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What Is A Preliminary Interview

Preliminary Interview?

Some companies recruit in many stages.

The preliminary interview would involve the human resources department, where they meet you and try and find more information about you. It is likely that they will give some tests (aptitude and personality tests).

Generally they are friendly, get to know you type of interview. Basically they want to know that they can send you to an actual interview without being embarrassed for doing so.

How should I act on a preliminary job interview? What should I expect? ?

When you go for an interview for a prospective employer he/she is looking for a person who is likely to be bright, a good worker and be an asset to that firm/company. In a primary interview they will be assessing if it is worth calling you back for a second time.
Go dressed smartly sit upright but comfortable, be at ease as much as possible ,listen intently, answer the questions in your own time honesty.
They will be about your education, interests, hobbies, ambitions, and maybe your home life. they are not out to trick you. Good luck.

What is a preliminary interview?

its like a inquiry, you go in and are asked questions, if they feel more is to be asked or answers
gave them enough to warrant additional proceedings then it goes on to next interview or trial depending
on your situation

What's a Preliminary Interview?

The previous answer may not be right. I am a pharmacy manager and we will do preliminary interviews when we have a lot of applicants and we want to narrow the pool down for full interviews. I prefer to just take the top 4-6 applicants and just interview them, but sometimes you can't separate the group that easy. Depends on the company, but if HR just needed to ask a few questions they usually do it by phone.

What will it be like: It will be short. They are most likely looking for people to weed out. So show up in business dress, bring copies of you resume and let them know that you have copies if they need them (they should already have them, but if they don't it is great when people are prepared). Do not talk too much, let them talk and ask questions. When they ask a question, answer it. This part about answering is important. I cannot tell you how many times we have set up a one question preliminary interview and the person tries to answer the question for about 5 minutes and never answers the question. This is called interview suicide, a guaranteed way to not be invited back to the real interview. If they ask you a question, thoughtfully consider the actual question and the specific answer they want, then make sure you deliver it. Best of luck,

Should I send a thank you card for a preliminary interview?

Absolutely. It makes you stand out from the rest, and shows you are definitely interested.

A simple note will do.

Dear Mr Jones,

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss your requirements and my qualifications at our meeting this afternoon.

I am very interested in the position which we discussed and I hope to hear from you again..

Sincerely yours,

J T Smith

Preliminary Interview questions?

Ask them questions about their qualifications

How long have you worked at your last job, and why are/did you decide to leave? (Their answers will tell you a lot about where their loyalties lie, and how they will treat you/talk about you when your relationship with them ends)

What are your hobbies and interests? (lets you know how well rounded the person is)

What do you think you could bring to this job/position that other candidates could/would not? (It will let you know how capable they are of doing their job and give you a good idea of what their thought process is in as far as where they plan to take that position)

If you were a car, what kind of car would you be and why? (You are not really looking for the answer, but more for how they react under pressure in an unfamiliar environment, cause let's face it the real world throws you curve balls every day)

What would you like me to tell you about this job/position?

How much/what do you know about the position you are applying for? (Lets you know how serious they are about working with you/for you)

What do you expect your duties to be? (In a weird way, this question let's you know what they will be expecting from you as their employer.)

What's the point of a preliminary interview?

I've had numerous employers from postings on CareerBuilder call me about doing a preliminary interview with them.

I've gone to regular and preliminary interviews. However, preliminaries give me a sign of a red flag, for the stages of interview. These jobs tend to be scams especially in the area I live and don't come with a steady paycheck.

I been out of school for two years or 2012, and just been going to these random many stage interviews as no employer will be straight up and hire me or not.

Preliminary interview is the most basic level which the candidate needs to clear in order to be hired to work at the company. Usually, such interviews test the very basics of the subject at hand, are very well scoped and timed. The interview content is very precise, almost like an objective exam and candidates who end up being hired often clear these interviews with strong results. The interviewer guesses the technical suitability of the candidate based on how precisely / quickly / correctly they answered the questions. Such interviews are usually over the phone, and only one or maybe two in number.The regular interviews are multiple in number. Candidates getting to this phase are clearly having some quality or skill that the company wants, which they observed in the preliminary interview or the candidate’s Resume. These interviews tend to me more generic in nature, where the thought process is more important. A lot of times, they are not very well scoped to expose the candidate's imagination, well roundedness of thought process etc. These interviews explore different qualities like design, problem solving skill, analytical skills etc. The interviewers are also more experienced, and are looking for a culture fit in addition to the technical understanding.

How should I reply to an email for a preliminary job interview?

This is what they emailed me:

Dear xxx


With reference to your application below, we would like to invite you for a preliminary interview on (date) at (time) at our office.

The address and contact numbers are given below in the mail. Please confirm your convenience to the date and timings given above.

Best Regards,
Full name, company name, company address and numbers.

Should i write his full name, or just address by saying Dear Sir? Do you think i should thank them for replying? Please advice what i should say. Thanks.

SSB Pre-Campus interview are taken by army and navy officers. The following would be very beneficial for a guy who is about to face army UES interview. Firstly,the army will visit one of the college in your zone. You will be informed via your TPO about it if you have filled the UES form online (but if army is visiting your college only ,you can fill the form offline at that moment too)Army guys will make a group of 20-25 people and conduct a GD. Note:It is very necessary to be clear precise and fluent in your GD.The GD topic would not be a difficult one ,but your view on the topic should be clear.Once you SPEAK with CONFIDENCE ,you are IN.After the GD the real deal begins. The personal interview. In an interview you should keep in mind the following points.Know completely about yourself. Prepare a self description in advance.Know the basics of your branch. Be confident and clear. Look into his eyes while speaking. This will help you getting through PI. Personal Interview experience:Hi Nishchal. Tell me something about yourself.Tell me about your family and friends.Why are your marks getting low after 11th class.What is your favourite subject in engineering. (I answered Computer Networks)Why did you opt for IT.What is OSI model? Did they implimented it?What is the function of data link layer in OSI model.Give two sub layers of data layer in OSI model.So just be thorough with basics of your branch. My friend was from mechanical and he was asked questions related to iron carbon diagram. In a nutshell I'd say UES campus interview is easy. Just be confident .