongest, most experienced fighter, she is the one taking on the stronger enemies.The fourth and the fifth season are weird, nanoha is now in her early 20s still working but the focuses focuses to her child who is training to become a mma fighter, but we still get a few glimpses to nanoha’s married life well above cameo level.

Romance manga about a depressed antisocial girl?

ones Like "Say I love you" where a female protagonist is Depressed and/or lonely and antisocial, Then A love interest enters the story and changes her life and makes everything okay?
(It doesnt have to be, But I would prefer it to be drawn well and the story not too long, maybe 40 chapters or less)
Thank you!

A shoujo romance Manga or Manhwa with a physically strong girl?

Kunimi Riko from Hana ni Arashi
Even though her body has an unusual ability, Kunimi Riko is still (trying to be) a normal high school girl. One day, a guy suddenly comes to see her. He's Tachibana Ran, the heir of the world-leading super-millionaire Tachibana family! A high tension romance between Ran, who suddenly proposed, and Riko, who turned him down.

Tsukasa Kozuki from Tokyo Crazy Paradise
It's the year 2020 AD, and Tokyo is a city infested with crime. Women can no longer go out in the streets alone without being victimized. Not wanting their daughter to suffer the same fate, Tsukasa Kozuki's cop parents raise her as a boy. When they are suddenly killed by one of the yakuza's in-fights, Tsukasa is left orphaned on the streets along with her three brothers. With no other options, she goes to the only person she can think of for help: pokerface Ryuji Shirogami, her classmate of 8 years and also the head leader of the powerful yakuza group, Kuryugumi. Ryuji, whose father was also a victim of the same yakuza fight, agrees to take her on as his personal bodyguard. As they set out to find their enemy, Ryuji slaps on an increasing amount of debt onto Tsukasa using all manners of ploys necessary to keep the reluctant Tsukasa by his side

Sunako from Perfect Girl Evolution
After confessing to her first love, Sunako Nakahara is left broken-hearted and her confidence sinking after being called "ugly" by the boy she likes. Two years later, Sunako Nakahara, the agoraphobic, horror-movie-loving, pockmark-faced, frizzy-haired, fashion-illiterate recluse who tends to break into explosive nosebleeds whenever she sees anyone attractive, is sent to her aunt's mansion filled with gorgeous looking boys. The deal is, if the boys can turn Sunako into a perfect lady in three years, their rent to the mansion will be free. The problem is Sunako doesn't want to change... How will they be able to accomplish this deal now????