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What Is A Good Theme/plot For A Story

Is the plot of the story and the theme the same thing?

Im doing my book report and I have a section for plot and then one for theme. I dont know if they are the same thing or not. For the plot I wrote the problem of the story and for the theme I wrote the message of the story. Is this right?

Short story theme or plot ideas?

The " HUMAN CONDITION " encompasses the totality of the experience of being human and living human lives. As mortal entities, there are a series of biologically determined events which are common to most human lives, and some which are inevitable for all. The ongoing way in which humans react to or cope with these events is the human condition.

The term is also used in a metaphysical sense, to describe the joy, terror and other feelings or emotions associated with being and existence. Humans, to an apparently superlative degree amongst all living things, are aware of the passage of time, can remember the past and imagine the future, and are intimately aware of their own mortality. Only human beings are known to ask themselves questions relating to the purpose of life beyond the base need for survival, or the nature of existence beyond that which is empirically apparent: What is the meaning of existence? Why was I born? Why am I here? Where will I go when I die? The human struggle to find answers to these questions — and the very fact that we can conceive them and ask them — is what defines the human condition in this sense of the term.

The search to understand the human condition dates back to the first attempts by humans to understand themselves and their place in the universe.

In simpler terms " Human Condition" refers to people asking themselves...."What am I doing here? or " Was I something else in another world.....before I was born??"

Your topic can be on ....Why Do Humans have a yearning to explore new frontiers, like Columbus coming to America.....or Astonauts travelling to the moon "

Or maybe this one....." Why Do Humans rush to the site of a fire to watch a burning house?"

Or maybe....."Why do people put clothes on their dogs and cats?"

What are some good plot ideas/themes for my story?

Okay well maybe she has moved schools to this rich town,
and she doesn't fit in because she isn't rich
then she meets a guy out of the popular group and falls for him
but there is girls that are bitches and things like that?
maybe a car accident or her house burns down, and he has to comfort her.
Hope i helped!

Why are themes important in a story?

Why are themes important in a story?Themes are the central focus of the story or narrative. Themes express the intended lesson, conclusion, message, or point of view of the author. Themes connect all the parts of the story such as characters, plot, problem (conflict), setting, and event(s). ​​​Source: theme keeps the writer on point. For nonfiction writing, the overarching theme is usually called the thesis. A thesis is also a lengthy manuscript with a main topic.

Plot for this high school story idea?

Instead of asking others ask yourself the "what if" questions. What if the teacher was on his way to national recognition due to his musical prowess and expertise? What if he was a song writer but this affair influences whether or not he makes it? What if he was thrown in prison, what would that be like? What if her mother had a son and put him up for adoption and she never met her brother but knew he was around 23 years old? (shivers..don't know why I thought of Oedipus)

Just develop your characters, the differences in personality, childhoods, morals, etc..will cause conflict on its own. If you give them each a goal then you will know you need to fabricate an obstacle for each that stops them from reaching the goal. Etc.

Just sit down and mull over it, I'm sure you can come up with something more interesting than any of us because you know what you're trying to say with this story, we dont.

What are some good (and creative) plots for a story?

Approach people in coffee shops. Introduce yourself as a writer and say that you love to hear "real" stories. Ask if they want to tell you about their lives, or the biggest problem they are currently have.I'm sure a lot of people will be glad to share their dramas with you. This should give you some ideas. Free therapy for them, ideas for you. It's a deal!

The difference between Goal, Plot and Theme.?

GOAL: What the novel's protagonist (hero or heroine) is trying to achieve in the story. (Not what the author is trying to achieve by writing the story.)

PLOT: The action of the story; what happens. (Characters' thoughts and feelings are not part of the plot because they are not actions.)

THEME: The "deeper meaning" of the story. The message the author is attempting to convey to her readers. Her reason for writing the novel.

Trust me; I'm a published romance novelist.

How to write a short story with theme of change?

That's a bit of a vague theme. What about change? Do you want 'change is good'? 'Change is bad'? 'Change is scary'? 'Change is unavoidable'?

Whatever it is, start by brainstorming on the subject. When people talk about change they usually mean life changes, such as leaving school, changing job or losing a job, changing or losing a boyfriend/girlfriend, moving house, having kids etc. I have to say, I can't immediately think of any changes in an action setting, although maybe two characters in an action setting could be having relationship issues - one finds out the other betrayed him and their friendship ends or something. I'm sure you could come up with a few things. There are also changes in nature - seasons, day and night, new growth, and of course things like larvae turning into adult insects.

Brainstorm as much as you can, then see what things will make a good story. Good luck!