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What Is A Qualitative Research Questioni Could Do Regarding Social Networkingand Privacy

How do I prepare for aptitude tests for placements?

It has been a year since i started attending placements that included on,pool and off .My first experience was with CTS followed by Wipro and many more.So,keeping it short and coming to the point about what you have asked.First of all companies(service based)generally ask Maths,Reasoning and English(Verbal Ability) based questions.So,you have to prepare accordingly.You can follow points mentioned below:MATHEMATICS AND REASONING PART:First of all you need to have basic understanding of all the topics.For this you can refer to RS AGGARWAL Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations (You all know this).Second and most important,you need to have an idea about the type of questions asked by the specific company.For this you can visit M4Maths(,if you think you need more speed and accuracy and more practice.You can practice from Arun Sharma’s Quantitative Aptitude Book.You can also refer to GPL4YouVerbal Ability:First get a basic understanding from any grammar book about the rules of grammar(Lucent English Grammar).Then practice using RS Aggarwal Objective English.Now,for more practice you can refer to Arun Sharma’s Verbal Ability.For practicing more questions and checking you speed you can refer to GPL - Preparation Tool.Most popular and i think everybody knows about India Bix (Aptitude Questions and Answers).Questions here are basically from RS Aggarwal,so look this only if you need to know you have practiced RS Aggarwal thoroughly or not.Please Upvote if it has helped you in your endeavours !!

Is computer information technology a good major for college?


Yes computer information technology, or simply IT, is a GREAT major in college. It's a major that is both in high demand and marketable to companies, so finding a job once you graduate shouldn't be too hard. I majored in IT and have not had any issues finding a well paying job once I graduated.

Whether you are the type of person who desires to work outdoors or the person who wants to comfortably sit on a computer all day in a office, IT offers a wide variety career options. If you major in IT, some topics you might discuss will include programming, telecommunications and networking, database systems, information security, user-centered design, etc. You might also be taking some business or management courses. Check out this video on what to expect and things you might cover if you get your Bachelors in Information Technology:

I also thought of the perfect website for you to check out. It provides an simple overview of exactly what IT is and discusses other important topics such as what you'll do in IT, is IT right for you, IT certifications, and different IT career paths.Here it is:

IT can definitely be a challenging major that requires both critical thinking, problem solving, technical and communication skills. However, each of these skill will begin to develop and strengthen as you continue your studies and if you ever have any trouble talk to your teachers, tutors or fellow classmates(that's what they're there for). Do more research(Google is your best friend) to make sure that it the right major for you.

Best of luck and hope this helps

Who is hiring Android app developers?

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