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What Is A Life Process

What are life processes?

Some common examples could be reproduction, respiration or digestion, but it's a rather generic definition so I guess just about anything that a living organism can do could be called a life process.

Is life a process?

At first life is a floating shiny dot. An individual's life is nothing but a tiny dot compared with the whole universe. Before one is born, there is only the vast hollow darkness. After one is dead, there is still the same vast hollow darkness. The only thing that glows throughout is that one dot. And then life becomes a line. You are not alone. He is not alone. She is not alone. I am not alone. We are millions of dots and yet we gather together somehow because however fragile it seems we are, generation after generation, mankind are living. The glorious history of human being is consistent, from the day God created the world till the very end of time, and all the tears, laughter, hatred and blood in between. But that's not done yet. Gradually life becomes a web, a sphere. The individual dots are not only lined chronologically, but are connected and drew to one another. Your past might be my future even though you and I have never lived in the same time or place in the actual world. There are constant repetitions as well as creations. So hey that's what makes the world crazy amazing, isn't it?So maybe life is indeed a process. Or maybe it's not. I couldn't say. It's your call.

What are the life processes?

This answer could be a book. That’s a huge question.There is a physical process, but there is also a mental and spiritual process. The three processes are different in each person. The physical process is fairly obvious. The mental process involves putting your physical world into a perspective where you can understand it and prosper.The spiritual process is more interesting—to me at least. Every religion teaches the Golden Rule—Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So how to we achieve the Golden Rule. We start life as selfish children and eventually grow to be a kind, compassionate member of our community.That is the process. There are many books written about each of the three parts if you want to dig deeper.

What is the life process of a cell?

Different organelles in cell carry out their specific functions and collectively perform all the essential processes of the body..CYTOPLASM:provide median for cellular reactions.NUCLEUS :controls cell - metabolism and stores genetic information (stores all DNA) - control center, tells your body what to do.VACOULE:- storage.RIBOSOMES :- make protiensMITOCHONDRIA:- aniamls and plants do cell respiration - Mitochondira is the most important organelle - cell respriation - contain enzymes that extract energy from nutrientsCHLOROPLAST :- where photsystehsis happens - only conatin chrlophyllCELL MEMBRANE:structure that surronds the cellallows the materials in and out of cellmade mostly of fats and some protiensCHLOROPLASTS, MITOCHONDRIA:Chloroplasts and mitochondria are both involved in energy conversion processes within the cell.

What are the basic life processes?

reproduction of the species
react to the environment
eat and metabolize the food
excrete metabolic wastes
sense the environment
Grow by expanding the cell or adding new cells.

What is the life process of the vacuole?

- To prevent plant cells from bursting when excess water diffuse into the cell.
- To keep the plants turgid by storing water inside it.
- To store foods in form of starch.
- To store wastes.
- To remove unwanted substances out of the cell.

Define life process????

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I would say that you should add the Original Thinker that thought all this up, I certainly didn't. I think we are subject to That Mind, which is more than a collection of all of our minds, and, according to the bible, is in another dimension that has no beginning or end. We can only have the potential that it has. In quantum physics energy goes into and out of our plane. It's as if this plane is induced by another more complex one. On this plane, it is helpful to view things dually as you are doing. This plane relates to that one. I also see things in pairs. Consciousness is related to the thing it is aware of. Energy has a force field that may be what is aware of the energy itself. Two hemispheres of the brain see things from two perspectives, regular logic and visual logic.A coin has two sides, which are really only the limits of the middle. But in observing a coin we would look at both sides and the edges. The mind looks at things holistically, from all sides and gives us information about things in words. It's hard to get the picture from words and we can expecting a description to be a little complex and unclear, no matter how hard I, or anyone, tries to say it right. The mind's description in words has to contain all the variable or a two sided object, like a math formula A+B, object and subject equal the whole picture. I would say that some origianl thinking is required to go beyond rote quoting, but acually you need the experience to be in the consciousness that sees how it works and then you can try to put it into words, as it's so difficult to put it into words where you can have the experience of seeing it or being it from the words. But , heck, Buddha couldn't say it either. I found a trick that did it for me though. if you don't question it andt just do it, drop judgment words, for descriptive ones. And you may see a whole new universe. It worked for me. I saw all that duality and saw that evil is only when the opposites aren't balanced and that's our responsibility. I know that may go against some popular beliefs. I only say ,try it and test the results. I have been testing the results for a year now and they aren't bad at all. Very revealing. Words are a hard way to describe life. I hope you will try to get what I mean. I think you will be pleasantly surprised, if you do get it working. Good luck.

Is death a life process?

Sure death is the life process, If we are in this world we r the part of the universe and when r dead still we r the part of the universe. We r just the fragment of this universe. Fragment in this world is of the form called as a Human body, when we die fragment live in the other form in this universe. We must be a biggest matter with many fragments or smaller matter with more free space in it.We give a part of our fragment to the next generation, so, if our fragment lives in the other lives that comes after and after us, We r living in one or other form in this world and out of this world too.If this world's life is made with chemical reactions with earth, water, fire, air and Soul. Then our fragmented life after death must be in other universe which has different chemical reactions.This universe is made from a point. If the point has gravity, time, mass, everything and nothing, If every matter has 99.9999% free space or dark matter in it and the origin of this universe is from basic dark matter. then the life in this world must be 0.0001% of this universe which we think as everything but it is nothing. Life after death must be be the remaining 99.9999% to complete everything which must be a dark matter. Thus we live of our 0.0001% percent of life in this body and in this world so called everything and remaining 99.9999% as a free space or dark matter, no one can say what it is... But it is everything. That life may be in this universe or other universe, But truth is 0.0001% of our fragments in this world fills the world with other lives, who gives their 0.0001% to their future generations and every person's remaining 99.9999% life is dark matter, which can't be understood in this world

What are the 9 life processes of a organism?


Life is a learning process.?

yes it is. You have 2 realize that God has to b the source of your relationship. We are all promised trouble but it is when you have to feed your faith in Jesus Christ. When you give your life to God you are illing your fless and starting a new 1. When you are a baby you have 2 cralw b 4 you walk. So when you devote yourself 2 Christ it is a learning proccess ya know. You will fall short 4rm the glory of God but you have to repent for your sins and learn 4rm them. A saint is just a sinner who fail down but got up. Sometimes you have 2 encourage yourself and just build you a personal relationship with God if you have not already so dont give up, never give in, and wait on the Lord. God bless