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What Is A Good Way To Learn Japanese

What is a good way to learn Japanese for free?

Don't use rosetta stone, it has many errors and will only get you confused.

use its the best website to learn Japanese. it has the most verbs, vocabulary, and full lessons, books, forum, videos , kana and kanji. Everything is in romaji and kana.

What is the best way to learn Japanese ?

Try taking Japanese categories on Saturday. Everywhere I've been constantly host Japanese categories. Check out your neighborhood neighborhood middle. Watching Japanese indicates, dramas and anime will frequently educate you the fundamentals in case you watch adequate. From what folks inform me, they suppose its effortless. But after they do talk it, they announciate it weirdly do to the truth that they do not have this Japanese accessory.

What is good way to learn Japanese?

Independent studies are wonderful ideas. I would first try to look up the basics for Japanese online. This can be done pretty easily. Try Google. You may first want to have a go with Hiragana, this is the basic for reading and writing Japanese. And as a little reminder, remember it is one thing to just speak a language and something completely different to be able to read, speak, and write a language. Aim to do all three.

Btw, this isn't going to be easy if you intend to take it seriously. I have been studing for four years, under instruction, and I still have not mastered the language. Stay positive and keep up with the hard work.

It is also good to study the culture and proper etiquette before you travel to Japan just so you don't make a fool of yourself. :P I wish you the best of luck on your studies.

What is the best way to learn japanese?

I've been learning Japanese for about a year now and I've tried a lot of different programs. Here's what I have found.
1. Speaking Japanese is a million times easier than writing and reading it and the best program purely for understanding the spoken language (and for speaking Japanese yourself) is the Pimsleur Japanese program, After completing all three levels you will be able to understand most of the formal speech in Japanese and have a great understanding of how the language works.
2. For vocabulary I would say Rosetta Stone is the best, but a note of caution - do not try to learn Japanese using this program alone you can't. It only teaches vocabulary, not grammar, or speaking skills.
3. You need to get a good Textbook because there is no way around old fashion learning. Slowly work your way through the levels and it will improve all areas of your Japanese, writing, reading, and speaking.
4. Now reading and writing is the most difficult part and I really haven't found a great way to go about this, its really just tons of memorization. After learning Kana (the Japanese alphabet that is fairly easy) Get some flashcards and a Kanji book and start memorizing Kanji.
5. Try to find someone that speaks the language, my best friend is Japanese and this has helped me more than any program ever could. Speaking the language is paramount.

What is the best way to Learn Japanese?


If you are going to learn any language you should know about the economy, culture and other activity of that country .Japan is world third largest economy in the world and there have lot of job and business opportunities. So i think japanese is best option that you can learn which will help you in career and business prospect.Most important factor is japan had very strong economical country and they have lot of job opportunities

If you are looking for a japanese language school i can suggest you sakuraa nihongo resource centre. we are providing japanese language course from last 10 years and many of the student are get satisfied from the course.

The another best way is online web based training or video lesson by native person where you can use whenever you want to learn .

I am suggesting you some url where you can get the trusty information about the student and training centre.

What is the best way to learn japanese?

You don't have the language pack, that's why it appears as boxes. Download here:
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You can't teach yourself a foreign language.

I self-studied for about 3 years on my own before I took a formal class. My professor looked at me and said, "forget everything you learned on your own, it's all wrong." Though I could read and write pretty good, I didn't understand why things the way they are.

A classroom environment is the best way to learn. I had a Japanese class every Tuesday from 1-5 at the University of Detroit Mercy. My teacher only spoke in English when she was trying to explain a concept of a piece of Japanese, then she went back to speaking Japanese.

With a native, they can on the spot correct your mistakes without you feeling like a jackass. Say I am here writing a translation for someone. I have an IME keyboard, thus writing in romaji that turns to hiragana as I type, so when I space, it becomes kanji.

Let's say they want to say how are you, if I am going fast and not looking too closely and write お劇ですか。 (Ogeki desu ka, no nn and geki= play) I'm going to get comments after me that claim I am retarded and don't know Japanese and I probably used some lame translator when in actuality it was just a minor typing error i hadn't noticed until too late. That leaves lack in faith of the asker and they wonder if everyone truly can answer their question accurately whereas if you had a professor, you wouldn't have to linger about.

anyways, I am updating my website as a study guide while I am studying to recertify in the DLPT for Japanese. The page is on my profile and yes it's free but not 100% up-to-date right now.

For grammar basics and vocab, I suggest Namiko Abe's blog at

What is the best way to learn Japanese?

The best way to learn Japanese is to take a course. In a language that doesn't have its basis in the roman languages like Italian, french or Spanish do, it becomes difficult to understand on your own.

If you're really set on self-study, i find Pimsleur an extremely useful tool, there are no visuals, just audio which go over conversations and explain what each sentence means. It stresses repetition, which is extremely important to language learning. Most of the Pimsleur lessons are available on YouTube.

Get some textbooks if you can. When I first started studying Japanese I used textbooks by Japan Times called Genki - they were extremely beginner friendly, and helped me learn a lot.

Try to make a Japanese friend who you can converse with. If you dont speak the language frequently, its very difficult to learn and develop a good accent.

Immerse yourself in everything Japanese. If you like anime, watch it in Japanese with subtitles - this is a great way to pick up vocabulary, and helps with accent and pronunciation. Listen to Japanese music and try to pick out vocabulary words that you have already learned, this helps with your listening skills.

Overall practice, practice, practice. It has to be an everyday thing.

If you want to learn reading and writing, you will likely need a textbook that will guide you through beginner grammar and hiragana/katakana and kanji writing skills. Lessons like Pimsleur and talking to a Japanese friend will help expand your vocabulary and allow you to pronounce better.

Best of luck--

What is the best way to learn how to read Japanese names in kanji?

Thanks, Brianna, for the A2A.Sorry. There is no good way.As the Japanese government, banks, and any other agencies/institutions that need official forms filled out know, they need the little line above the name for furigana, and they make sure the person filling out the form puts the furigana in the appropriate box before they are allowed to submit the paperwork. In other words, the only way to know for sure that you have the correct pronunciation is the ask the person.If you think that there are too many ways to pronounce a kanji in normal, spoken Japanese, get ready to have that amount increased for names.So, the best way to read the kanji, for common names, is to get used to them. To see a lot of them, and figure someone with the same kanji in their name as someone whose name you already know will probably have the same pronunciation. I also use the Internet to search Japanese web sites to see if some famous person has the same first or last name, then steal the pronunciation from the famous person.When you still don't know how the kanji in a name is pronounced, the second best way is to ask a Japanese person. I tend to ask my wife. If the name is uncommon, she'll be stumped too. (She also searches web sites.)The third best way (and if I have to resort to this way, I'm pretty sure I will never get it right anyway, so I'm just trying to find a reasonable-sounding approximation) is to use a kanji name dictionary. The one I use is "Japanese Names" by P.G. O'Neill and published by Weatherhill. (It requires that you know how to look up kanji.) It is more likely to not have the name you're looking for, so you sort of have to look at the possible pronunciations they give you for individual kanji, and mix and match pronunciations until you get something that looks like a natural-sounding Japanese name. And even then, you're probably wrong.Whenever I'm forced to translate names in a paid translation, I always include a note to my client explaining that it's impossible to be absolutely sure of the pronunciation without the person his-or-herself confirming it for you. I tell them that I did the best I could, but they should be prepared for at least a few names being in error.Like I said. There is no good way.

What's the best way to learn Japanese?

If your not willing to put forth some cash to master something you don't really care that much.

but I suggest you check out:

You can download a program called Kanji gold (it's free)

I've been learning Kanji from here since I was in
High School or こうこう!! Anyway great program!

and you can also look into this website and look up flash card study guides made by people all over the world learning japanese
You can follow me on (username: griffith) and japanese,jp (kether)

you can also follow some of the recommendations I will be putting together on my website

PS: Stop being cheap and buy some materials!! These are what I use and suggest!

Rosetta Stone Level 1 - 2 - 3 and V.3
Pimsleur Japanese Level 1 - 2 - 3
Genki an Elementary Guide to Japanese 1 & 2
Earworms Rapid Japanese
Assimil Japanese with Ease
Instant Immersion Japanese
Michel Thomas Japanese
Kanji de Manga Volume 1 thru etc...
Real Japanese by Mark Smith
Read Japanese Today
Japanese Step by Step
Japanese from Zero V1 through 5 (from the guy who runs - George Trombley
Learn Japanese New college Text Vol 1 - 2

I personally suggest starting out with
Japanese Hiragana and Katakana for Beginners by Timothy Stout <- awesome

You can purchase a membership at and even get a tutor there!
You can purchase a membership at which I personally enjoy I would do so
specially if you purchase the work books that go with it!

I super duper recommend though, I use many different sites, but you can build drill sets that the program will make you go over and over again helping you build repetition towards certain words and sayings and what not! When you get to you can sign up by checking out my study lists which I'm creating to help me remember and master certain words and sayings!