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What Is A Good Site To Fix My Bad Photos I Took So I Can Post On Ebay

Any Sites To get paid money that will go to my paypal?

Yes, Squidoo

It's similar to a blog site but you write an article (called a lens) on anything you like, it can be how to do something, a review of a film, about yourself, how to fix a car, write a book, build a house or knit a jumper and anything in between!

Then adverts similar to your article are automatically shown and if someone clicks on them you earn money which is paid straight into your paypal account.

You can also have products on your page.

So if you write a review of a film then adverts to buy the DVD will be show on the page and you earn money if someone buys them.

Other members can also rate and review your article.

I have written about eight articles and have been earning money from them.

There are some people on Squidoo who make a living from it!

What Is A Good Site To Fix My Bad Photos I Took So I Can Post On EBAY?

Post a few shots so we can suggest how to reshoot them better.
Try this: Set up a table next to a window that faces North. Okay, not everyone has a window facing North, but choose one that has diffused light coming through as opposed to direct sunlight. On the table put a white cloth down and have it lifted at the back to cover the background. You can tape the cloth to the wall using painters tape. Use painters tape to prevent pulling off the paint when you remove the tape.
You can place a small box under the cloth which acts like a stand for the product. Next place white board (foam core works very well) on the other side of the table so that it bounces light back towards the window which will help even out the light from the window.
Place the item on the table. Then with your camera on a tripod set it so that built-in flash is turned off. Use a focal length of at least 50mm or greater if you can. Once your focused, use the camera's self timer (set to 2 seconds if possible) or use a remote trigger to take the photo. What you don't want to do is press on the shutter button to take the shot without using a self timer because you'll move/shake the camera when pressing the shutter button.
This should yield images more than good enough to post on eBay. Heck, most people just plop their stuff on a table and shoot it with their phone.

Older Model IBM Think Pad Error: BAD CRC1, STOP POST TASK???

Can anybody help me with my IBM Think Pad Error: BAD CRC1, STOP POST TASK.

I have heard a lot of theories on how to fix this. I have a screen shot that I took with a digital camera and I would be willing to email it oo anyone who would be willing to look at the entire screen and give me some ideas on what is wrong. PLEASE HELP

Ae you using iCloud Photo Library? If you are, then keep reading (to check, go to Settings > Photos and Camera and check whether the toggle next to iCloud Photo Library is turned on or off.). This feature stores allow your photos in iCloud, and only keeps low-resolution versions on your phone, so that you can save a lot of space while still having access to the photos. When a photo is loading, it is downloading the full version from iCloud. If this is the case, and you want to turn this feature off, go to Settings > Photos and Camera, and either:Tap "Download and Keep Originals" to download the full-resolution photos from iCloud and permanently keep them on your device, orToggle iCloud Photo Library off. This will stop storing new photos in iCloud. You will be asked if you want to delete your iCloud photos or download them. Tapping Delete will delete the photos from your phone, but not from iCloud.

Can i repair a stator on my motorcycle?

A CBR 900 is a nice bike. A wrecked CBR 900 that has got your attention and you are thinking of spending a little to get a lot back out of it sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Unless you can get it at a price that you can't be accused of outright stealing it, I'd be very cautious, as to really go over it stem to stern, looking for bent tubes, broken welds, etc., not to mention the rectifier/stator issue. On the battery not holding a charge, run it, immediately disconnect the battery and see if it holds for some hours afterward. If it doesn't hold , the battery is bad , of course.Stator/ rectifier might be o.k. at that point. Good luck, I don't mean to be critical, I do understand the draw of a fast bike in questionable shape for kinda cheap, even though it has potential problems that could suck your budget dry. been there.Just don't want you to get boned.

Selling on Ebay is hard?

It depends upon many factors as how successful a seller is going to be.

You may be a new seller wanting to sell a high price item - sends red flags out to buyers - they want to purchase big--ticket items from experienced sellers. You have to reach a certain Feedback score to sell certain items.

If eBay took your laptop off, they had to have a darn good reason, would have plainly said so in their e-mail, and you are not disclosing the real reason why. Are you even old enough to sell (over 18). Did you violate the User Agreement, the Rules & Guidelines for Listing Items? eBay WANTS your money and would not cancel your item for NO REASON!

You are even violating Yahoo Answers Term of Service by posting this similar question 3 times. You can only post the same question once. You should delete the other two questions before someone reports you, as this one is the earliest one.

You need to read policies and procedures, and research your interests before you proceed into whatever you endeavor. Doing so will save you monetary and time cost factors.

Do you know a site that can fix blurry pictures for free online ?

Unfortunately, blur is one thing that cannot be corrected in photo editing software. NO software can do this, regardless of what anyone may tell you. A blurred digital photo is comprised of pixels that have captured and recorded this off focus information as correct. Software cannot make something out of nothing. It all thinks this is a perfect photo. There is no "hidden" sharpness there to "find". Software cannot focus your camera for you. It would be the same as taking a photo of a person with a piece of cardboard over their face, then expecting photo editing software to be able to remove the cardboard and display the face. It just does not work that way. The photo is what it is. Remove the cardboard and there is nothing there... there is no face hiding behind the cardboard in the photo. Same with a blurred photo... there is no sharpness data there, and software is not going to magically create it.

Post editing software is not the end all, cure all for all poorly taken photos. It is still, and always will be, important to get the photo correct in the camera in the beginning. Software can help improve some things and even create the illusion of more sharpness... BUT... there still has to be good, basic, sharp image data in the beginning.

If any blurry photo could be magically corrected in software, there would be no need for manufacturers to spend millions of dollars developing sharp lenses or focus systems in cameras. People could just aim a camera and snap anything with no regard for focus. Of course, that is NOT how it is, so does that not logically tell you that software cannot make any blurry photo sharp?


Communicate.Friendship is a beautiful relation based on trust and confidence. Sometimes we tend to misunderstand, over think or end up taking each other for granted. As a result, the essence of our beautiful friendship begins to fade .The key to fix or mend any broken relationship is by talking to each other about it.Sit calmly and think of the situation. Think of where you went wrong instead of focusing on your friend's flaws.Take the first step. If your friendship means something to you then do not play mind games. Take the initiative to fix the issue.Communicate. Talk about the issue at hand and try to sort out the misunderstandings. Apologise wholeheartedly. Show your friend that this friendship means a lot to you.Be patient. Some people take a lot of time to heal and bounce back. Don't let it bother you. Make peace with the issue and with the person.Be calm even if you consider yourself as the victim in the fight because there is a possibility that even your friend feels like a victim. Don't get defensive when your friend is trying to talk. Be open to their views and share of argument.Give the other person some time. Give your self some time. There is nothing time cannot heal. Gradually repair your friendship. Until you genuinely make some tireless efforts, the fight is going to continue.Last but not the least, Don't lose hope :)"There is nothing on this Earth more to be prized than a true friendship."

How much would a hp compaq nx9010 backlight cost?... and where can i get it?

How do you know it is the Cold Cathode Tube that isn't working? You DO realize that the power inverter that changes the DC power from the laptop to AC power for the bulb, is far more likely to stop working... and that makes the bulb stop working. Also, you do realize that the Cold Cathode Tube is about the size of a bamboo skewer, and full of mercury vapor... so that even repair shops won't chance out ones that are indeed bad... repair shops will make you change the entire screen, rather than chance getting a face full of mercury vapor when replacing a bulb that will break on removal or insertion.

So, first, you need to determine if the bulb is actually bad, or if it is the inverter. I mean, how much would it $uck if you removed your LCD screen, took the LCD screen itself completely apart to get at the bulb, put the new bulb in and found out it still didn't work... all because the problem was actually the inverter? The inverter, by the way, is that narrow printed circuit board the bulb is plugged into, that is mounted just below the LCD panel in your laptop lid.

Your best bet is to take the laptop to a shop, and have THEM determine what is actually wrong with the computer, and have them give you an estimate on how much it will cost to repair.

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