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Do i need license for using bicycle in UK?

you don`t need a licence to ride your bicycle but i would read a copy of the highway code so you will be safer person on the road

What are schools called in the UK?

Nursery School (age 3 - 4)

Infant School (Reception - Year 2 - ages 4 - 7)

Junior School (Year 3 - Year 6 - ages 7 - 11)

High School (Year 7 - Year 11 - ages 11 - 16)

Sixth Form College / College (Years 12 & 13 - ages 16 - 18)

Infant School and Junior School can be combined to be Primary School, in fact I think this is more common. A lot of high schools also have a sixth form added on, so it goes from Year 7 to 13, but there are a lot of stand-alone colleges.

There is also a three tier system, first school, middle school, high school, but i don't know how that works.

Then they go onto college like everyone else. However, it depends - right now, you can finish school at 16, end of, but if you were born on or after 1st September 1995 ( i think - could be 1996) then you will have to go to school until you are 18.

What is the +44 when calling the UK? How do I call the UK from America?

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What is the equivalent to a 401k and an IRA in UK?

There’s no direct equivalent.In the US, IRA and 401(k) are tax-efficient savings vehicles, principally intended for use in later life, e.g. when pensionable.They are specific creatures of US legislation and have particular requirements and quirks that flow from that. (Even the name 401(k) refers to a section in the statute.In the mainland UK, private personal pension schemes serve this purpose of a 401(k). They provide relief from income tax on paying into them, and roll-up tax-free and can’t be touched until the age of 55 (previously 50).There are also tax-free schemes intended for long-term saving - orignally called TESSA (tax-exempt savings schemes), there are now ISAs (individual savings accounts) and could be used as tax-free saving for case, or to invest in stocks and shares.Recent changes mean that the first £1000 you receive in bank interest is free of income tax, so this has reduced the need to maintain ISA accounts for many people.(In addition there is State Pension, which every working person contributes to through payroll deductions of National Insurance which also pays for health cover), but this is non-discretionary in nature).

Do i need license for using bicycle in UK?

you don`t need a licence to ride your bicycle but i would read a copy of the highway code so you will be safer person on the road

What is the British equivalent to America's "high school"?

There's actually two different systems within the British state school system.

The UK school year runs from September 1 - August 31 (so a child born on August 31 would enter the school system a year before a child born on September 1, even though they are just a day older).

The first, and most common is the one most people have already mentioned.

Firstly, there is Kindergarten/Play School/Pre-School (there's no fixed name) for children under 3. This is completely optional.

Next comes Nursery School (equivalent to Kindergarten in America) for 3-4 year olds. Again, this is not compulsary, though most Nurseries are part of a Primary School.

Primary School is for children aged 4-11.
Primary School runs from Reception Class, then Years 1-6

Next is Secondary School (also known as Comprehensive School)
This is for kids aged 11-16/18, and runs from Years 7-11/13.

After kids take their GCSE exams (General Certificate of Secondary Education), in Year 11 (aged 15-16), they have a choice.

16-18 year olds can then choose to 'stay on' in Post 16 education (Years 12 & 13, commonly called Sixth form - when post 16 was called 6th year meaning the the year in SECONDARY education) either at their secondary school or at a Further Education College.
If they choose to do this they can study for A-Level (Advanced Level) qualifications (which is Academic and generally leads on to university), or they can do NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications) which generally leads on to work/worked based training, or a vocational degree at university.

The other option is to go from Secondary school at 16 and into work or work-based training/apprenticeships.

The second system is more similar to the US system.

again, Kindergarten/Play School/Pre School is the same as the other system

As is Nursery School - many of which are attached to First/Lower Schools.

First/Lower School is ages 4-9 (Reception & Years 1-4)

Middle School, ages 9-13 (Years 5-8)

High School, ages 13-16/18 (Years 8-11/13)

Then post 16 education is exactly the same.

What is it like to live in Birmingham, UK?

I'm not sure how much qualified I am to answer this question being part of this amazing community for about 5 months now, but let me try. I am pretty certain that the person who asked this question or the others who want an answer for this question never lived here. If any of you find any thing incorrect, please let me know.Birmingham is said to be the next populous city outside London in UK. It is also said that once the neighboring Councils are merged, Birmingham would also be the second largest city in UK after London.The amount of population only paints a very colorful picture. You will find the city filled with people from different parts of the world to study or make a living - predominantly filled people with origins from Pakistan and India (Punjabis and Gujaratis in particular) but you will also find people from other parts of the world in good numbers. There are a lot of quieter neighborhoods, busier ring roads and amazing and never tiring City Center (a bit expensive but - Rag market is also there), good entertainment complexes, nice colleges and few Universities etc,. Imagine row of red box houses along the roads with one or two of them in White/black with green lawns (wait - they look white with frost in the morning) in front of them or trees at the backyard.People are quite friendly. Police are very helpful and the City Council seems to be bringing in plans that continually improve the infrastructure and livablity of the city. That said, I should also make a point that there are some notorious people around. Crime rate is not the lowest, but it is not the highest either. Public transport is not the best here - infrastructure is yet to improve, but hey they do quite well with what they have :) As usual, you will also find some whining people who keep complaining about the government, the council, the weather and the local community! Trust me, it is part of life of any major metropolitan city! ;)I am not sure how long more do I get to spend time here, but I'm enjoying my life every moment here :)

What is a person from England called?

Anything you like since no one speaks upfor us…we have no English Parliament to represent us and not one County in the World recognises us!The City of London it’s Government it’s Royalty and it’s civil service do not recognise England as being a Country the Country which somehow still gives London the exalted status of being our Capital City. England simply does not exist to them!. Obviously London wants to be free to be The Capital of The World. We English should insist upon an English National Government in Central England and grant them the opportunity they treasure so much!Not one Country in The World officially recognises the existence of England, does London give a damn? Our Capital City primary purpose is to represent us obviously it does anything but represent us London only represents itself? London’s increasingly corrupt and venal intelligentsia treats the English as though we live in an invisible subject colony and not a democratic Country in a World composed of Nation States.No wonder the Scots Welsh and Irish have insisted upon having their own National Governments … London refuses to allow The English People their own English Parliament to represent them I say the long suffering English People have been left out in the cold.. for far too long!

What is a UK size 12 in US size??

Size 8 or 10.

Here's how the other sizes compare, it's not as straightforward as just adding 4.

4 = 00
6 = 0
8 = 2/4
10 = 4/6
12 = 8/10
14 = 10/12
16 = 14
18 = 16

I made a mistake in the application form for UK visa. What should I do?

It depends on the question. I advise you get one-to-one advise from a professional, not from Quora.Some questions are simply informational, and if you make a mistake it would probably be reasonable to correct your error in a note on your coversheet or a *brief* cover letter.Other questions are asked in order to ascertain whether you meet the immigration rules, or whether you have previous immigration breaches, or other behaviour that could in some cases be grounds for refusal, such as NHS debt or criminal convictions that would result in a jail sentence. Answering No instead of Yes to one of those could be more serious and complicated, for example if you are suspected of deliberately withholding information or lying because you thought the truth might affect your application.So in short, get advice, and not from Quora.