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What Is Advertising Major And What Its Opportunities In The Future Pls Help

What is the future of digital marketing job in india?

The revolution of digital marketing is on a peak in 2017, it can’t be denied that our lives have become digitalize. You can see a domination of digital marketing in our lives through Online shopping, online banking, and movie tickets, groceries items, travel packages, hotels, and air ticket.Digital Marketing Is The Best Career OptionLet’s have a brief discussion about a career in digital marketing. We have glimpsed how we take online help day-to-day.The way technology is becoming a necessity in our lives it shows how digital marketing is important and ready to offer endless career-making opportunities.· Become an in-demand professional· Get more career making choices· Good income sources· Start your own business· Endless job opportunitiesHere’s a list of the various digital marketing positions available for those seeking a career in digital marketing:· Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists· Search Engine Marketers· SEO Executives· Conversion Rate Optimizer· Copy Writers· Digital Marketing Manager· Content Marketing Manager· Content Writers· Inbound Marketing ManagerDigital Marketing Career Path -0-1 years of experience: Digital Marketing Analyst1-3 years of experience: Digital Marketing Specialist/Expert3-5 years of experience: Digital Marketing Team Lead/Asst Manager5 years of experience: Digital Marketing Manager8 years: Digital Marketing Strategist10 year and above: Chief Marketing OfficeLet’s have a look at salaries:(a) FresherAny fresher can earn up to 10-15K per month in a mid-level to a large company. If it’s a start-up, the starting salary might be slightly lesser from 8-12K per month.(b) Once You Get CertifiedInclude a credible certification course in Digital Marketing to the kitty and now the fresher has the power to negotiate and get a salary of 18– 25K per month.(c) With 2–4 Years Of ExperienceSalaries vary from 30 – 40K per month.(d) 5+ Years Of ExperienceDepending on the quality of experience and the companies they have worked for, their salary varies from 10-15 lakh.

Does anyone know any Personals Advertising Sites besides Craigslist or Backpage?

I'm searching primarily for a site where I can place my personal ad, and to search for a nice Woman to be my future companion. But, please no dating websites!
I had enough of them. It's always the same, free to post your profile but "you must pay".
Any Ideas?

Major in Communication Studies Minor in Film? Good idea or no?!?

Well first of all be sure to try different things and be open to new possibilities while you're in college because you never know what you will end up having a passion for. I started out doing comm studies and ended up an economics major.

That said comm studies gives you pretty good employment prospects and a minor in film should give you enough exposure to techniques and everything that will give you a chance to be successful in that area ( I agree that it does seem to be something that could be difficult breaking into). On my college's job and internship site I always see loads of things for comm studies and mass media majors and a steady job will help you break into the film/tv industry because you won't be completely broke before you make it lol.

Note: I think comm studies is extremely useful but one of the reasons I left the major, besides really loving economics, was because what passed at research in the discipline. If your more interested in the practical side of comm studies then you shouldn't have a problem with that.

Good luck!

Should I major in Business or English?

I am completly confused as to which major to pick. I want something practical and steady for my future with a business major. But I am also copnsidering to major in English which is more of what I am interested in. Which one should I choose? Or which one should I major or minor in? Please help, Thanks!!

What is the best minor for a sports management major?

You can either pick a minor for personal enjoyment, or because it will enhance your future career. With a future career in sports management, I'd think that a minor in something related to that career, or that could enhance that career, might be worth considering. I'm thinking something like marketing, Spanish, advertising, accounting, psych, media, communications, or perhaps IT or CS. Poli Sci? That's perhaps less directly related, but if you like it, then it's certainly worth considering.

I think you need to figure out your goal for this minor - for personal enjoyment only, or career purposes - and let that guide you in your choice.

On a different subject - please make sure to get involved in sports management re: the sports teams on campus, and also do an internship in sports management. These experience will really help you when it comes time to get that first job.