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What Is A Good Salary For A Certified Phlebotomist In Wisconsin With 15 Yrs Experience

How do I become a certified phlebotomist?

Red Cross.

What is the hourly salary rate for a certified phlebotomist ?

Los Angeles 1-2 years $16/hr, 5+ years, 20+/hr.
You can also check out the American Society of Clinical Pathology salary survey for laboratory professional.

Is being a (PHLEBOTOMIST) a good career!!!! ?

Don't do it. It is not considered an occupation. Phlebotomy is considered a skill that is necessary for other occupations, such as nursing or medical assisting. If you look on this website O*NET which lists every single career and occupation known to man, phlebotomy is not one.

If you get certified as a phlebotomist, you will find it very difficult to find a job because most places want someone who is also certified in something else. Only being able to do 1 thing is not an asset to employers. This is like a mechanic's shop hiring a mechanic that only knows how to repair brakes. You also need to know how to change oil, work on transmissions, engine repair, etc. :)

I know this because I have 3 friends who also took a phlebotomy course, thinking they could get a job drawing blood at a hospital or lab. They are still looking for jobs as a phlebotomist 3 years works in a tanning salon and the other in a fast food restaurant.

Also, phlebotomy is only 1 semester, sometimes only a few weeks. It is not a career.

Consider nursing or medical assisting.

There is a nursing program called LPN (licensed Practical Nursing). LPN's make $20 starting off. The program is only 8 months to a year. This is something you could take at your community college. Then, they will train you to draw blood. Also, LPN's are highly in demand right now. You will have no problems finding work.

By the way, if you were lucky enough to find a job as a phlebotomist, you will only make about $8-9/hour. You could make this much working as a cashier in the grocery store! :)

Good luck! Feel free to email me if you have any questions...

What is a certified phlebotomist's annual salary?

The typical salary for a Phlebotomist ranges from $11.39 to $13.97/hour. However, salaries vary depending on location, experience, employment setting, etc. For you to compare, here is a link showing the median annual salary for a Phlebotomist in different U.S. states:

To find more accurate salary data for your specific Phlebotomist position, you can take PayScale's free salary survey.

Hope that helps,
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What can you do with a certified nursing assistant (CNA) licence?

In the USA, in most places, work at a nursing home, get an HHA and do home health and take care of folks in their homes for twelve hour shifts.I know one that started her own HHA agency about 20 years ago, got rich and retired at 55. She was a very good business woman. So you better be good at business. Her seed money was a small business loan.If you're a good businessman, you have a chance.Patient care is very hard. I know a woman that became a CNA. She thought it was easy. I tried to warn her. She thought because I am an RN, I was lying to her. She became violently angry at all RNs. That happens a lot with CNAs. Patient care is not a fairy tale. It is brutal and hard and dirty and mean and tough.You see, people that go into healthcare often think people are grateful and happy for the care. Most people are just the opposite. They are demanding, hateful and feel entitled which can often rub off on the staff if they don't know how to leave work at work and take care of themselves. Often health workers think other health workers are supposed to take care of them and the patients too. Really.There are things to do. Not easy but doable.

I am a desktop support engineer. I have 4 years of experience. I am 30 years old and I need to develop. What are some things that I could do like networking, programming and database jobs?

I just spoke to somebody with your situation last week. So the advice is quite recent. 1. If you need the job then you must keep it and try to find career movement opportunities from the inside. Study the current job and see if there is a development path. If there is one then you can explore it. If there is none then carefully plan your transition. 2. Study on the side. You can start with some short courses on software development. There are training institutions that specialize in providing these types of skills in training. Some of them are foundations and the fees are either free or quite reasonable. Pick an institute that provides job placement as well. Most of these institutes do provide this in one way or another. In fact, most of them can easily place internships. 3. Find the shortest path to relevant work experience. So if you can get internship or entry level position then do so. Get as many of it as fast as possible. In all the things, put some elbow grease on it. PS. A benefit of taking a training course is that you can gauge if development is suitable for you.

What is the expected salary for a 3 year experienced SQL developer in India?

Experience : 3 yearSalary : 6 LpaOnly SQL wont work you have to add on more skills to it.In case you are DB developer required knowledge:PL/SQL, MS SQL, PostgresSQLFor more add on package you have to add skills to your C.VMongo DB or Cloud - Hadoop or SAP with Oracle 10g+ version and SQL mandatory knowledge as you are DB developer.Easily demand for 9Lpa for 3+yr of exp…Don’t listen to above answer they confuse a lot even to me.When a simple question asked answer should be simple too but ppl become chatur silencer from 3idiot..I started my carrier with 7,000 INR studied from C grade collage MCA. After 3 yr i could say i reach to the level of 5+Lpa.As mentioned my add on skill apart from PL/SQL, MS SQL, PostgresSQL is Java, J2EE, MVC, Hadoop (added recently from institute).For JAVA i joined LARA TECHNOLOGY BTM, For Hadoop Professional Certification Training Courses Online i joined here.. Both are running parallel and LARA about to finish.Best of luck. Be Motivated.Feb 2018Edit 1: Online Courses - Learn Anything, On Your Schedule | Udemy offer best course for any technologies in very less amount i.e. 700/ INR you can go with that too rather than paying high cost i made a mistake you should not.None of the institute who train you for big data have 100% guaranteed job better go with udemy u ll learn many things.Jun 2018Edit 2: Working in Conduent bangalore salary almost what i mentioned total experience 4 year. Added php from company coz whole project built on php.Aug 2018Edit 3: Started working on 3 project, i have added my skills into machine learning from Udemy, PHP from laracast. My carrier started as database developer soon it ends up as full stack developer. I could continue working as database developer but i need to add on more and more skill.This time i bought Laracast account and started bulding more knowledge into Laravel (PHP)….Dec 2018Just for a change started intraday in stock market. By god grace, overall return made 15–25% in range let’s see what could be next.Keep growing keep learning never stay on one language …

Phlebotomist as a career?

I'm not a phlebotomist, but I'm always willing to recommend an excellent resource, the Labor Department's Occupational Outlook Handbook. Hands down, the best collection of occupational analysis, particularly with regard to wages, job conditions, and best of all, future prospects for growth is contained in these pages.

This year's Outlook speaks quite rosily of the general field of "clinical laboratory technologists and technicians", which includes the specific discipline of phlebotomy. Specifically, the report cites job opportunities within the field as "excellent".

You'll find information on working conditions, training and other qualifications for employment, advancement opportunities, an employment outlook, and even some data on median salaries commanded by professionals in the field.

If you're looking for a career with better-than-average opportunities and a decent salary, phlebotomy looks like a pretty good bet. See the link below for all the info.

Good luck!

Why do people become phlebotomists?

I am a phlebotomist/pathology collector and I really enjoy it and would even go as far to say that is IS fun! I really enjoy the interaction with patients and I love taking blood.  I find it a real thrill when someone has difficult veins and they tell me that people usually have problems getting blood from them and I get it first go.  It can be challenging when that happens. I really enjoy talking to the patients. They tell me all sorts of things and I learn a lot by talking to people, especially the elderly who are just lovely.  I have regular patients that will only get their blood taken by me because I know which vein to use and I have built up a rapport with them over time.  I really enjoy the fact that I am helping people and they appreciate what so do and there is a certain level of respect that I receive from doing my job well.   I look forward to going to work and I only had to study for 9 months to get my qualifications so it didn't take too long which is good.  I suppose many people don't find the concept of taking blood very appealing but for those people that don't mind it it's a pretty good profession, except in Australia the pay is not great for the amount of work and responsibility the job entails.

What is the salary of a data scientist?

The salary of a Data Scientist ranges from 7 LPA TO 40 LPA, depending upon the skill set and years of experience of a person.So as to get a well paid job in Data Science, make sure you are well skilled in the latest skills and technologies.So, what exactly should you do to get this salary?You should learn the relevant skills and technologies in Data science. Build strong analytical skills.Practice a few live projects and add them to your portfolio. For a fresher it is extremely important not to skip this stage since companies look put for proofs to analyze your skills.Start looking out for jobs with your updated resume and get hired.So, what skills should you finally learn?You should learn skills like-StatisticsRPythonPredictive ModelingDeploymentVisualizationText MiningMachine LearningData CleaningBut even after knowing these skills and tools, it would not be easy to get a job in data science. To get so, I would recommend you to acquire practical exposure in the form of live data based projects.In fact the more no. of projects you do, the better hiring opportunities you would get.For working on projects, you can use online platforms like Kaggle, Datacamp, etc. So, once you have a decent no. of projects in your portfolio that showcases your skill set in the best possible manner, it would be the perfect time to start applying for jobs as a data scientistBut from where can you learn them?There are many online platforms available. The best ones are-CourseraUdemyedWisorCoursera and Udemy are good platforms for skill learning. They provide certifications in the same. But do these certifiactions actually land a job? Don’t be so naive. You know better!edWisor is a good platform for skill learning as well as job placement. They give job assurance and they also provide live projects for one to get practically skilled in data science. Plus they have more than 200 hiring partners. So you would definitely get hired if you choose this platform.All the best!