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What Is A Good Way To Manage Money To Get An Apartment Once I Turn 18 Im 17 Now

No. Depending on where you live, once you pass a certain age, you are technically an adult. It’s 18 in most places.That having been said. If you’re still living in a house owned by another person, they can have a say over certain things. You can’t tear out the lawn, for example, and replace it with a rock garden without the owner’s permission.But that’s not what you mean by your parents having control. If you are living rent free, it’s kind of hard for you to argue against their continued interference in your life (who you should speak to, what you should do with your free time, etc). After all, it is their house, you’re their child, and they’re still paying for the roof over your head.Legally, certainly, you might have a case. My suggestion, if you can’t afford a place of your own, then offer to pay them rent, and demand an actual lease agreement. You will pay “x” per month, and they will act as landlords. Since, in all likelihood you will have to use the same kitchen and laundry facilities, include usage of these facilities as well. Basically, what you want to show your parents is that the only reason you’re still living with them is that you can’t afford your own place (incidentally, in today’s economy, that’s not a bad thing). Show them that you are willing to take an adult role in the household (dishes, laundry, maintenance, etc), and in exchange, you want them to treat you as an adult.All of that having been said - there’s nothing wrong with listening to what your parents have to say, and regardless of a lease, if you’re in the same room with them (or if they have your phone number), they’re going to tell you what they think (trust me, I’m 43, live a continent away and my mom still tells me what she thinks). And that’s fine. After all, your parents have been your age before, and they are likely to have decent advice for problems you might be facing. Just remember, you are and adult now, and you don’t have to listen to them if you don’t want to.As an addendum, my mom is still right, most of the time, even now.

Congratulations, you're (likely) a legal adult.  This not only allows you the "privileges" of being a legal adult, but you also have the responsibilities that go along with it.First, while it's a "big deal", it's not a "big deal".  It'a number indicating an arbitrary milestone into "adulthood".  There are 40 and 50 year olds with less maturity than some 20-somethings I know...Second, what are *you* going to do?  Not what others expect you to do...  Not what certain people expect you should do...  What are YOU going to do?How much thought have you given to "the rest of your life"?  Career?  Apartment?  Marriage?  Family?  (I strongly suggest you pursue those things in that order.)Do those things you feel led to do that will give you the best option of meeting life on your demands, PROVIDED you also take on the responsibility of those things yourself.  Like it or not, being an adult not only means you can make your own decisions, it also means you are responsible for those decisions.Your parents, believe it or not, want you to succeed.  Believe it or not, they also will tell you of options you believe are unacceptable, but options which are valid in their effectiveness.  Do not discount these people, nor their ideas.  Just as your parents don't know what it's like in your head, or to live your life, your parents have life experience you don't, and you don't know what's in their heads.Nobody's perfect.Don't let an "acceptable alternative" become unacceptable because you are waiting for the "perfect option".  (A 20-year-old young lady in our neighborhood is waiting for her friend to get a raise so he can afford his share of the 2BR/2BA apartment they have chosen to move into, while expecting her parents not to wonder why she doesn't move into a different apartment they can both afford now that's 3BR/1BA.)Live every day in appreciation of all the "little things" as well as the "big things"; appreciate the "little people" as well as the "important people".Do everything with excellence, no matter how menial you believe those things may be.  People will remember you for that, if for nothing else.Happy Birthday!

Do you get a good deals when purchasing a condo off plan— i.e. in a building not yet built?With “off plan” in general, in any country… There is a lot of risk that things will go wrong. What? Local Zoning or restrictions require a different plan. You either pay more or end up with less than you bargained for. It happened to me once: a beautiful sea view on the plan turned into a view of a blank wall.My completed apartment had half the projected value when I b ought “off plan.” Then too,(1) Developer or lender can go bankrupt. (2) Contractor can screw up.In short,once you put down your Money, you have no control over the variables. In such cases, you are buying a “pig in a poke,” & it is never a good idea to risk your money when you are unsure of what you will get.Don’t be foolish, don’t count on a “greater fool” to bail you out. As another answer suggested, when the final payment comes due and the bldg is finished, a lot of people who intended to flip (resell) are stuck with the property they don’t want &/or no money to pay—or they don’t qualify for a long term mortgage. So they will lose their deposits and the payments they have made at the various stages of completion. . That’s when you can pick up a ready-to -move in-to property at a big discount. Maybe 60% off! That is what happens in MOST cases. You can always pick up distress property at way below “list price.” That is how I made most of my money in real estate.Only fools rush in and are sold “off plan” properties . I have been to the places where they sell off plan: Nice catered meals, entertainment, booze & an irresistible high pressure sales pitch. You end up “buying at retail,” when you should be buying wholesale.That said, I am sure that in a very small percentage of the time, in a rising market, a few people are happy to have invested off plan. But to do that you need to be lucky. I hope to get lucky myself one of these days & get that Patagonian Jacket. Read my other stuff & help me get it.