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What Is A Snapchat Bomber That Actually Works

Snapchat... I'm fairly new. How do you know if someone is following you, or added you?

Slide all the way to the right and see if what names are shown and with checks next to them.

Do Psychics really works???

This is just a big scam. The more you fall into the trap of a psychic, the more they will scam you (for a bigger price each time), so don't waste your money on them. I have dabbled in this area some in the past, and the more I did, the more I found out it is all trickery. I was studying to become one of these myself, until I got the truth and quit, because I didn't want to steal peoples money. Gypsies are good about this kind of fraud, along with fortune telling (they claim).

Snapchat no longer working on Android phone?

Okay soooo ive had Snapchat for a little over a month and it was working fine (i could receive other's snaps, they could receive mine) but now no one's getting mine. Im still able to get other's snaps, but after i send one without any issue, it says nothing's been sent. Ive tried deleting the app and downloading it again, removing my sd card, turning my phone off and then off, removing the battery, etc and nothings fixing it. I really dont want to have to reboot my phone and have to delete everything. Can someone please tell me what the problem is and how i can fix it??

How does it work when celebrities are on snapchat?

Everyone on Snapchat has the option of deciding who can see their story and who can send them snaps. Famous people set it so anyone who types in their username can see their story, but only people they have specifically added as a friend can send snaps to them. If someone they've not added tries to send them a snap, they don't receive it. I hope this cleared things up :)

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Snapchat Saved Conversations?

Is there no search bar where you can enter a date or a certain word?

Creepy Snapchat Problem?

You should block him, even though I doubt he's a serial killer. Once you go into the menu, you can click my friends to pull up the name. Slide your finger over their name, from right to left, then click block. Once blocked you can also, repeat this to delete them off of your friends list completely.